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Out with the old

Lisa the Temp:
C'mon, peeps, nobody cares about the Red Sox today.


Lisa the Temp:
Today is the day of National Healing …


Lisa the Temp:
Today is the day the oceans stop rising …


Lisa the Temp:
Besides, let Lisa buy you a clue, mmm-kay?

Baseball is so very 43, so if you want to be down with 44, it's all about the hoops, peeps.



Oh Lisa,where have you been you Minx?

I think H.B. originally planned for this to be a Marty strip, but since he'll be on the inaugural platform today, lovely Lisa had to fill in.

From mlb.com:

The Orioles announced Monday afternoon that they've acquired right-hander David Pauley from the Red Sox in exchange for right-handed reliever Randor Bierd.

Pauley, who went 14-4 with a 3.55 ERA in 25 starts with Triple-A Pawtucket in 2008, was removed from Boston's 40-man roster last week to make room for John Smoltz. Since being selected by the Padres in the eighth round of the 2001 First-Year Player Draft, he's found most of his success at the Minor League level.

In six appearances (two starts) for Boston in 2008, Pauley was 0-1 with an 11.68 ERA. While recording a professional career-high 14 wins and completing 147 innings for Triple-A Pawtucket last season, he registered 103 strikeouts and issued 41 walks.

Bierd, who was acquired from Detroit in the 2007 Rule 5 Draft, went 0-2 with a 4.91 ERA in 29 appearances for Baltimore. The 24-year-old right-handed reliever struggled with his control, registering 25 strikeouts and issuing 19 walks in 36 2/3 innings. He hadn't been in the Majors before the 2008 season.



Go Celtics?



"I do solemnly swear that I will execute the office of President of the United States...faithfully? Wait, that's not right Chief Justice. Doesn't the 'faithfully' go before 'execute'? Oh well, just continue..."

It's amazing to be in the UK for this historic day... the Brits are SO excited. I was walking the dog tonight and this older couple said hello and when they heard my accent burst into the biggest smiles and asked if I had watched the ceremony. Every single person (almost) was reading about it in one of the free papers and the Times of London has a special pull-out section in tomorrow's edition. This is not just the United States' big day- the world is watching...and it is cool.

And I'l repost my early morning comment to yesterday's strip in re: the article hb references today- how overwrought was Shaughnessy's column on BO and basketball? Dan? The English language on line one... it wants to speak with you...

Sorry to say, it looked like poor old John Roberts, of the Republican Dinosaur affiliation didn't have his heart into it. It's a shame, and shameful as well. I guess he missed the memo about a post-partisan world. Try reading from a piece of paper like that old goat JP Stevens did. It wouldn't kill you, you smug Republican honk.


Bob, The CJ may have tried to unsplit the infinitive but fucked it up. Typical lawyer. Conjugate the verb to execute ... how many romans?

Pap just signed!

// Pap just signed! //

Sssshhh! How dare you deflect interest from The One?

This day is about Him.

He shall be Exalted. He will be Exalted.

Words can't express how delighted I am that the English like us again, along with the French and the Italians. It makes me feel warm all over. The Muslims, I'm not so sure about them.

Baseball is hardly "so very 43" -- baseball is about skill and competence and wisdom, all the opposites of 43. Little surprise 43 was no good at that either.

If Dubya was about baseball, then Sosa wouldn't have happened to the Rangers.

http://www.smh.com.au/news/opinion/lincoln-liked-herman-melville-too/2009/01/20/1232213644955.html "> Obama is Lincoln: one for the cynics

I'm thrilled. I may actually fly a flag again after 8 years of Bush bringing shame upon this country. Go to hell (Texas), Bush, and STFU and GBTV (Get Back to Vacation) you miserable failure. "W" = "Worst".


i don't comment much, if ever. but the above is just...


I don't know if I qualify as a cynic, SDU, but whether you like BHO or not, that article was hilarious.

And yes, LC, I know I qualify as a cynic.

SDU - Just what the hell kind of point was that guy actually trying to make? Is that what passes for humor in Sydney? If so, you are in the wrong line of work. I see a future for you in standup comedy... :)

*** Bid'nez Time ***

Sorry gang. I had a work project drop in my lap yesterday that is going to absolutely swamp me. We're talking the 60+ hour week kind of swamping. And the project deadline is 2/21 so swamped for awhile (and that deadline is challenging to say the least).

I'm going to need at least today and maybe a few more days to see how I can fit the strip into this increased day job workload.

It should be doable once I get into it....

H.B., I don't think anyone would complain about a few more days of Lisa.

And Rob in CT; you don't find this paragraph funny?

//Elsewhere we can expect spectacular gains, largely on the back of the new writer-president's prodigious ability with words. It does not seem unrealistic to expect that Obama will tame global warming with a sonnet. Hugo Chavez will be won over with a text message. The financial crisis will be brought to heel with a single recited Noel Coward bon mot.//

Come on, that's funny regardless of political views.

in re: sdu's link:


Somewhere Bob Geldof is weeping :D

Bob - To quote a great American from a comment above:


I was never all that fond of Noel Coward. I guess your milage varies...

