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Dirt off your shoulder

But I think that even the most easily riled fans should just let this one go without comment.


I mean it's friggin Manny Ramirez fercrissakes.


Seriously. I mean getting how to be a loyal and supportive baseball fan admonition from Manny is like getting how to treat your girlfriend lessons from Chris Brown.



He's LA's problem now.Let's see how long it stays a "happy place"

Oh, I heard that Manny's is gone. For the last time, good-bye, sir.


He's McCourt's problem now.Let's see how long the honeymoon lasts in his "happy place"

Sorry-having trouble posting for some reason

My old college roomate (from Los Angeles) emailed me this morning saying, "well, I guess Manny's proved who has the better baseball city."

I simply will not respond to that.

BTW, Buckner was Framed and I had a great time at the Bruins game last night. Well, except for the outcome. Lots of beers a Pete's beforehand, lots of beers at the game, lots of beers at Pete's afterwards. You know, an average Thursday.

Funny story. So, I'm on a cruise in the middle of February, and enjoying a cigar(Greycliff's blue label, Very nice). I get talking to the guy up at the bar, and wouldn't you know it, he's known Manny since they were in grade school. Small world. Apparently Manny is just as much a flake outside of baseball as he is inside baseball. Has been since he was nine years old.

At some point in the year, Boras will whisper something in Manny's ear to the effect that the Dodgers screwed him. It will be all downhill from that point on.

yeah, no point getting riled up by (another) parting shot from Manny.

But still, here's to hoping that his decline is quick and humiliating

Boras is just laughing his ass off. Didn't get Manny the 100 mil he promised, watched him tarnish his reputation by dogging his way out of Boston, and ended up with maybe 3 mil over what he was getting in Boston - BUT - Boras gets his commission on the deal. Reminds me of Milo Bloom reading his story to the Senator: "Leaving a trail of slime wherever he goes . . "

What a shame. Never should have come to this. At least I get to see Red Sox West here at Coors Field a few times a year still.

Basically, Bore-ass' antics cost whoever Manny's previous agent was his share of $40 million. So we can take a little comfort in knowing that someone got screwed worse than us (misery loves company after all). And I bet Bore-ass doesn't get a Christmas card from that guy.

Guess I'm in the minority here but I don't begrudge Borass or other agents for making money and maximizing profit. It's their job.

I wish I was at the talent level where I had an agent. I certainly would ended made much better salary deals etc if so.

Screw Manny. I'm more worried about the Celtics chemistry right now!

Marbury plots to undo the Big 3!

Manny who?

I just walked past CHB at Logan. I am a special, special boy.

Was he drunk yet?

My comment of the other day on Manny still stands. What a dick. I'm not angry about him, its a business. But there are ways to behave and not behave in all business. I don't particularly like his.

Which is where I am with Boras. I agree, h.b., that agents are simply doing there job and that getting what one can out of ownership is all part of the business. No argument there.

BUT, there is good professional behaviour and then there is his professional behaviour. Its a style thing for me. Kind of like there are lawyers and then there are slimeball lawyers - its a minor subtlety I know, but real nonetheless (sorry to any lawyers in the crowd, but nothing you haven't heard before - and yes, I'd rather hang out with you people than with the finest people in the world).

Boras unapologetically raises the player above the game.

He's like the kid from down the street you don't want yours hanging out with. It doesn't mean your kid didn't break the rules too, but that Boras kid sure helped grease the skids for your kid's bad behaviour.


Hope the engines don't quit halfway through the flight.

Well, it's the half-hour of the work week I enjoy most: beer cart.

Have a great weekend, all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

In re Boras & Manny: well said Jeff in NC! Will Manny wear a 'B' on his cap at Cooperstown?

Ponch - that is a world-class reference. Nice.

Boras is a reptile who represents all that is wrong with pro sports. Being good at what you do isn't necessarily good.

Boras is a reptile. Being good at what you do is not necessarily good.

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