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Christ, Matsuzaka is blowing some devine wind through the WBC. Looks like he could have a killah season with the Sox.


Slow down Zeppy O'Green, I know it's St. Patty's day and all so you've already been in the sauce, but there's a reason they call it preseason.


Your caution is duly noted. Things do have a way of changing when things staht to count.


You got that right. Just look at Tim Geithner. I mean before he was nominated all we heard was that he was pretty much the Pedro Martinez of the financial markets.


Now that he's actually on the job for reals, we find he's lot more like Matt Young than Pedro Martinez.


Hey, now, Matt Young did pitch a no-hittah. Heh.


Meanwhile, it's that time of the year again when we hunch ovah the brackets and prognosticate.


Yeah, good times. I've got to tell you, though, I'm a little miffed at the seedings.


Yeah, and Katie Cumalat a 13 seed? Puh-leeze.


But I think what is most remarkable about this year's tourney is the strength of the 2 seeds. You've got Nutritious Love, Moonlit Wang, and Chastity Clapp.


Seriously, and any of those 3 can potentially go all the way.



My sleepah is Jazzario Barrio, but you'd have to say that all the smaht money is on Rev. Valentine Handworker. I went to middle school with that bitch.

Who's in the play-in game? I hope that Picabo Asseeu is in it.


All of the girls names went right over my head. Happy St. Patricks day to all of the Soxaholix.


I'm holding out for Anita Handjob.

I can't believe Uranus Golden slipped to a #4 seed.

Oh, and yes, Dice-K is dealing some Golden Shite.

Oh a mighty winds a blowin', it's kickin' up the sand,
It's blowin' out a message to every woman, child and man
Yes a mighty winds a blowin', cross the land and cross the sea,
It's blowin' peace and freedom, it's blowin' equality.
Yes it's blowin' peace and freedom, it's blowin' you and me.

I think I mentioned last time we discussed this bracketology that I went to Belize a number of years ago with an Anita Ream. Yowzah.
It's 65 and sunny here in London today, fine weather for St Pattys. Top of the morning to all Soxaholix!

I think your mighty wind has broken,Bob :-D

About every ten minutes, Harwich. Meatball pizza last night, don't ya know.

Now at your newstand.

http://men.style.com/details/features/landing?id=content_8397 "> The only lay Slappy can get now

Not sure this posted - so sorry if double post

http://men.style.com/details/features/landing?id=content_8397 "> The only lay Slappy can get now

The problem isn't Gietner, it's his boss. The Dow was up 130 yesterday, then Obama opend his mouth and we loss 140 points in an hour.

Too many sad days,too many Tuesday mornings.

Obama told them to play musical chairs with worthless mortgage assets? He is truly powerful.

He must have also told them that if you run a company into the ground, you deserve a raise and a bonus. Firing is work the poors.

Ha! I didn't know that Taco Vandervelde was a #1 seed when I chose that as my actual NCAA bracket name yesterday.

Dude, I love that shot of A-Rod in Details. I know he is supposed to be making fun of his narcissistic image, but it comes across (as everything A-Rod does) as self-serious. Another take, from dlisted: http://www.dlisted.com/node/31184

Frankie Nation is more like a 12 seed. This naming committee got it wrong this year.

My money is on Shavodrick Beaver!

jfm, Obama and his friends at ACORN forced the creation of the worthless mortagage assets in the first place. The traders did their jobs as it was defined by thier bosses and earned the bonuses - they should be paid them - and the bosses fired. Obama's outrage reinforced the market's belief that these companies are going to managed for populist politics, not sound financial judgements.

Nice comeback win by Team USA. Take heart Puerto Rico, your national team is still playing even though your territorial team is done... Can anyone explain why these guys get their own teams in international competition anyway?

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