Fair enough, Rob. My sense of humor is fairly odd. For intance, my fav sitcom of all time is When Things Were Rotten. Heady stuff, that.

So Tek:

a. didn't know other teams would have to surrender a draft pick to sign him and

b. doesn't blame his (highly paid) agent?


Bob - Your sense of humor (along with SDU's, Yaz, Kaz, and the drive-by hits from Harwich - I know I'm missing several others - sorry) add to the fun of HB's little Romper Room here. I wouldn't change any of it for the world.

The SMH item just didn't work for me. Perhaps I couldn't see the tongue planted firmly enough in the cheek, or perhaps Aussie humor is too subtle for me. Since our Australian correspondent represents the entire 'down under' populace for me (yeah, I don't get out much). Based on that exposure, I expected more. Guess I need to go throw another shrimp on the barbie.

Rob of CT is more a Rocky and Bulwinkle fan! ;-) I just thought the article was a blessed relief from the sea of sanctimonious seriousness in which we have been swimming. And I'm a cautious fan of both Lincoln & the new bloke BTW.

The SMH article is funnier if you read it with an Aussie accent.

Wonder if Bush (43) has popped his first cold one or done a line of coke yet.

isn't everything funnier if you read it with an aussie accent?


I think that is entirely true, SDU, and reminded me of one of the funnier articles on the now defunct Satirewire.com: Australia Gets Drunk, Wakes Up in the North Atlantic... http://www.satirewire.com/news/jan02/australia.shtml

Check out the archives for a big laugh- Interview with a Search Engine and Axis of Just as Evil are particularly strong...

I feel a bit like Sonomasox saying this but: It's 55 degrees here in London today. I do not miss Boston winters at all. :)

Natalie, it's supposed to be 2 degrees here on Sunday.

Hope you have a nice, warm London day. With Gordon Ramsey.

*** 1/22 UPDATE ***

I had a strip in my head and all ready to go this morning, but didn't get a chance to type it out.

It'll have to keep for tomorrow.

In addition to the day job stuff I mentioned yesterday, I'm also working on another Soxaholix project that involves it appearing in print a publication (or publications as the case may be) to be named later. And that is sucking up some time as well.

Cool, H.B.

BTW, saw this today:


I think it should be renamed "Happy Feet."

Rob - "Hey SDU! Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!"

SDU - "Again?"

Rob - "Nothin' up my sleeve... Presto!!"

[Paul Hogan appears out of the hat...]

Rob - "No doubt about it, I gotta get another hat."

Boris and Natasha approved that message.

I knew Tennessee Tuxedo, and Curt Schilling is no Tennessee Tuxedo



That's all I have to say. Chumley.

Oh, and 3DBB.

BTW, gonna be at Fenway today at 4:00 with the lovely Abby to look over "venues." I think that means "places to eat and drink."

Anyway, I we're going to eat tacos afterwards at La Verdad on Landsdowne if anybody's in the neighborhood.

you mean there's possibly a spot in Fenway to eat and/or drink that you don't already know about?? Somebody notify Mr. Peabody

Buck, we're looking at "venues" inside the park. EMC Club, etc.

I'd eat at El Pelon afterwards, but it's kind of burnt down right now. So La Verdad it is.

Fun (if delusional) article:


Let's try that again:



Oh well, just go to the g-d Globe and see it for yourself.

Try this

That Globe article must have been written by Commander McBragg.


maybe the Doubleback could be re-named: "That shoulda been me"

Perhaps a little long for a label.

BTW - rainy and 55.

Also BTW - Is Pierce trying to be funny in that article?

Rob, did I ever tell you about the time...

Sorry, I couldn't help looking up these lyrics:

//This is the World of Commander McBragg
Your hair will curl in the World of McBragg.
He fights monsters galore
And then asks for still more
Or so says the brag of McBragg.

When on the hill the marines plant a flag
They may be led by Commander McBragg.
With a cannon in hand
He can beat any band
Or so says the brag of McBragg.

Fencing and fighting and round table knighting
And slaying of dragons, too.
Shipping and sailing and great harpoon whaling
There's nothing McBragg can't do.

Hunting and trapping and gold miner mapping
And flying to Timbuktu.
Roping and riding and Indian guiding
Commander McBragg comes through.

This is the World of Commander McBragg
Your head will whirl in the World of McBragg.
He can do anything
In his world he's a king
Or so says the brag of McBragg.//

And now it's off to Fenway, and let's win there.

Nice one Natalie! I partcularly like the fact that the drunken island/continent ended up situated such that Sydney was a shuttle ride from Fenway park.



Bob - Sorry, didn't get the chance to post back to you yesterday, but I saw your lyrics and spent the rest of the afternoon humming the tune. Couldn't get the silly song out of my head.

Uh, thanks for that... :-D

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