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If there’s leakage, you’re not sealing it against you.

Well, at long last the lack of female restroom facilities at Fenway has been solved.


A girl need not even leave her seat.


Pink hat? Check. Pink FUD? Check.


Of course, the way things are going with the economy, the problem of crowded Fenway facilities may be moot.


We survived the recent round of layoffs, yet it still feels like Sword of Damoclese is hanging ovah our heads.


Seriously. Are you as scared as I am about the future?


Scared? Let's put it this way — I feel like Chris Brown at a Take Back the Night rally.


It's really stahting to effect my social life.


Absolutely. Now instead of simply considering the "Hot enough?" factah, I need to also compute the work vs energy equation.


I know. I'm considering hooking up with survivalists just for their access to canned goods and weapons.



//Now instead of simply considering the "Hot enough?" factah, I need to also compute the work vs energy equation.//

Coffee out of the nose, man.

It's funny because it's true.

BTW, do you think the Go Girl would "seal" against my penis?

Because these Depends are just a pain to wear. Although the fact I can shite in them while dancing is a plus.

The Elmer Fud ?

Harwich has been taking steroids the past two days.

.....(30 minute pause)....

Harwich's cousin, Vince from Slap Chop, supplied him.

Although it's being reported now that Vince was seen in the presence of Billy Mays, who was banned from Major League Blogs because of his association with the banned substance, OxyClean.

If Vince was ever seen around Billy Mays, it'd be because Billy put him in traction and was coming back to finish off the job. Mays was just on the radio recently and was asked about the Sham-Wow and Slap Chop. Mays contends that both are ripoffs of his shammy and quick chop products that he already sells. Somehow, the people who make the shammy Mays sells got Vince to show up at the World Series in the same luxury box as Mays and the room spent more time keeping the two of them off of each other than watching the game.

Cool! Infomercial cage match.

Oh my Graty!

Evidently, Harwich is off the 'roids. :))

my money's on Ron Popeil in any cage match. He'd pull out the "Inside the egg-shell scrambler" move on 'em and it'd be all ovah.....

Kaz, sent you an email a couple of days back. not sure if you saw it yet

Sorry Bob,been working with Vince to develop a Fud with a built in ShamWow.We're calling it the FudWow ;D

Isn't the whole 'Huckster Cage Match' thingy a little last month? (Although I'm with Buckner - Ron P. would blister both their hides, then finish them off in a Showtime Rotisserie ("Just set it and forget it!)

The "GoGirl"? And all this time I though FUD stood for "Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt", you know, like Tek's return...

Or, they could call it the Urine-All.


(In my best Mr. Magoo voice, "Oh Harwich, you've done it again!"

I was over on Surviving Graty this morning, and those guys have a story on Johnny Damon's Swiss Cheese brain.


...or as Sayton Manning would say "It's all U-rne"

Rob, your links aren't working.

You need to create a tighter seal around your URL.

Sorry Bob. Lancelot helped me with the Links.

speaking of Fud packers, latest on Slappy

Buckner, just got your e-mails. I didn't see them because they got mixed in with all of the spam, sorry. I'll respond to them from my less spammy inbox.

Two good friends (husband/wife) lived in Japan for a few years early part of this decade. Did a lot of camping. She has to go. The trail was a bit crowded - she didn't care. There were a lot of curious heads turned to see this petite blond standing on the side of the trail pissing like the guys.

BTW - does Foreman count as infomercialist cuz he'd still beat the crap out of the rest.

you think they make the FUD in situation appropriate sizes?

might a girl need the I'm Full of Beer Tall Boy size sometimes?

or would they just need to shut'er down after they realize the can floweth over?

and my wife's comment... "you mean I gotta carry that thing around with me? full? where do I put the funnel after I use it? no way"

I see some technical issues with field implementation this product. even with the FUDWOW modification proposed earlier. glad I get to use a MUD, otherwise known as a tree.

Did we fail to discuss the fact yesterday that Travis apparently took baths with his owner? No wonder why he was on Xanax.

and yes, George would kick all ass. until he got hit in the head with Vince's 3 point behind the back flying Slapchop - when that hits his head like it hit the sink - lights out!

yep - failed to discuss that little detail. eeeeewwwwww.

Due to my addiction to Italian sausage, Peppers AND ONIONS and Srircha, I realize the FUD isn't my biggest concern. I need the Spanx.


The only downside to it is the seam up the middle will make me look like I've had open heart surgery and a Caesarean.

Well, it's the time again, boys and girls. When Bobby starts his slow decent into obivion.

Beer cart!

As always, have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

BTW, obivion is the cellar underneath Pete's. Latin origin.

According to Satan Boras both Johnny Demon and X Nady have had all their accounts frozen as part of the Stanford Bank investigation - including their credit cards and checking accounts. Poor Michelle - I bet she is having a fit! No shopping - no spa vists...

no muffin top on the red carpet???!!!

there's a lot going on there either way -
spanx should be outlawed

Never heard the term muffin top before. Had to consider. I think I understand what it is. Would be a great band name, yes?

Right up there with "Kaspirov in a gorilla suit"

KIAGS? Harwich? I love that band. Especially that song "Theo and Me."

I believe Bob's their manager.

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