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Pass the Kouchie (from the left hand side)

Let the vilification and voyeuristic thrill of an elite athlete's fall from grace begin.


I wish Michael Phelps hadn't apologized.


Seriously, he should have issued a statement like the one Radley Balko suggested

"Here’s a crazy thought: If I can smoke a little dope and go on to win 14 Olympic gold medals, maybe pot smokers aren’t doomed to lives of couch surfing and video games, as our moronic government would have us believe."


Yep, just anothah lazy, unmotivated, losah stonah who just happens to be the greatest friggin swimmah in the history of the world.


So now that Manny is gone, you think there are any Red Sox who like the Mary Jane?


I dunno this is a pretty straight-laced bunch between the Evangelicals and the hyperbaric chambahs.


What about Ortiz?


Yeah, maybe, I can see Papi kicked back blazing a big Bob Marley joint.


He is always relaxed and at ease.


Heh. Just like The Chief was.



I have a feeling that Dustin might like the weed.

And you just know that Batshit had it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Lowell always has a slightly glazed look, despite his love of Christ.

Fo Shizzle ;)

Fo shizzle ;)

Re: Papi...

"The judges agree. They roll big joints, too!"

Cheech and Chong, anyone? Oh, c'mon! Am I the only one here old enough to remember that reference??

"No stems no seeds that you don't need"...

College in the 70s. Students smoking openly on campus. Lighting up while walking to the dining commons because the food was so uninspired that your appetite needed a little boost. No big deal. Hard to believe how much things have changed. Wonder how long until someone suggests that Phelps should return his medals.

a total pussy country. Even the President smoked the 420. How about we move on to real life.

"I love the smell of breakfast bongs in the morning. It smells like... Victory."

Oh you know Papelbon smokes the doobage. And I wouldn't put it past Pedroia... can't tell you why, he just looks like he enjoys the chronic.

I was waiting for today's strip to be about this story out of AZ. Awesome! That'll get parents to have "the talk" with their kids right quick. Hee!


I think you're right about Paps. I wanted to include the line, "Paps doesn't smoke pot, he just stares it down until the THC enters his bloodstream directly" but was not sure if it was worthy.

I hadn't thought of Caballito. Makes perfect sense!

What about Ells? You know, the Native American & payodie (sp?) angle?

Thank goodness for the herb. That was the only thing that made watching the stinkin' Steelers win the Super Bowl bearable last night...

If anyone would like to see the said porn interlude during the Super Bowl in Arizona that Natalie's story mentions, the following link will take you there. As a reminder, this link is NOT SAFE FOR WORK especially if you're speakers are not muted or you're not using headphones.

Hilarious">http://www.comcastsuperbowlporn.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/comcast-super-bowl.mp4">Hilarious porn interlude during Super Bowl (NSFW)

I agree with Jacoby sucking the peace pipe.... wouldn't surprise me about Youk, either- and I think Buchholz is a given.

Saw where Cafardo wished Tim Naehring a happy 42nd in yesterday's Globe.... Jesus made me feel old. How long has it been since he's been on the team?? (still time to post a card, though, Nat)

re: sox players (some past) not yet mentioned whom i suspect of partaking:


Heh. I bet baby Damon burnt his mommy's thighs with his bong on the way out.

That list seems plausible, granular, with the exception of Timlin.

He's a hard core born again.

But you never know. And certainly before his "conversion" he may well have too.

Oh, BTW, got some official news today on the day job front.

As some of the rumors the past few weeks suggested, the whole operation is being moved to Europe, London specifically.

And no, unlike Natalie, we are not being invited to the Limey football hooligan fish and chips never mind the bollocks party.

Haven't officially lost my job yet, but it's only a matter of time.

wendall kim - biggest pot head ever.

talk about a massive sized roach...sorry HB. Best of luck on the job search.

speaking of London:
How's the ice and snow Nat?

Aw bummer, hb. I have a feeling you'd like it over here. Despite the time-difference-for-sox-games thing... Hang in there and good luck...

The snow is hilarious, y'all. The entire city shut down. 6 inches and there are no buses, all but one tube line was partially suspended and severely delayed, the streets in notting hill are still unplowed (almost a full day later), the mail went undelivered, the airport closed, and the newspapers refer to it as a blizzard. Hee! I'll say it again: 6 inches...

Bwf- I will post a card tomorrow. 42 is prime man years. I bet he still looks awesome in or out of uni. :)

Didn't his stint end in like 97 or so? I wanna say it was around the time I graduated college...

