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Got him on the spot

Welcome back, Kottaras!


Dude, doesn't someone have to leave to be, you know, welcome backed? Kottaras has been with the Sox since '06 in the Wells trade to the Padres.


Ah, you punk kids -- It's a reference to a 70s TV show.


I get it, Barbarino, but it still doesn't work. Sounds like something the CHB would say.




But speaking of everyone's BFF, you've got to love the irony of avowed Schilling antagonist Shaughnessy typing out an in praise of 38 column.


Yeah, yet anothah example of how vacuous the CHB is. I mean if you really don't like Schilling, stick with it. Don't puss out just because dude retiahs.



But if the CHB didn't puss out when the tide changed, how could he then claim to be right all the time? He has to play both sides or someone will call him out for having the wrong opinion. Oh, my bad - that's already happened. Hmmm, must be Curt gave him an autographed jockstrap or something and now the CHB is A #1 fanboi.

Ooh! Ooh!

Next on Celebrity Deathmatch-Horshack vs. Screetch ;D

So Delcarmen looked good last night against the skanks, eh?

L.C., I actually have an old Horshack t-shirt.

The last time I wore it, a woman asked me where she could get "that Screech shirt."

Oh good Lord, I swear when I started posting, Harwich's comment wasn't up yet (wiki-ing how to spell Horshack).

Creepy minds think alike?

I'm sorta disappointed that in one of the two final panels, they didn't tell CHB to shove his "We love you, 38" column up his nose with a rubber hose.

I would have said "sick minds",Bob :)

Also, I have to say that I hope the Red Sox organization takes this comment from CHB:

"The Sox always will thank him for the rings, but don't look for the club to stage a 'Thanks, Curt' Day for 2009."

And shoves it up his ass with some broken glass. (Yes, I even know of a link to a video for that, but I'm not sharing it)

Schilling AND the fans deserve one last official hurrah this year.

absolutely Kaz - and CHB's article the day after a Schill-abration at the Fens..."No. 38 and the fans deserved this day of thanks."

BTW - Jeter missed the tag on Ellsbury's swipe

And The White Shadow was just as good for a couple years.

And the fact that CHB couldn't resist calling Schilling "The big blowhard" in a column allegedly honoring him proved to me at least that getting in yet more dids at Schilling was just as important as honoring him. Talk about "big blowhard" !!! I've learned more about pitching and baseball from 38 Pitches than I have from anything CHB has written.

Often when I over indulge I recall the dumb kid in 'Kotter justifying being sick cos he ate too many hot dogs or too much fairy floss or some such. He he claimed the item said:
'eat us, eat us - we're delicious....[big wide eyes] but they lied'. Still cracks me up and, along with berocca, gets me through the hard times.

Looks like Trot might be retiring as well...

The problem with CHB is that he's impersonal while Schilling is not.

Let's hear the roots of your flimsy anger, Mr. Shaughnessy.

We need to trade Papelbon now that his trade value is high, and before he poisons the clubhouse with his BS. Also, just over 90 years ago, the Red Sox sold Babe Ruth ...

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