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Con Gusano

This is pretty creative as well as funny — The "A-Roid" cocktail.


A shot of El Mejor Tequila served with a performance-enhancing boost of spicy tomato JUICE which comes in a syringe.


Sounds good but I swore off tequila forevah.


Yeah, too much can lead to on frig of a nasty hangovah.


Are you kidding me? The last time I did tequila shots I woke up in Chelsea flophouse next to a Salvadoran tranny in velvet hot pants.


So did you try the pupusas?


Dude, don't make come ovah there and go all Chris Brown on you. I mean I will bite.


Yeah, that's what la she-male said.



I don't drink The Stink anymore either. Ever since I woke up in a Hawaii hotel elevator covered in pizza.

I woke up naked and frozen, head sticking out of a second story bedroom window, WITH the window pressing against my neck. Yup...Cuervo.

I stick with Allens-it's safer ;D

Not to brag (any time anyone says that, it's to brag, don't be fooled)..anyway, not to brag, but I can drink Tequila like it's water. My friends are constantly amazed at this.

My theory is that it's not the tequila that brings on the hangover, it's the beer/tequila combo and the random jagers or kamikazes that are sure to follow.

My SOSH-sponsored Sox season guide book has a pretty cool last page, btw. Anybody else see it?

The Green Fairy anyone?

I learned early on to stay away from the "house" tequila here in Denver. As long as you go with the 100% agave you will be fine the next day.

Whiskey on the other hand...

I got so drunk on tequila freshman year in college, I did not drink it for 10 years. I joke it's like a bad boyfriend... we broke up in a nasty way, but then reunited for a brief mad passionate fling on a cruise in Mexico... and we have not spoken since. It's been 6 years.

The Green Fairy is a compassionate fairy, Harwich. Never had so much as a headache after sucking down a bottle of the wormwood juice.

I have battled and lost to Tequila many times. But I still enjoy the battle - a great drunk comes on with lots or party energy, unlike whiskey which just leads to blotto laziness.

Just got to stay away from the Mezcal variety of Tequilla like stuff - I still retch from the smell.

So does the worm :))

Fodder for CHB's next book.


I really need a Patron today. In fact, I need a Patron cart. This client is just killing me...

"... after being tossed in by crazed baseball fans who felt the image of restaurant founder Harland Sanders resembled a key team member."

That is just so friggin weird.

"His legs and right hand were found Wednesday morning."

And he'll be flown to Boston for a shot in the buttocks on Friday....

Harwich - your so very correct, I see you also know the worm well. My girlfreind finding me curled up on bathroom floor behind the toilet (how the hell I got to that spot only the worm knows). I still cringe at what I was laying in (dude's college apartment bathroom floor) before the whole place smelled like chum.

Girlfreind went on to marry me - she's a keeper. Just gotta make sure she never spends a night drinking with Lowell and the worm or I'll be fighting to keep my spot just like Lugo in spring training.

Bristol and Levi split and all anyone can talk about is the worm?

maybe if they were a little more concerned with the worm they wouldn't hafta split up...
just sayin'

OK, so this was either so obvious that nobody bothered to mention it or so obscure that nobody noticed.

But some thought went into today's title as it relates to both mescal and Doug's story.

Now that you mention it - the title does operate on many levels. Sort of like one of those 3D pictures you have to stare at for a while before you figure it out.

ohhhh! Had you typed Connnononconnn Guuussaggusannnoanoanoano

then I'd have recognized it from the label I ruined. In any case, I'm stayin' away from it.

re: Bristol and Levi I was kind of waiting for the claim that the mainstream media or the liberal media or some such evil group of reporters caused the break up or that is was those terrible liberal newscasters reporting this news when they should be giving equal billing to some Democratic hopeful's kids' bad mid term grades.... don't worry, they'll be fine, they're in love, they said so, and all teenage pregancies are between loving couples. this stream of conciousness will get back to either the Redsox or the worm soon - there, it just did it.

just another mook gravy training off of the stupidity of that dumb fuck arod. as for the blessed pair, wow who saw that comin'. maybe levi can find a classy am shift pole dancer in pullyap washington or however its spelt

Has anyone seen Bob Ryan on the Globe 10.0 video about Ellsbury? Scary...

I wonder if CHB mixed some sulfuric acid into his lotion?

Tequila - A friend and I downed a fifth of Cuervo, then went out to the bar. I ended up with a chick who had an ass the size of Montana.


Would that be Joe or Hannah?

That would be neither. More like the state. A very large state. Very large.

On another note, anybody watching UConn/Syracuse? Holy Shit!!!

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