The only thing Phelps should apoligize for is going to a party w/ people who have camera phones taking your pic while youre blazin up. Mustve been the same person at Matt Lienarts hot tub party. Are these guys really stupid enough to let people take pictures of them when they do stuff like this?

That sucks, H.B. (the job news, not today's strip).

Weird that they're moving to London. Not exactly the cheapest labor market out there.

I have a friend who went to a game at Fenway completely blazed. He wound up down near the dugout and asked Ortiz to autograph his ball. Ortiz took the ball, then looked at him and bust out laughing.

"Hey man, are you high?"

Best moment of my friend's life.

Sorry to hear about your job HB

Good luck with finding the next one.

*** NO STRIP TODAY, TUES 02/03 ***

Sorry, folks. I spent all my strip writing time today spitting out a couple of cover letters and sending my resume out.

There may be several more interruptions of this sort as I get my proverbial shit together.

No problem, h.b. Get your J-O-B solved first. If I knew a place where you could sit around online writing snark all day and get paid to do it, I'd suggest it to you...but my job is taken, sorry.

In the meantime, here's a topic for today using yesterday's pot theme:

I think Boras is smoking something, but I'm guessing it's laced with more than just THC. He (and Manny) just turned down a 1 year/$25M offer from the Dodgers. It's like he still thinks someone's going to offer him a 4+ year deal in this day and age! He could have taken that deal, kept his "second highest paid baseball player" status and gone into next year's market hoping for better weather (and teams with more need)...instead, he's hung his client out to dry yet again with only about a month or two left before the season and only 2 teams (Dodgers/Giants) interested.

It's just Manny being money.

Karmas a funny thing Kaz

Are we sure it's Boras and not Manny's ego that is the problem at this point? I did see an interesting blog post yesterday projecting what Manny's numbers might be for a year in one of the Independent leagues if you doesn't get signed. It was something sick like .367 with 63 HR.

Now batting for the Portland Sea Dogs...Manny...Rameriz...

Hey, h.b., you're not alone. Adam Gaffin, who runs the Boston news site, Universal Hub just got the axe himself at Network World and is gainfully unemployed.

I can lurk no longer...okay I post sometimes but mostly just get off on everyone else cos you're so damn spot on and can't bring myself to sully the rep, yet...

Wholehearted belief that at least 86.3% of athletes spark at least once in their lives, mostly because the offseason is so damn long and you know we're bored with it can you imagine what they go through?
Confirm with Natalie; snow in London is madness. But I was born in Boston, grew up in Colorado so it's going to take a lot to knock me down. Yet was outside my flat today trying to dig out with a TV tray. Laughable. Where you at Natalie? South London here, trains started at 10.30 on an hourly sched, then stopped promply at 5 because of ice warnings. Yay?

Hope you work something out h.b.- my bro-in-law just moved and lost his job last Friday...looks like he might have to move back home with mum. ouch.

Hey pseudo, nice to see a fellow Sox fan Londoner here. I am in Notting Hill, on the Central Line to get to the office, so I was lucky. Had to work from home on Mon, of course, but today was pretty easy peasy. I chose a good line to be on. No car, which is a blessing and a curse. I laughed out loud at the notion of you digging out with a TV tray. Where in South London?

(Sorry for the London talk, please return to your regularly scheduled programming)

maybe if Daschle smoked the herb...

sorry to hear about the day job, hb- good luck and all that. and if you need a couple dozen references from creepy, surly and/or lovable types, just say the word and it's done. Shit, Jason might even dust off the Latin (redundant, I know) if it would help. And Bob, Kaz, sdu and myself will personally testify that you look damn good in a Sox tee pullin a tap (or at least we thought so- and only one of us was smokin that day)

good luck!

I'd like to say a few things:

The TV show "Damages" makes you stupid if you watch it.

The MLB Network desearves Bob Costas. They are both vapid.

Jon Lester is already in Ft. meyers. Who doesn't love that guy.

My battery is running out.

I'd rather be elsewhere


The North End is a horrible slush-pit today. Over slick black ice.

There have been a lot worse winters, but this one has a nasty combo of ice, snow and water.

Plus, my right ear is clogged with what appears to be a melange of wax and insect parts.

So, how's everybody else's day?


Hey Natalie...don't know if you'll see this, but we're Zone 6ers. In a lovely little burg called Whyteleafe. Still amidst the grey-brown slush and not quite regular train schedules.

Going on holiday Monday though so hoping the slush holds out.

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