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A ways to go still

Same thing happens every year — I wait and wait and wait for Spring Training to staht and then forget this interminable period before the season actually begins.


I know. It's like back in college when we used to drive to Florida during spring break… We be all giddy crossing the state line and approaching Jacksonville, then the reality would set in that we still had 5 hour drive to Fort Lauderdale ahead of us.


Two more weeks until Opening Day. Ugh.


Well here's something to while away the time thinking about — How do feel that every outing in the WBC Matsuzaka manages to max out his pitch count?


Seriously, as pissed as it makes me, I can only imagine how white-knuckled Francona and Farrell must be.


But, hell, you know, even though it may mean that Matsuzaka's ahmn falls off by the All Stah Break, at least Dice-K is bringing great honor to the homeland and all. You know, priorities and shit.


On that note, let's go to the haiku, shall we?


Over Mount Fuji,
The victorious red sun —
Rotator cuff wrecked



Matsusaka's arm?
Consistency of flu shits
Around September

The rising sun sets
Over Fenway Park's green fence
If Dice-K's arm blows.

New York will laugh loud
if their aging arms outlast
Matsusaka san

Let me drop a dime
Three quarters of Dice is fine
Don't forget Penny

98 pitches
But only 4 innings work --
Tendinitis roots.

Buffalo Wild Wings
Worst TV campaign ever
Flash bulbs, we get it.

I am glad I am not a betting man because I thought that this would have formed the basis for today's strip.

So much for my link.

Just go here:



Remember the strip earlier this year where the characters discussed the notion that A-Rod stuff had become too easy, too commonplace so there wasn't as much fun in it?

Well, they meant it. Consequently, there will be a whole lot less mention of A-Rod around here, as you've noticed.

I know. But if A-Rod keeps lobbing in grapefruits, sometimes you need to swing to keep him honest.

Curt has retired
He talked alot and gave us
and a pair of rings

oh damnit I failed

while waiting around
for Sox, Bruins kick Jersey
Devil ass. Go B's.

Dice keeps on throwing,
Clause in his contract means he
is paid by the pitch.

At last...Schilling can run for elective office :)

college b-ball helps
dice-k's set up pitch is my ulcer

in re: BWW ads...I don't get the demo here - maybe ad guru Bob can help: I'm suppose to be drinking lite beer, playing violent video games but drive a chevy that howie long sells me and invest in T Rowe Price!!?? No age-ism there, I guess.

Curt Schilling retires.
Wow who saw that one coming?
Last year's news for me.

O.K. So the A-Rod stuff is too easy. But you have to admit that the latest news is noteworthy. I mean - A-Rod is *straight*? WHO KNEW?

8 million later
Obama aims 1040
Snags it back for us

Curt hangs up socks
Goodbye, thanks for everything
Please pipe down now

Rage inducing commercials
Amazing Race calms

Buffalo Wild Wings
Written by a total hack
Wings taste like ass too.

Okay, totally unrelated, but here's the scoop:

I did some voice-over work the other day, and since my SAG and AFTRA memberships have long-since lapsed, the union production company couldn't pay me in cash without getting in trouble.

So they gave me a $500 gift certificate to L'Espalier (one of, if not the best restaurant in Boston).

With a wedding and honeymoon looming over me like death over a chessboard, I need cash more than another meal at L'Espalier.

$500 certificate for $400. First reply gets it. (It's enough to pay for the seasonal degustation menu of six courses, plus the grand vintner's wine pairing of six wines, plus the tip. For two of course.)

Cheers October Curt!
Farewell to Shilling-san, now
Put a Sock In It.

RonF, I don't think I've seen enough proof to go so far as to declare A-Rod straight.

Bob, I'd like to help you, and I'd probably even get some use from that certificate, but I just don't have that kind of scratch right now to give you, sorry.

If you and Abby will join me Bob, I may well take you up on it. Just doing the exchange rate - the ozzie dollar just 'surged' to 70c (motherfucking international currency speculators)

lonely guy downunder (!!)

We'll join you, SDU. At the very least, we can all meet at Pete's, then you and Mrs. SDU can dine like royalty at L'Espalier, while Abby and I have chicken wings and artichoke dip around the corner at Champions.

You know my email. Just contact at your convenience.

SDU -- The Missus and I would be glad to join you if Bob and Sweet Abby find themselves unavailable. :-)

SDU = Soxaholix de Gustibus Unum

9:41 and
no new strip today for us
haiku getting old

A ways to go still :)

tiring in June
15 day diabled list
hello brad penny

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