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Body enhanced, brain not so much

Wow, was that A-Roid pressah a disastah or what?


Seriously, just when I was stahting to feel a smidge of sympathy for the guy, he reverts to his true, totally dipshit self.


In the depahtment of "it takes one to know one," the CHB nails it — "People can't stand him because he's a phony."


You've gotta love the throwing of the unnamed cousin undah the bus.


"It wasn't us. It was The Warriors!"* Heh.

*[quote from the '79 cult classic]


But, hey, now, let's not forget Johnny Damon's sage remonstration: "Murder is worse than steroids".


Yeah, well, when A-Rod takes Vadge from the Crypt down to Poundtown, it's not as bad as necrophilia, but that doesn't make it right.



Heh. Classic strip, H.B.

But if possible, the Damon interview was even more disturbing than the A-Fraud press conference/lie-athon.

I guess 25 is the new 11

Mike and Mike were having a good laugh at Damon's expense this morning.

"Earth to Johnny Damon - importing illegal substances into the United States IS ILLEGAL." -- George Will on "Mike and Mike in the Morning" this morning.

What a laughingstock the Caveman is...

"Vadge from the Crypt" -- PRICELESS, h.b.

Looking at the DListed link, I'm trying hard not to make the unibrow-LPGA joke about Vadge's kid.

But Rob, murder is more, uh, illegalish.

Well done H.B.

the good follow-up question to ask Damon was, "So, can we assume you've taken steroids since it's okay?"

From Letterman's monolog last night: "Do you know what the most-asked question was at ARod's press conference today?

How come that stuff doesn't work in October?"

young and stoopid = steroids. Fine.

what's the excuse for Vadge?

blind & desperate?

I wonder where BigBri is while all of this is going down?

I wonder where BigBri is while all of this is going down?

The Baseball Furies got him after he found them with his mom...

Speaking of Vadge from the Crypt...

Anyone seen the latest pic of Lindsay Lohan? Yikes, Skeletor, even He-Man wants nothing to do with you!

Good God, Lohan looks like A-Fraud before the 'roids.

I have a thigh that weighs more than that.


pretty soon there will be nothing left but two big tits, a chin, a nose and two sticks holding it all up - i'd like to be excited about the fact that her tits are still big, but its just fucking wierd looking

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