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Determined and undeterred

Ah, well …


And the only thing you can do is pick yourself up off the floor and prepare yourself to take it to 'em next time 'round.


Absolutely. And it's a frig of a lot easier to get up off the floor these days than it was in, say, 2003.


Yeah, in the old days I'd be on the floor in a fetal position with snot running out of my nose while whimpering and asking "Why does God hate us?"


Besides considering the how the Red Sox have played the ALCS historically, we have the Rays right where we want them.


Well, almost. I think we need to get into a 1-3 hole first.


We choose to go to the moon and fall behind in the ALCS and these othah things not because they are easy, but because they are hahd.





Timmy, can you hear me?

Timmy can you see me?

Please throw a mean knuckleball.

Yuh, well, I attended the game last night/afternoon whatever it was.

Darkest before the dawn, hope springs eternal, and so forth.

I gotta tell you, it's been years since I went to a shittier game.

I'd like to thank all the true fans, the 50 year old broads with leather gloves sitting around me in the bleachers last night. You really brought the passion. Oh wait, no you didn't. I realize I am an important, almost mythical figure, but I didn't expect ManClam '08 to catch on just yet.

It's just that I wish all 35,000 of you that were there last night didn't decide to practice ManClam '08 for an entire fucking game. Jesus, was that place dead.

The crowd was awful. let's put it this way. This was a game where guys didn't go with other guys, or their kids. This was a game where guys went with their wives or clean women who they hope will become their wives.

That kind of crowd. At least the broads in leather gloves left in the 6th inning so I could see the game better. Everyone else left in the 7th or 8th, so it was a very easy exit from the park when the last flail occurred. Cora, right?

Oh and the Red Sox had nothing. Matt Garza look hittable from 500 feet away, but probably less so at the plate.

Now, understand, I have had the good fortune to go to a number of LCS games over the last ten years. Once per LCS series. This was so unlike the other games in intensity, that I felt deflated as soon as I got there. No spark from the boys, nor from the crowd. I mean these losers couldn't even muster up The Wave (which I detest, but mighht have welcomed for a change in scenery last night).

From my shitty seats, I had a very good view of the various parabolas as they cleared the green Monstah, and they were, as they say, well struck. Oh, and Paul Bird.

This game was so out of character that the cops were rousting the South Boston mobsters scalping tickets outside the park.

And, the fat cop who handles the bullpen door was wearing Red Sox mittens.

God Help us all.


LC, that's in the top 5 greatest Soxaholix comments of all time. Perhaps #1.

The game felt flat on TV but hearing your diatribe really brings it home.

Now I wish I hadn't written today's strip with the theme I did. Had I known today would have been all "leather gloved broads" and "clean women who they hope will become their wives" and "the fat cop who handles the bullpen door was wearing Red Sox mittens."

You are on fiah!

The Sox did look flat yesterday. I think the insurmountable problem is that there are three automatic outs in the lineup -Ellsbury, Ortiz, and Tek - all capable of erasing runners with the old GIDP.

Apparently Matt Garza is the greatest pitcher to ever play the game - or at least that's what the Red Sox tried to show us last night with their batting demonstration. One fucking run? Are you fucking kidding? With one run scored, I could go out and pitch and the result would be the same.

However, I said to another before the series started - no need to watch the first 3, the Sox don't play until they are down to the wire.

"This was a game where guys went with their wives or clean women who they hope will become their wives." LC, no cribbing from Hemingway, please.

hb, we are but bit playahs in your creepy universe. I'd like to think that this will turn around, and so it will.


@PSP, I don't get it since I have never read a lick of Hemingway. Not a page. Honest.
So, if it was a crib, so fucking be it.

I mean, do you really want to poke the fucking tiger today?


LC, that was a compliment. That sentence has the Hemingway cadence down pat -- twenty words, eighteen of which are one syllable, the other two, two syllables. Also wry, a bit cynical, and manly. Brilliant!

A couple more gams like yesterday and I'll do my impression of Hemingway in Ketchum.

well, don't i look like an asshole

It's like were are a NL team with pitchers batting in the 8,9,and leadoff spots.

Francona has to shake up the lineup today, doesn't he?

"well, don't i look like an asshole"

lol even after a blowout like that, the Soxaholix still bring a smile to my face. Got them right where we want them indeed.

Gettin' the feeling that Ortiz kinda shit the bed when he muttered that comment about the Rays being nervous on Game 1. Come on Papi. What did we learn from Hank Steinbrenner's shit-talking? It just adds fuel to the fire.

