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Throwing out your frown

Pitchers and catchers have reported …


Reports say Papi looks "tremendous" …


Buchholz is working with Tewksbury turned shrink to find the kid's missing marbles …


All and all I don't think you could ask for a bettah Friday the 13th in February.


Are you kidding me? I'm happiah than the Octo-Mama getting multi-insems while watching an Angelina Jolie retrospective.



uh, great

I don't think Buchholz needs a shrink to increase his marble-size. He just needs to talk to Mr. Saturn, Bronson.

I think Al should have a catchphrase when he shows up in the comic. Near the end he should sum up like he did here starting with "All in all.." but instead he should say "Al in all...". Then when he's done delivering his line, he should turn and wink at the camera. Cue laugh track...and freeze frame to credits!

Watcha talkin' about, Kaz?

(Laugh track)

h.b., what an awesome final frame today!

Does is strike anyone else strange the way the Sox have stockpiled pitching this year? I suppose they have a built in contingency plan but they must have some targets come the trade deadline...

Spankees just signed Jason Vorhees ;D


[too lazy to html code it]

Anonymous my ass. I think we all know the identity of the winning bidder.

Thanks, LC. I just vomited Haymarket Pizza onto my keyboard, and Abby just emailed saying she's taken 50 Oxycodones.

Moneyball the Movie, starring Brad Pitt as Billy Beane. Wow, the only thing more exciting than reading about a fat guy drawing a walk is watching Brad Pitt talk about how much he loves fat guys who draw walks.

just realized HW made the LEAP from Fresno (say Fres-Yes) to Boston. That's pretty much like going from urinal licker at the old Garden to the Playboy mansion.

Beane must be pleased. Because he looks as much like Brad Pitt as I do.

Okay, got to split early today, since I'm doing a voice-over in Back Bay.

Commercials for "Oddville," the post-modern vaudeville show starring my friend Titler. Here's the opening to the show, starring ME as the voice:


Have a great weekend, all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

nice pipes, Bob

Where is the beer cart and blunt? I've been beat down something terrible today at work. I need to something to take the edge off.

I was at my brother-in-law's house last night. He's a wicked MFY fan who's not very adept at the computer but just enough to show me some MFY blogs. He's proudest of one that featured crude PhotoShop renderings of Theo butt-fucking Pedroia and other such high minded Yankee concepts. While he giggled at the hilarity of it all, I discretely switched his home page on IE to redsox.com. It should take him a long time to figure how to undo that one. I will feign innocence and will happily fix the problem if he sets me up with some Ganja. If not, he's gonna get John Smoltz, not Jaba Chambermaid, updates with his morning coffee. Hee hee.

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