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Curt Schilling - Thanks for the memories

Curt Schilling began his Red Sox career in 2004, the same year The Soxaholix appeared on the web, and during that time Schilling has been a catalyst for much of conversation around here. Featured below are some random bits that are focused on number 38 and which are meant to stand in tribute to one of the greatest players to ever represent the Boston Red Sox. Thank you, Curt Schilling.

When the miraculously and obviously on Curt Schilling played the chin music to A-Rod in the 1st, I got pregnant, immaculately.


What fertile woman of Red Sox Nation wouldn't desire such conception? The dominant genes of the Hero must be spread. An army of Schillings progeny for our future dominance! [ Oct 20, 2004 ]


Are you kidding me? It's gotten so bad even Schilling's personal Savior can't save him, not for all the pre-pitch cross kissing in the world. [ Aug 30, 2005 ]


So when Schilling says that Randy Johnson is quote "special," does he mean, you know, special? You know short bus special. [ Jan 13, 2005 ]


No shit. Why the fuck is it easier to find out how Britney Spears clips her skanky bush than it is to find out what the fuck Schilling said to Manny? Where's our mofo Woodward? Where's our mofo Bernstein? [ July 12, 2004 ]


When Schilling said Arroyo's "got nuts the size of Saturn," somehow I don't think this is what he had in mind . [ Apr 01, 2005 ]


Un-fucking-believable. Schilling wakes up and can't even walk. 12 hours later he's dueling Renteria in the top of the first. [ Oct 25, 2004 ]


Curt Schilling, is fun in the sense that Ghenghis Khan was fun. [ Feb 28, 2006 ]


Absolutely. And don't look now, but when Schilling takes a break from being the Grand Poobah of Baseball and God's Anointed Spokesperson on Earth to, you know, STFU and pitch, he looks good . [ July 27, 2007 ]


And then there's Curtis Montague Schilling like Moses himself leading the fucking people to the promised land (again). Dude was not only in his best form since the saga of the blood sock on Opening Day, but there he is Wednesday night at the top of the dugout steps cheering on Beckett and Papelbon like it's mid Octobah in New York and not early April in Arlington. [April 07, 2006]



Say what you will about the man, he kept his promise. Twice.

Even those who call him a big mouth and a blowhard will also have to say this someday to their grandkids:

"I saw the bloody sock. I saw 2004. And 2007. I saw the greatest post-season pitcher who ever lived."

Game on, Mr. Schilling. And thanks.

Godspeed, Curt Schilling.

Now, where's my new MMORPG! Get back to work, slacker! Warhammer seems so buggy, please become the new Mythic!

All due respect, and I love me some Curt Schilling, but "one of the greatest players to ever represent the Boston Red Sox"? I dunno. Jim Ed, Dewey, Ted Williams, Fisk, Dom Dimaggio, Johnny Pesky...[insert 20 or so additional names here].

Schilling was a Grade-A competitor. Hated to lose, emotions on his sleeve...not unlike Youk. He talks a bit too much but he's a winner.

The bloody sock thing is absolutely legendary. One of my favorite sports moments of all time.

I personally also really enjoyed how "ballplayer 2.0" Schilling was, what with posting to SOSH and 38pitches. Yeah, he could be a blowhard, but when he talked shop I learned a hell of a lot more than from the existing crop of (mostly mediocre) MSM sports "analysts."
P.S. that "immaculate pregnancy" strip is one of my alltime favorites.

God bless you Schill. Thanks for the wonderful memories.

If it takes a cross-kissing, bag of hot air to win a couple of WS, so be it. Just don't elect him to the Senate when Teddy croaks.

With all due respect to the great players listed by da kine - Curt won more World Series as a Red Sox than all of them combined. Bottom line - he delivered. Our grandkids will still be talking about the bloody sock game.

well done, h.b.

Glad you like the Schilling tribute.

I wish I would have thought of it yesterday rather than late this morning after I already had another post in my head then I might have been able to pull from more Schilling mentions on Soxaholix.

But anytime I can re-reference that old dude with the giant nut sack, I feel it's a win.

Many thanks for a job well done Curt. As for your political career, please start by unseating Barney 'Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are doing just Great' Frank...

While to me he was never a "Oh, he's pitching tonight, I've got to see the game," type pitcher in the regular season (which is not to knock his performance), I loved watching him in the post-season.

38 absolutely belongs next to 1, 4, 6, 8, 9, 27, and 42.

(As does 24.)

Isn't there a 10 year rule in order to have your number retired as a Red Sox? I think you can certainly make a very good argument for Curt being worthy of an exception though.

I am right there with any who would do the allah bow to Curt. Thank you Curt. We needed some conviction to win in that clubhouse and he had enough for the whole team.

I never liked listening to his politics or his rants - I tuned all of that out becuase I don't really care if I would like the guy off field or not. His performance on the field was more than enough to keep me smiling

Its good enough for me that he was a baseball hero - he didn't need to be more than that.


thanks hb - great tribute; the post season heroics will not be forgotten anytime soon, if ever

thanks for the special delivery in '04 Curt, and '07 too!

yep, the man showed up and kicked ass every time possible. even if it included his own teammates.

hb, great tribute and thanks for the memories...great, now I'm getting verklempt.

H.B. - That October 20th column reflects the start of my love affair with Soxaholix and is the gold standard against which all columns are measured. (For the record, you've matched it on several occasions.)

Thanks for the trip back down memory lane. And thank you Schill for your heart, your arm, and your ankle.

I just heard Cam Neeley ordered a caseload of these babies for Bruins in time for the playoffs. No worries now.

That has to be the #1 April Fools Soxaholix of all time, HB. Hysterical.

Damn you SAC. I looked. I knew not to look at hb's old guy with the big sack picture, but you got me. Damn you!

Hopefully we'll all have something fun to yak about the next time someone retires :))

Yeah, he ran his mouth. He also backed it up. Winning isn't just mechanics, it's attitude and determination. #38 taught the Red Sox what winning was all about. He'll be missed.

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