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The graph on the wall tells the story of it all

Somebody needs to tell Theo Epstein to stop watching reruns of House.


Well, I think you're actually onto something Mahts — the Red Sox medical staff is one of the best in all of baseball. So like Dr. House, whatevah the obscure malady, they can solve it.


For instance, remembah Beckett's blistahs? Solved.


And need I mention the Bloody Sock game?


Oh, right, Dr. Ketchup! How can I forget.


But the truth is, Bill, this is this the same medical staff that completely misdiagnosed Schilling last year, nearly made Pedro's arm, and the same medical staff that lets the team get decimated by the common flu every single season.


Buy yourself a clue. All you guys are doing is trying to spend the money you didn't spend when you got your asses played by Teixeira.


Mahty, have you evah heard the phrase, "In Theo We Trust."


You know, Callaghan, I'm going to make a rare concession and admit that, yes, Theo has made some arful moves — picking up Ortiz who was languishing with the Twins, getting Schilling, trading Nomar …


But he's had some duds, too, and I think this offseason will prove his worst move, or rather lack of moves, ever.


Take a look, Bill, this April you'll pretty much be fielding the same team as last April minus Manny.


You guys are going to be sniffing third place all season.


And how's that smell, Mahts, since you spent so much time there last year?


It stinks, Billy Boy, which is why the Yankees went out, kicked ass, and assembled a team that will dominate the AL East.


Getting a little ahead of ourselves aren't we?


C'mon, you can't be telling me that all you Bill James wannabes up their in New England aren't looking at the same projections that we are.


You still actually have to, you know, play the games, Mahts.


Before you get your binaries all sweaty ovah there, HAL, here's a question for you —

How many computer simulations projected the Red Sox coming back from the Oh-and-3 hole in the 2004 ALDS?


Yeah, that's right, Mahts. Put that in your Turing Machine and smoke it.



I love the exchanges between these two.

I'm pretty sure it's Lupus this time.

So, Mahty believes the Sox will be in third place...but quotes simulations that show them in second place, winning the division 20% of the time and the Wild Card over 50%. Also, the simulation was only run 100 times and is trying to predict a full season of 182 games. That's like flipping a coin 2 times and trying to use that information to guess a total of 4 flips. If it comes up heads twice in a row, you'd predict high confidence that you'd get 4 heads in a row had you actually done 4 flips, but that's just not going to be reality.

You're gonna have to bring more than that weaksauce and make up your mind, Mahty.

The Common Flu?-nothing a little Berocca can't fix up :)

Open the pod bay door, HAL.

(and push Mahty right out of it...)

Good point, Harwich.

SDU, can you send a shipment to the Sox medical staff?

Frankly, a couple of those fizzed up in water, is better than outlawed greenies.

I'm sorry Marty, I don't think I can do that.

Nevermind the pod bay door. Just open the door at 2:00.

It's a competitive world
Everything counts in large amounts

The patented Madoff Modeling System has Skanks by 45 games.

Marty's sweater rules: I'm getting one.

BC-APNewsAlert,0094 NEW YORK (AP) -- NEW YORK (AP) -- Rickey Henderson and Jim Rice have been elected to the baseball Hall of Fame.

Yep. Here's the tale of the tape:

//Rice was named on 76.4 percent of the ballots. Seventy-five percent is the required amount to become a Hall of Famer. Rice received 412 votes, just seven more than the minimum amount he needed.//

My "Let Jim In" shirt will need some marker work now to delete, Let."

I guess all the "Let Jim In" shirts finally paid off. Congrats Jim!

The door has opened.

fuckin a, so glad that Jim Rice got in. It was well deserved and long overdue.

Even though he said it didn't bother him, it had to.

The guy was fierce, fiersome and a natural talent.

'bout time BBWA


It is about time. Awesome news.

Finally. I actually got a little choked up.

Woo hoo on Big Jim Rice in the HoF! Will haul out my Let Jim in shirt the second I get back to London in honor of this day.

Bout time, Jim Ed finally RECOGnized as one of the most prolific and fierce right hand hitters of his generation. Too bad the old press and he did not get along. I think his contibutions as being in the media have finally helped him make the ammends. he belonged in Cooperstown.

Bob (and others), may I suggest a different option than to cross out "Let" on your "Let Jim In" shirts?

I would take a black wide-head Sharpie and write "They" before the "Let Jim In" and an exclamation point after the "In" to make the shirt read like this:

My Concept Image (get the original shirt from Kintees.com)

They Let Jim In!

Its about time.

Does this make my autographed Jim Rice baseball card valuable?

better yet Bob- Take your shirt to Yawkey Way some pre-game and have Jim use the sharpie to authenticate it. If you can tear yourself away from the sriracha and sausage first. Oh, and bring a change of shirts, too. Please ;-)

its always nice to heah from mahts

Hell yeah! If anyone hears of a tour group organizing a trip to Cooperstown especially designed for non-New Englanders, please pass the info along...

How about a Soxaholix tent, h.b.?

Sorry to be late to the party but congrats Jim Ed. it's been a long time comin' ans WAY overdue.

You may remenber the four proverbs:
There are two sides to every question.
There is a skeleton in the cupboard.
There is kindness to be found everywhere.
There is no general rule without some exception.

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