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Can we move on now?

Remembah when I broke up with that hot Indian chick?


Wow, that's quite a euphemism there isn't it, Doug? I mean isn't this the girl who cuckolded you with the Hahvahd Lacrosse team?


Yeah, I heard they had to update and reprint the Kama Sutra aftah that.


Jesus wept. Is everyone a comedian today or what?


Ok so breakup, train wreck, punjab punch in the nads, whatevah you want to call it, my point is --  Remembah how I moped around for weeks and everyone was like "when are you going to get ovah it?"


Good times. Good times.


Yeah, that chick was hot as a tandoor oven.


OK, as I was saying, that's what I'm thinking about the latest Manny stories. When the frig is Red Sox Nation going to get ovah Manny and just move on?


You know I'd feel bettah about this Cancahgate if it wasn't Papelbon doing the yakking.


How's that?


Well, my gut feeling here is that if this were a novel we'd be calling it ironic foreshadowing.


What are you saying, that Paps is going to turn into a malcontent and a thorn in the side of management?


I dunno. I just think that it's often the case around here that today's hero is tomorrow's "you've dissed me and now I'm signing with the Yankees" villian.


But Paps? Nuts. You've got no evidence of that.


Ah, duh. Of course I have no evidence. That's why it's called a "gut feeling" dipwad.


Yeah, well, considering that you think Sriracha has its own block on the food pyramid, it's no surprise that your gut has all sorts of feelings.



I'm waiting for the Bollywood blockbuster to come out.

Slumdog Soxaholix?

Holy shit. I was thinking the same GD thing about Paps. Not that I think it will happen, but this is the sort of thing that seems to happen up in our fine city.

Dirt Dog Millionaire?

Actually, Paps gives me a slight case of the creeps, considering that he always says his goal is to raise the salary bar for all closers.

One year contract after one year contract until only the Skanks can afford him?

Hopefully, he'll be washed-up by then. And knowing the Skankees, that's exactly when they'll throw money at him.

I don't see Paps signing a long term deal without exploring the market. The only way Theo will get him to sign for 5 is if we are the highest bidder.

Manny who? Time to move on.

"He is dead to me now"

Paps would have the MFYs take along his bullpen cop.

You know what takes your mind off of things? Six overtimes. That game was better than fish tacos or taunting Doug about his "breakup."

There's just something off about the whole "cancer in the X" metaphor. Maybe because it's spoken so often by contestants on Survivor.

re: sriracha, i just found an amazing new use for it - mix with fage yogurt and a little tabasco, the mixture makes an excellent marinade for chicken, and is also good as a spicy sour cream replacement for nachos.

long live the chicken!

re: paps, i don't see him going the way of manny.

Screw Papelbon! I heard he pushed a Sysco rep down in the cafeteria and he had lunch with a Blue Jays player when he said he was out with syphilis for a day.


When my mother passed away, her persona somehow jumped into my sister. It appears Papelbon absorbed Schilling's big mouth as Curt departed the Red Sox.

I was thinking the same thing. I would put money on Paps becoming the next crazy malcontent on the Sox. Hope he surprises me.

Granular, I put Sriracha and Tabasco in cottage cheese, and use it as a spread in sardine sandwiches.

Gross, but delicious.

It is becoming ever more clear that Bob exists on another plane of gastronomical experience.

I am trying to figure out Paps. Is he just another arrogant jock? He is good and he knows he is good and he wants to make sure you know he is good. I wonder if he is inferior in some other way? But I do love watching him pitch a baseball. But would I approve of him dating my daughter? No effing way.

A most excellent tip o' the bat to the Crimson longpoles!

Beer cart just started (better late than never).

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

anyone know why MLB TV is blacking out the Sox-MFYs in Manhattan?!? WTFF?!? This is like NFL TV having exclusive rights to Pats-Giants and even if you happen to get the fuqqin channel, they show stock footage of an old game.

Nuke La Paps needs to stick with the "fungus on your shower shoes" routine.

6 OTs! Pass the sardine sandwichs!

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