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Winning cures the blues

I think I must be coming down with something …


I mean here are the Sox 1-1 in the ALCS coming home to Fenway with their newfound ace taking the mound and yet I feel more down than up.


Ah, you're just hungovah from the Saturday night debacle. Focus on how awesome Matsuzaka was on Friday and how studly Lestah's gonna be tonight.


So are we completing writing off Beckett these days?


I don't see why not. He came into camp fat and out of shape. He was mediocre all season. He's probably hurt as well. I mean let's be realistic here.


As much as I miss the 07 Beckett, what I really miss is the the Ol' Papi.


Seriously, remembah when you'd get chills every time he stepped into the box?


Yeah, but now all I get is clammy and find myself thinking, "Oh, maybe he'll get a walk!"


Christ, can we stop the pity pahty all ready? You guys are saddah than Jamie Lynn Spears on a grocery shopping trip.


What the frig. This is 2008 and it's here now.


With new stahs, and new unexpected opportunities. Just as Lestah is this season's Becket, Papi's has declined is Pedroia's ascendency.


So on and so forth. Red Sox Über Alles!



As the shadows creep across the mound, then tip-toe toward home plate. Jon Lester's curve and sneeky fastball will put the Rays back in their place.

(Reverse gooch: we don't have a chance this afternoon; all the momentum has shifted.)

Bring your cowbells

Some of the asshole posters out there on other sites are actually calling for the firing of Tito. I can't believe it. Yes, he made some very bad decisions on Saturday, but c'mon, "fire him"? And if you read BostonDirtDogs, you'd think the world was coming to an end. Jesus Murphy, they're the goddamn champs; this isn't pre-2004; some of these "fans" gotta get a grip.

I just can't figure out Beckett's "I'm fine" routine. The guy seems to be in complete denial.

Uh, well look at it this way. Rayzzz had to monumentally pull one out of Timlin's ass just to even the series. To be honest, I tapped out of Sattiddy's game in the 6th. It clearly wasn't happening, even though they were ahead 6-5 at the time.

Sox have the uppah hand.

Lestah should be good. I'll be there this afternoon, so I got your backzzz. This team is built for this time of year.

love, lc

[shhhhhhh manclam08]

oh, and happy 61st birfday to Jerry Trupiano

I seem to recall a quite painful series last year with the Indians and that turned out OK. This is my mantra.

Am excited for today's afternoon (9:30pm UK) start. On Friday I DVR'd the game, got up early and settled in to watch, stopping only to read what I thought was an innocuous work email (I was otherwise in deliberate media blackout). Nope... my unwitting colleague snuck the final score into the email at the end, ruining my excitement of watching the tape delay. Then Sat night I fell asleep on the couch after 3am with most of the game still to play. Turned out to be a blessing in disguise, I guess.

Anyhoo, tonight shall be wonderous. Live baseball, my friends, is glorious. And I have faith in our boys. As lc says, this team is built for this time of year.

Have a pint for me,Nat ;)

it's a great day for the baseball


LC said: Sox have the uppah hand.

Haha. For some reason that line had me flash back to the movie "Se7en".

I see BJ Upton running across the turf through Tropicana Field yelling but too far away to hear.

A delivery truck is driving away up I-275.

Joe Maddon is looking down at a cardboard box that has just been delivered with Youkilis in handcuffs off to his left.

As Joe is opening the box to see what's inside, Upton is running and running, yelling "Red Sox has the upper hand! Don't open the box! Red Sox has the upper hand!!"

Youkilis: "I was a sin, too, Joe. Envy. I went to your clubhouse and I found it. What you had, that I never had. I envied your perfectly.... bearded.... mascot."

BJ Upton arrives behind Joe Maddon but Maddon has already looked inside the box to find the Rays mascot's head. He screams in vain and becomes the seventh sin, Anger, and blows Youkilis away with a handgun.

Red Sox have the uppah hand. We will complete our masterpiece. Joe Maddon and the Rays will be our puppets.

Wow Kaz,

I guess you are all fired up for the game...

Go Doctor!


Hey, Paul Byrd is getting ready to go into the 5-0 game, yet didn't go into the extra inning game. That was reserved for Mike Timlin. Would any of you prefer to have seen Timlin in the laugher, and Byrd in the nailbiter? FRANCONA, you're a god damned genius. Your performance in Game 2 will undoubtedly go down in MLB history as the biggest collection of blunders in one game by a manager. I can't think of anything that compares. Not even Grady Little's decision compares. At least Pedro had the highest winning percentage in MLB history. One pitch from Lopez? LOL. Then using Papelbon for almost two innings? And every other quality reliever in the pen? Byrd obviously should have gone three or four innings to stabilize things without sacrificing the remainder of the series. For Timlin to be allowed in that situation was just horrible. The Red Sox win in spite of FRANCONA, not because of him.

And Ortiz isn't exactly the smartest player out there. How many more times will he try to pull the ball? Just go the other way. Hit grounders your next 20 times up and go 10 for 20. That'll stop the shift. That's what Bonds would do. Anyway, he's so fat that he can't support his weight. His career will be a shadow of what it was until he gets in shape. Ortiz also doesn't hustle and it's like watching a rec beer league softball player. His attitude stinks too, shuffling around the plate with a defeatist demeanor. He contributes nothing except weak popups and dribblers to the pull side. No baserunning. No defense. No hustle. No situational hitting. Can we see some team baseball out of him? This is Pedroia and Youkilis' team - not Papi's. They play hard and can do many things well.

so now we have our answer about why Byrd wasn't in.. Timlin or Byrd - Can I check None of the Above?

So now we have our answer on why Byrd wasn't used. Timlin or Byrd - can I have another choice please?

sorry for the double post - gremlins at work in the machine

Well that was pretty fucked up, right there.

ok, that game sucked a massive dead donkey dick.


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