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This waiting is a real slap chop to the nuts.

Christ I had a dream last night where the sky was red, the trees were blue, and Spring Training nevah ended.


Can you believe there are still 7 more days before this bitch gets stahted?


Seriously. We are on the precipice of a season in which the Red Sox "could easily send four aces to the mound every five games," yet we here we sit waiting.


Spring Training — it's all Sham with no Wow.



Speaking of ShamWow, did you see that Vince got arrested for beating up a prostitute?

"You're gonna love my nuts."

Maybe that started it all.

Cuz you know we can't do this all day :)

Oops. Old news. Guess I should have hit the link. Much like Vince hit Cinammon (or Ginger, or AllSpice, or whatever her name was).

No strip title,h.b. ?


What the duece? This morning isn't starting off well.

Bob, check out the weekend strip. :)

London finally had daylight savings yesterday (yes, I was in the States for the US spring forward, and in London for the London spring forward- I have officially lost two hours this month!) and its 55 and sunny here. I am all itchy for baseball season to begin. Bring it on! My DVR awaits...

Also, I know what Pinto means by "send[ing] four aces to the mound every five games," but it reads like every 5 days there will be this scrum on the mound, and a fight to see who gets the ball, with no one pitching during the intervening 4 days. Sorry, I am goofy, clearly, but that visual image made me giggle.

We have to be careful. If we end up with a fifth ace, Black Bart'll kill us.

and again, no love for Timmay.... speaking of which, after yesterday's game, if Tim Thomas doesn't win the Vezina this year, Congress should start an investigation

Congress is too busy investigating the mythical national championship in college football. They don't have time for a sport watched mostly by Canadians :)

Okay, I went to the Pinto site and saw something that annoys the hell out of me - can one of you advertising types please explain the two bathtubs thing in Cialis adds? Seems to me if you have a problem screwing, the first thing you want to do is get in the same tub...

not sure, Steve, but it may have something to do with Bob's comment a few weeks back about a knife rattling around an empty mayonnaise jar....

Ha! @Steve. I shit you not, I brought that up last night during a Cialis ad. I said, "what good is a boner if you're the only one in the tub?"

Callahan was complaining this morning that the Sox have too much pitching. All because Clay Buchholz is down in Pawtucket when he could be a front line starter for half the other clubs in MLB.

HUH?!? Uh, two words -- Bronson Arroyo...

My wife and I comment on the stupidity of the two bath tubs all the time. Then again, I prefer that to the "Viva, Viagra" song.

"what good is a boner if you're the only one in the tub?"

do I have to explain everything to you people?

I wonder about the logistics of getting water to the tubs in the middle of the field or overlooking the ocean.

You gotta see the Shamwow guy and his "date" on the smoking gun site. She is smiling in her mug shot!! priceless!! As for Vince, the way he looks in that pic, he would have to pay a girl $1000 to have sex with him.

As for our friend Timmy Thomas, he should win the Vezina but i have a sneaking suspicion that Steve Mason will steal it w/ his 10 shutouts.

Wow, I totally forgot to title this one. Adding one now for the sake of consistency.

Also I should have added a link to Saturday's strip as many of you seem unaware that we covered the ShamWow/hooker story from the get go.

Timmy Thomas is a proud UVM grad.

He was the netminder the last time the Cats made it to the Frozen four.

UVM VS. BU for the right to play in the title game. An old and bitter rivalry.

Vermont vs BU is going to be a good game (better than Miami(OH) vs Bemidji).

The only game that might top BU v Vermont at this point would be BU v Bemidji to see if Bemidji can slay ALL of this year's college giants (they beat Notre Dame! And Cornell!), or if BU will prove itself worth the praise all year.

I can't wait....but the Frozen Four is even further off than Opening Day!

lou, no wonder you never need a hooker.

wooo fucken hooo!

Just secured a ticket for 'Sox v Detroit at the grand old girl, Monday 10 August.

woo hoo.

[excited downunder]

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