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"We’ll see how we look on the field in a week or so."

Like Pawxatawny Phil, Theo has emerged from his underground lair at Yawkey way and announced that Spring is looking good.


Naw, he's more like Obi Wan Epstein suddenly appearing and rallying us with the news taht the good side of the force is growing stronger.


Eithah way, what I love best about Theo's infrequent pronouncements is the dialectic of his subtle yet overt digs at the Yankees.


You mean digs like, "We're not building this organization through free agency. I don't think that's an intelligent way to build an organization."


Absolutely, and, jabs like, "We've actually done a pretty good job of getting [Teixeira] out throughout his career, so hopefully we can continue that."


When Theo give these State of Nation's Offseason Addreses, I feel like Chris Mathews listening to Obama — you know, "I feel this thrill going up my leg."


Yeah, whenevah I hear Theo start waxing eloquent I'm overcome with a sudden yet inexplicable desire to speak in LOLCAT tongues —

Teh gnrl mangin - Ur doin it rite!



Go B's

Oh hai. Red Sox r n ur feeld, killin' ur pryd. :3

I googled LOLCAT. My brain just "blow'd up, blow'd up real good".

Well, as far as Lost goes, last night was pretty cool. As your humble scribe,I oftentimes state that "time is a bitch". In fact, I said it yesterday. Imagine my suprise when Sawyer uttered the immortal words "time travel is a bitch". Is Brian K. Vaughn really BigBri or Jen in Hawaii?

as always, your welcome.


I started handling snakes when I read that Theo interview.

Did the snake have one eye, Bob?

I know this is a Sox site and all, but if any of you have any B's tix that you need to rid ourselves of, let me know.

BTW, if I hear one more ESPN commentator mention how brilliant Torre's "A-Fraud" phrase is, I'm gonna go to Bristol and go postal.

Soxaholix have been calling him that for years.

Yes, H.B. And it was several feet long.

I know this is a Sox site and all, but if any of you have any B's tix you want to rid yourselves of, let me know.

Ah, the Anaconda, eh?

So the A-Fraud thing even pre-dates this site. It's old. So ESPN is first hearing of that via Torre's book? Noobs.

Anaconda? More like a Titanoboa.

(Or, more truthfully, a common garter snake with ambition.)

That little voice in your ear Bob would be Abby :)

After reading that interview it seemed that Theo was really hedging his bet on Lowell. End of Spring Training? I think we may be seeing Youks at 3rd through April-May. I hope Lars has a great spring.

The layoffs are happening NOW.

They are going in order of where we sit in my dept. I'm next....


Remember when life's path is steep to keep your mind even.


Good luck HB. Let us know please.

They were going in order and then skipped me. Does it mean anything or just randomness?

The first one they took just came back. Safe for now, but with conditions... don't know details.

Isn't this exciting?

I don't know if exciting is the right word.

It's more like knowing the shuttle lost a few thermal tiles during lift-off, and is now re-entering the atmosphere.

This economy is sooo different for my skill set than ones in the past. This is the first time when I have really been concerned that if I lost my job that I might not find another right away. That's scary.

Bob, that's a tragic way to look at it... h.b. Best of luck...

I'm macabre enough to really like the metaphor.

I'm the only one in my dept that hasn't been called yet. I have to be next.

Some are safe. Some have been let go completely.

real life sucks

Well, I work for a start-up and have been doing this thankless job for far too long and just had a "meeting" about what I'm worth... evidently I'm worth the same amount as someone who just started... and spends his days stalking men on "Manhunt" and is totall inept. I'm feeling awesome...

It's not tragic, Abigail von Goofball. Sometimes the shuttle makes it while missing some tiles, a few times it doesn't. It's just nerve-wracking, that's all.

"...totall inept."


HE IS... WEEK TWO of making one sad template for a business card.... oh, and he has "intern" interviews set up for tomorrow... and NO RESUMES for these sad saps coming in.... please kill me....

Y Abby, Y?

I'm going to stroke out on ramen.... it actually may be the death of me. GO SODIUM!!!!!

Houston, this is Columbia, over...

We are slowing for landing. Conditions green. Tiles held.


YAY! That's great news....

wohoo! I'm reading that as most excellent news HB...

Does this mean the beer cart comes early?

It's pretty remarkable. I feel like Belichick just slapped the "franchise" tag on me.

The beer cart is coming in a few mins!

Oh, yes!!

nice. a victory for us all.

Friggin'-A! GREAT NEWS, h.b.

I was late to the site today and as I'm reading through all the posts, the sense of building anxiety was "Lost"-worthy. Really pleased all is safe for now.

lc's right. Time travel really IS a bitch.

