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Steroids. Meh.

Is this A-Rod doing steroids story a classic case of "dog bites man" or what?


I mean a professional athlete has used performance enhancing drugs? Oh noz! Shocking.


Seriously, hearing that an MLB playah has taken the roids is about as astonishing as hearing that a Cabinet nominee has cheated on their taxes.


But, you know, what's an "honest mistake" among friends?


Unlike Bonds and Clemens, at least A-Rod had the balls to admit it when caught rathah than trying to spin his way out of it.


Aw, c'mon, his apology is all spin. Slappy McBluelips is a walking, talking P.R. statement.


Eithah way, can we move along now and get back to some real news?


Seriously, this A-Rod shit has cut into the Crazy Baby Lady's airtime.



Sorry I wasn't around yesterday. And sorry if I go completely off topic.

But yesterday I found out my very, very good friend Bob Murphy passed away on Friday. From pancreatic cancer.

He started out in advertising at Hill Holliday, working with the greats at that amazing place.

I first met Bob when he took a job at Milici Valenti in Hawaii, where I had my first job in this biz.

Strangely, our paths continued to cross over the years, as we both somehow ended up in New York, and Providence, and Boston at the same time.

I had many a Thanksgiving with him and his family at "The House on Haunted Hill" in Belmont.

He was not only a talented writer, but an amazing man.

He made great soup, and collected snow globes, and could recite Robert Burns from memory.

And he did the greatest Jackie Gleason imitation in history.

Please say a prayer for him, although there is no doubt where he is today.

Dancing with Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton, and Alice and Trixie.

To the moon, my friend. To the moon.

Love the LOL cats meme. But it's "oh noes."

"Oh hai. My hed is big."

"I can has smalled ballz?"

Sorry for your loss, Bob. Sounds like you have good memories.

Bob - my sincere condolences on the loss of your friend.

Bob sorry for your loss. What a great eulogy you provided us, though.

Bob sounded like a good guy, Bob.

As for the crazy baby lady...I had seen the TV specials and a few TLC shows about these "Quiverful" pseudo-religious wackos and their bazillion kid families where the first one out starts helping raise the 6th, then 2nd helps with 7th..and the circle of life continues until they've taken over a state like Delaware...or Montana. I watched these shows and thought "Damnit, lady, it's a vagina not a clown car!". But at least the Quiverful "religion" stresses that the family be self-sufficient and strong! This psycho in the news right now has 14 kids on OUR dime! I hope her (second!) fertility doctor is ground up for this and fed to her family's ever-growing maws. Idiocracy, here we come.

Well the upside of the A-Rod mess is that our resident blow-hard (AKA 'the bloody red sox') was provided with another spportunity to get his face/name in the press. Go away Curt, your career is over.

Thanks, all. But please don't let me turn this wonderful song of A-Rod's A-Roids into a durge.

From MedHelp.com:

Discolored lips are commonly caused by the use of fluorinated topical glucocorticoid steroids.

//Discolored lips are commonly caused by the use of fluorinated topical glucocorticoid steroids.//


And I'll bet his PR people have told him to try and be more likeable with the media until they are blue in the face.

Who is that other really really creepy yankee dude with the smurf lips???

That would be "Papa Smurf"Steinbrenner,Alex :)

Yep - said it yesterday: meh. And I have it from high sources that the only reason JP II stayed alive as long as he did was steroids.

Here's to Bobby Burns having another drinking buddy. All the best to the Murphy family.

Pitchers and catchers in t-minus 19hrs.

Sorry for your loss, Bob. These things take some time to get over. Don't be afraid to remember the good things!

Bob- you give your friend life in remembering him this way... Thanks for sharing.

Oh and love the correlation of blue lips to steroids. Hilarious!

So, how many tools does SBL have left in the bag? 2-3?

And it seems that Boyfriend Jeter is pithed! (that's 'pissed' with a lisp)

heh. "dog bites man". Thought he left Madonna

Peace Bob.

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