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Daylight saving

Lisa the Temp:
Sorry, peeps, due to the time change and work load, the regulars are overwhelmed to take time for Red Sox talk today.


Lisa the Temp:
Hey, now, don't you judge. It can happen to anyone.


Lisa the Temp:
And Lisa doesn't have much time either.


Lisa the Temp:
There are stocks to research and buy, peeps.


Lisa the Temp:
You know what they say — One man's crisis is one Lisa's opportunity.



I'll accept Lisa the temp if'n I get a DVD collection set and/or model of the presidential helicopter.

Lisa,want to go to the parade? We can't drink though :(


maybe not everyone wants to watch WBC, but the USA v Canada game was a great competition all the way to last out in 9th, and watching Youk hit it out on his 11th pitch of the at bat against Venzuela was very, very satisfying.

Our boys are doing their part nicely. Oh, and I think Jeter is actually having fun playing alongside a real 2nd baseman - he hasn't had one like Pedroia in...? ever?

Manny Fernandez

study this.


After the beautiful weekend weather, toaday is pretty depressing. Nice to see the ray of sunlight that is Lisa.


I completely agree with your assessment of the WBC. Until this weekend I was a skeptic of the WBC. Being an Upstate NY member of RSN I decided last minute to head up to Toronto with my family for the USA-Canada game on Saturday. Despite the fact the Rogers Center normally is a soulless place we had a great time at the game. It was fun to be a part of the 42,000 boisterous and partisan crowd. The game really had a playoff feel and was a good game to boot. Put me down as a convert to the WBC regardless of what it does to the long-term health players who participate.

60 degrees yesterday and snow today. ugh.

So Slappy's in the neighborhood getting his hip repaired. Think I should drive up I-70 and take him skiing today? C'mon A-Rod, let's do some black diamonds. My treat!

http://web.worldbaseballclassic.com/gameday/index.jsp?gid=2009_03_08_ausint_mexint_1 "> Aussie bats explode

But I don't care. Bring on opening day. Go Cuba.

It's very quiet here today. A lurker has sent me a text bemoaning my lack of enthusiasm for the double A Ozzie Baseball team.

Meanwhile, http://www.smh.com.au/world/strangebuttrue/ninja-kangaroo-terrorises-family-in-bed-20090310-8tow.html "> only in America.


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