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Fun while it lasted

Seriously. Now that disliking him will become the default condition for the masses, it just won't be much fun anymore.


Absolutely. I prefer my hatreds to be petty, cartoonish, and arbitrary rather than weighty, earnest and rational.


Think about it. The blue lips, the ball slap in white gloves and purse, the "dropping the shoulder move", the sleepovahs, the boning Madonna have all been overwritten with the imprimatur of "steroid cheatah" and rendered obsolete.


Worse. Now the minority position on A-Rod isn't going to be one of the partisan derision sort that we've worked dilegently to nurture ovah the years, but rathah one of sympathy.





A putz ia a putz ia a putz.

Got to stop pounding the keys so hard :)

thanks for the link to the '04 strip, hb. That was before my time as one of the masses here- classic.

Also, very appropriate that the Pinto link has a banner ad for Cialis above the A-Fraud story

Makes you wonder about Madonna's interest in A-Rod given the purported side effects of steroids. Can't wait for his first visit to Fenway this year.

A little "Dutch Rudder" perhaps?

think about all of Madonna's previous sexual excursions, forays, experiments, personalities, .... maybe she had never really tried small ball before?

I also have to agree that hating on A-(fill in the blank) loses something when it becomes popular.

But, this will just add to my odd fascination with watching celebrity train wrecks slowly unfold - Britney, Brown/Houston, Brown/Rihanna, Vanilla Ice, and so on - the conflict between the sympathy for the poor fucker and the sadistic pleasure at watching him slowly and spectacularly crash...

Hey - in this world of too much news, you gotta make your fun somewhere.

I hate apologists. I don't even think it matters what the topic is. "Oh, they couldn't help it. If they didn't do it then they wouldn't be able to compete." Well, screw you and them. They coulda been the whistleblower, but instead they chose to muddy the same waters and lie to all of us. Piss off with that noise.


"small ball".... love it! and she's a switch hitter too

was hating a-rod that unique before this news?
i'm not sure anyone outside the sad dementia that is yankeedom liked him too much before Saturday.

Knew it all along...

Oh wow, it's awesome that should be your post today 'cause I was just saying elsewhere that until the next stupid thing that comes out of his mouth, I've crossed over from dislike to sympathy.

not sure about sympathy...it'll take a lot to get me there.

Complete meh...yep. The revelation that a baseball player was/is on steroids is like announcing drunks hang out at bars...no shit. And yet I still dread the day one of the 25 is on a list. For all else, meh.

The death toll in Victoria's bush fires has hit 166.

As to A-Roid, he's the symptom not the disease.

It bears repeating.

"Let's put it this way. I wouldn't suck his lousy dick if I was suffocating and there was oxygen in his balls. "


Stay safe SDU. For the rest of you, Boston.com has a photo gallery of the devastation down under. http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2009/02/bushfires_in_victoria_australi.html

Damn HB, 2009 and Typepad still can't recognize a URL? Let's try this again. Pictures.

Hard to have sympathy for someone who is making a third of a billion dollars to play a game. That's the bottom line too. A bunch of boobirds and some late-night jokes on Letterman, Leno et al will not change the fact that using steroids mad him a wildy rich man.

// bunch of boobirds and some late-night jokes on Letterman, Leno et al will not change the fact that using steroids mad him a wildy rich man.//

PSP- I think there's a logical fallacy there. His innate talent and athletic rigor made him a very rich man. A permissive culture of steroids in his workplace (along with the relative insecurity of his longterm livelihood in that workplace) led him to take substances that were all around him and being taken by others who would strive to take his place. I am not forgiving him... but I don't think we can say the steroids = his success.

Sympathy? Recalling the original Miller Lite commercials (Tastes Grea! Less Filling!) try this:

Left Field Grandstand: A-Fraud
Right Field Grandstand: A-Roid
Repeat ad infinitum

"I don't think we can say that steroids = his success." No, without steroids he might be as successful as Edgar Renteria, which would still be pretty good. But I'd say the steroids taken in 2003 -- and subsequent MVP award -- added several hundred million dollars to his bank account. I'll save my sympathy for people who have lost their jobs and their nesteggs.

"A-Rod says he wants to use his experience to help others‏" -- headlines like these feed into what Asterisk Rod was hoping for when he sat down with Gammons: show a modicum of contrition and start winning the PR game. I think I just puked in my own mouth again...

I have to disagree with the people that say it isn't going to be as fun to hate A-Rod because the masses are now down on him. This is great. As a die hard Sox fan, we were crushed when we didn't get him.

We now have a glorious and wide-open target. Knoblauch could have put this one in the mitt.

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