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33 years young

Ortiz says the wrist his fine and he's ready to knock the covah off the ball.


Yeah, and the government "stimulus" is going to create 4 million new jobs.


Dude, I can understand you dissing the gov, but bashing El Papi? Have you no shame?


Since when is a healthy skepticism a bad thing?


I mean I loves me some Papi as much as the next guy, but the reality is dude's 33 years old with a Cecil Fieldah body.


Oh, and by the way, he's not back-to-back with Manny in lineup anymore in case you didn't notice.


Yeah, well, this is 2009 where 40 is the new 20. I mean have you seen Marisa Tomei lately?


OK, I like where this is going …



papi is 33, nancy has a bad back, etc. i'm starting not to like these guys

I hear 33 is the new 20. Or so I tell myself in the mirror every day. :)

Overall, I ain't feeling awesome about this year's team, but I will enjoy being proven wrong.

You know who else is a smoking hot 40? Connie Britton. I have a total girl crush on her...

I think Papi looks great. Almost chiseled (if the chisel is actually a putty knife).

BTW, if 40 is the new 20, how come I feel like 50?

The Wrestler is the best movie of the year hands down. I heart Marisa.

Scott Costanza?

Srsly? I'm totally high on this team actually. "Drinking the Kool-Aid", I suppose, to use an overused expression.

Really, I'm excited to see if what I think are some legitimately excellent signings (Smoltz, Baldelli, quite possibly Saito...but I think that fat fucker Penny is doomed to fail, hope I'm wrong) turn out to be as good as I think. I like the rotation and bullpen somewhat more than the lineup, but I think all three categories are above average, and I don't think scoring runs is going to be TOO much of a problem.

if 40 is the new 20, do that mean that 57 is the new 77?

lc- dunno. Is the math subtraction or division? I say 38.5 is the new 77. :)

LC, it's actually a graduated scale know in the academic world as Joan Rivers Sliding Facial Math.

Hasn't protection in the batting order proven to be an complete myth, just like a frog actually will jump out of a pot as it's slowly brought to a boil? (Everyone knows that one is true, though, right?)

Bill James proved that in, what, the mid-80s (the batting order thing, not the frog-boiling thing)?

You know my heart keeps telling me,

You're not a kid at 33,
Play around you lose your wife,
Play too long you lose your life.
Got my pills to ease the pain,
Can't find a thing to stop the rain.
I'd love to try and settle down,
But everybody's leavin' town.

-Elvis Presley

That old chestnut.Didn,t Mac Davis write that?

Reading the interview w/ Papi felt like he was channeling his inner Mr. Eko. So for now I'll remain - as w/ every spring - giddy w/ excitement. And hope Papi doesn't mirror Eko in the end. That is unless Eko comes back this week and physically picks up the island to save everyone.

Hope he brings his Jesus stick

I had to Google Nat's girl crush as I didn't recognize the name at all.

Just listening to A-Roid give a news conference. After his statement one of the guys here said, "What, did he start taking estrogen now?"

COD: Connie Britton is "Friday Night Lights" (aka best show on TV)'s Tami Taylor. She's smoking hot.

young, stupid. young, stupid young, stupid. young, stupid. young, stupid. young, stupid. young, stupid. young, stupid. young, stupid. young, stupid. young, stupid. young, stupid. young, stupid. young, stupid. young, stupid. young, stupid. young, stupid. young, stupid. young, stupid. young, stupid. young, stupid. young, stupid. young, stupid. young, stupid.

repeat as necessary

And everyone knows that Tomei has carved a few years off her age. I've never looked that good - and won't when I'm approaching 50.

//I say 38.5 is the new 77//

That's what Jack Black was saying w/ Cloris Leachman. Or maybe:

//young, stupid. young, stupid young, stupid//

Youth is wasted on the stupid.

BTW, it's 89 degrees in my office. How is that even possible?

Shite, it's like an Indian sweat lodge in here.

I see my spirit guide...it's a bottle of Sriracha with arms, legs, and boobs.

Bob, I'd say 89 is the new 67

L.C., it's too hot to laugh, and I'm too old to cry.

I know it's late, but, Bob, did you jump out of your office when it got to be 125 or did you just cook...?

People were abandoning the office like it was the Edmund Fitzgerald.

Not much better today.

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