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¿Cómo se dice?

What is up with the sudden onslaught of RossettaStone TV commercials? Are there all of a sudden people clamoring to learn anothah language or what?


So how do you say "butter-face" in Chinese?


You know what cracks me up about those RosettaStone commercials is just when the voiceover is saying "you learn naturally by associating your new language with rich images paired with sound and text." the image on screen is of a laptop with pics of a horse running through snow, a puppy at a bowl, a fish in a tank … What the frig is that all about?


Hey, I don't know about you, but whenevah I step off a jet in a foreign airport, the first thing I want to know is "Where is the horse running through snow."


Absolutely. Followed quickly by, "How much is the goldfish for my aquarium?" You know, the basics.


Let's just hope the scouts the Red Sox sent ovah to Japan to look at Junichi Tazawa and Kenshin Kawakami aren't Rosetta trained.


Yeah, I can see it now, Theo asks the scout, "So you think Tazawa can handle the stress of playing in Boston?"


And the scout replies, "Beats the hell out of me, but when it comes to horses running through fields of snow, he's prime time."



Couldn't be any more boring than Mr. Greenman's high school Latin class :)

My buddy Robert learned Thai on Rosetta Stone. Sort of.

When he went to Thailand, every time he ordered something with noodles, he got a young male prostitute.

how big was the noodle?

Bob/bwf- too funny!!

How do you say Sriracha in Thai?

It's important that we all learn new languages so we can work with the dozens of new allies we are going to have in Afghanistan after President Obama takes over...

"Looking at the caliber of our league and our division reinforces the notion that we need to strive to improve," said Epstein. "It will be essential that we continue the process we started several years ago to become younger and more dynamic. These days, if you're not becoming younger and more dynamic, you're probably falling behind."

Not knowing the context (and you never really know the context in a media report), I'd take the above to signal "goodbye Lowell, hello Texeira" with Youk back at third permanently. Hope not.

Kanichiwa, mofo!

Rob in CT: It's Konichiwa. Or in my case to my current dating interest I say "Ahnyeong Haseyo."

//When he went to Thailand, every time he ordered something with noodles, he got a young male prostitute.//

Now Bob, this buddy wouldn't have happened to be you by chance now would it?

i nose jetted coffee... good one HB.

Colin, does she have a sister?

Ahnyeonghi kyeseyo.

Gee, thanks Colin. Damned arthritic digits!

If the kids are paying attention they start rounds of annyong every time we make the downtown rotary by the Korean take out.

Stuff White People Like has a timely post, too. Love the bit about Austinites ordering tacos. Mas chorizo por favor!

Testing, testing (sorry H.B.)


Ok, I am not a Manny fan at this point and the "This Year in Baseball" Awards are just a bullshit way to sell more State Farm ad dollars...BUT how can you even pretend to be relevant if you're not going to run a "best play of the year" award and NOT include the Manny catch in Camden Yards where he hi-fives the Sox fan and then throws out the runner on the double play?

Great over-the-shoulder catch, multiple outs recorded, AND antics in the stands! It should at *least* be a nominee more than one or two of the diving catches they included.

That having been said, I still have to give the nod to Asdrubal's unassisted triple play for the rarity alone.

Great strip today. LMAO, YOMANK, etc.

//every time he ordered something with noodles, he got a young male prostitute//

This is a common problem, 'Bob's mate'. When one refuses the pretty (too) young girls with numbers on their pretty red dresses the response is always puzzlement, then knowing looks and 'you want boy?'. It's no country for old men.

Here's a good one from the Sour Grapes League.

Similarly, do those Tampa Bay Ladies with Lo-Hawks have recourse through some skanky class action attorney?

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