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A pitcher throws pitches...

I think this is the year Matsuzaka wins the Cy.


You always think this is his year, but still we wait for that $50 million payback.


He looked good in his first non-WBC debut yesterday.


Aren't you worried about his pitch counts.


There is only one answer to that, and it requires the haiku …


Too many pitches?
A mischievous grin reveals —
Swimming, the frog's wet.





Short bullpen session
Four hundred twenty pitches
420? Joint time.

It's good but it's no "Ode to an expiring frog" :)

Priapism abounds.
Hope springs eternal, bitches.
Bring on the season.

great haiku, and so true (no couplet intended).

re: payback for the $50mil investment, i think 2007 world champions is an adequate return. in the land of trillion with a t dollar bailouts, 50mil is chump change...

Never mind Dice-K. I rather someone give Oki-Dokie the little blue pill so he springs back to life this year.

"Ode to an Expiring Frog?" Oh, God, I hope Abby never turns into a Mrs. Bardell.

Anybody going to next Wednesday's game?

Bob, go ahead and talk amongst yourselves

Faith one must have, yes?
Really strong his arm remains?
God damn you, Yoda.

opening day soon
beckett takes mound in tampa
rays bats go silent

Surly but lovable.

Hey, how about Rocco smacking one out? He'll be such a great pick-up if he can just get out there every other day or so.

Pitch count of concern
Is now and ever shall be
Cherry blossom time

Doesn't Baldelli have a weaponized form of a prion virus or something?

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