Three cheers for h.b.'s totally not-lost job! Hip hip hoorah! Hip hip hoorah! Hip hip hoorah!

Super news HB. You had to know you were safe when they did not ask you to bring your playbook to the office.

Very cool!! h.b.

Wait, h.b., does that mean you're moving to London now?

Good news HB. In this economy if the chair still swivels, the keypad still types and the paychecks don't bounce, things are good.

Now if only you hadn't turned down that one-year, $25 million offer ....

If H.B. is actually Manny, I would cough coffee through my ass. It would then be sucked back in through a process known medically as reassation, coughed back through my nose, re-inhaled and finally coughed out of my prostate into my testicles and then ejaculated.

Back from lunch full of enchiladas and beer.

Would just call it a day but there is an end of day meeting with the big boss. Be interesting to see who is left from other depts and floors.

Hmmm, so H.B. works near a Mexican or Tex Mex restaurant...the noose ever-so-slowly tightens on his identity.

And I drank "Bohemia"... not the easiest Mexican beer to find.

don't go there bob.

There are enchiladas in Barcelona

H.B. don't disclose if you're near a Starbucks, Bob may use his clever "Jessica Fletcher" skills to sniff you our!

For Natalie.

Leave it to Nordic masses of Minneapolis/St. Paul to come up with this headline:


If Bob starts sniffing, I'll just throw him off with a false trail of sriacha.

h.b don't disclose if you're near a Starbucks or Bob will really sniff you out with his exceptional "Jessica Fletcher" skills....

the noose ever-so-slowly tightens on his identity
I know I am reading the Globe tomorrow to find an article entitled Firm Layoffs Amid Rumored Move to London

No enchiladas for me. I had a sardine and Tabasco sandwich for lunch. (Sriracha overwhelms the delicate stench of the sardine.)

Yeah, that's the major meme- how can a city that survived the blitz freak out over a little snow? The head of transportation for London has been bristling at that one, saying in the media, well the Blitz didn't hit everywhere all at once (defending his decision to remove every bus from the roads). I am not joking when I say that London does not appear to even own a snow plow.

Awesome news, hb!!! I raise a beer in your honor. But your reveal about Mexican food, rare lager and working for the type of business you do... I started thinking Border Cafe, Harvard Sq. If so, and you were there in 2004, I probably waited on you (I worked there 3 nights a week during graduate school). :)

PS- I never understood how truly addicted I was to my Blackberry until the doors of the Heathrow Express closed on me this am just as I realized I'd left it at home... Spending 12 hrs in Amsterdam without it was torture. It felt like being back in the 80s!

Somehow, I think if I was in Amsterdam for 12 hours, the Blackberry would be the farthest thing from my mind.

"Hey, Phelps, don't bogart the haze..."

Yeah, would that I ever be in that city for more than heinous and long business meetings! :)

But Natalie, couldn't you have had a business lunch at La Canna?


Where's Churchill when you need him?

Great news H.B.!


Sorry I just got in from work. I have tix to a couple of games left. You're welcom to either 3/5 v Coyotes or 3/19 v Kings at face value. Good seats too- Loge 7, 9th row (behind net the Bs shoot at twice)

Leave me a contact email if interested

great news about the job, h.b.- congrats

I was gonna take Bob til I read the sardines and Tabasco line.....

New Soxaholiz tee-shirt: "Teh gnrl mangin - Ur doin it rite!"

Buckner, I will buy whatever Vermonter doesn't and that you're willing to sell. Let's talk.


Congrats, h.b. Meanwhile, are Lars and Amalie starting their own "book club" for two?

It's a delicious sammie, Buck. Don't knock it until you try it.

Natalie, I lived in London in the '60s and '70s as a foreign service brat and have visited in the '80s, '90s, and '00s. My observation is that the Brits have gone soft in the last seventy years. War, regular beat-downs for the working class, decades of dour Labor-imposed socialism (think queues for everything) all were great tougheners. Then Maggie made everyone (sort of) rich, middle-class, and entitled. That said, it was cool to see snowflakes during the Liverpool-Chelsea game on Fox last night. Too bad my team (I'm a West End snob) lost.

From Boston.com:

//Police discovered what appeared to be a homeless man covered in enchiladas early this morning.

His hung-over body was stuffed into a duffle bag and about to be loaded onto the Red Sox Spring Training truck. An alert-but-surly passerby noticed a hand holding a Mexican beer etending from the bag.

Red Sox officials say the man, whose name is being withheld until relatives can be notified, is currently alert and responding to candy-striper care at New England Medical.//

To make a long story short:

It's Truck Day!

Late start today as I celebrated a bit last night... there is a new strip though, finally.

Good for you! I so glad that you've escaped unscathed....

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