Good SOSH article. I was on Firebrand of the American League making the same exact point. The ALCS is always painful for Boston. Don't know why...but it is. Fucking painful game btw. I mean I couldn't stand it. I think Pedroia was the only contributor save for the DP and Bay came in second. It's like only those two wanna carry the team while the rest save for possibly Youk and Kotsay don't give a shit.

This is what always pops into my head when I think of Hem.

"It was cold. They ate spaghetti."

And this is Faulkner saying the same thing:

"Down by the sawmill, where Earl slept on his stale sheetless pallet bed, the air had chilled, the rich earth fallow, and silent, not a sound from Old Ben's coon dogs even, the rain had stopped sometime during the night, but their boots were still muddy so that Cass, the Major's house girl, warned them not to enter her spartan kitchen, "But we haven't eaten," the men said wearily in the rich accent of the coastal counties.

Agreed, agreed. These things happen. It makes me nervous that our two most unpredictable pitchers are starting the next two games . . . . but sometimes you just gotta say WTF, etc. etc.

But here's something that pisses me off: why did Francona decide to put in Byrd yesterday when the Sox were down 5-0? It makes no sense. Was he trying to assure everyone who complained when he used Timlin the other night that he was, in fact, capable of giving us the Byrd? Or did he just figure: "Hmmm, I used up one of my starters in what is likely to be a loss. Why not make it two?" Now if we get the batting practice version of Wakefield, we don't have another starter we can use in long relief.

Ah well, at least the bullpen got two days off. And Byrd got some work to help shake off the rust.

Everyone in the universe knows that Terry should do a little shaking up of the line up, but will he? He always comes out and delivers the same goofy speech about how he believes in these guys and that they are trying their hardest and that from what he's seen in BP they're good but just need to get a few solid hits. Perhaps he's right but they all looked dead in the water, except Youk, Pedey and Jason Bay. And I don't even know what he could do, except put the three performers in a row and hope that one inning out of every three is a scoring inning.

That sucked. Hard. The bats, they are dead. I'd call for a chicken bone cross to take the curse off, but I hear that's not belief but desperation.

I love me some meaty Tek thighs, but holy crap, I think my grandmother could get better hacks in. Time to stick a fork in the Cap (wipes tear).

lc- great rant, spot on about the dead crowd, which was obvious through the tube. However, where you'd blame the clean women, I'd blame those pansy assed men for bringing them. I, for one, sure as shit wouldn't waste a playoff ticket on a BF who couldn't appreciate baseball (this all being hypothetical of course, as I don't know that I can date someone who does not like baseball... kinda a problem in the UK).

Here's praying that the Sox fire/cowboy up/dirt dog/underdog whatever spirit alluded to brilliantly in the strip gets brung this evening...

Great comments all around today. I turned the game off and ran errands I must admit. We didn't need another ass kicking after Sunday night. Hopefully Timmy has another great game in him. Doesn't the knuckler work better in colder fall weather??


Ha, Grumpy McSame said the same thing yesterday about his presidential opponent.

But unlike him, I'm not counting the Sox out yet.

Clarification: that was a grammatical fumble -- I'm counting out McSame, not the Sox. I don't know whether Grumpy is counting out the Sox yet or not.

And thus the now-annual walk through the Valley of Death that will only make Sox fans' cheers that much more thunderous upon their ascension.

The knuckler shall deliver you.

Has anyone noticed Buck Martinez's excessive use of the verb "to fist"? I can't believe so many hits are off the hands. "And Crawford fists it over Pedroia," etc., etc.

Oh the Sox got fisted yesterday, alright.

Ya know, if they got shut-out, would "1918" rear it's ugly head for the rest of the series?

Oh the Sox got fisted yesterday, alright.

If they got shut-out, would cheers of "1918" show up in St Pete?

There was a "feed the middle" sighting last night. That was about it for things that made me smile, even ironically.

They're completely different but, yet, I still dislike both Faulkner and Hemingway. Maybe I need to read more of them in a setting other than English class.

I agree with Natalie about the fault not being with the fussy women but with the dumb-ass men that brought them. Surely these idiots could think of some baseball-loving fan that they could bring with... afterall... It is Boston. Diehard fans grow on trees. Pink hatters don't drop big cash on tickets, it's the guys that want to impress them that do.

I can accept Lester laying an egg - he has thrown more inninges than he ever has before.

I can even accept the banged up offense not producing.

But - what I can't accept is Tito, Magadan and Farrell not recognizing the problems and taking some positive action. Lester's fastball speed was way off, and his breakng pitch location was poor. Tito needed a faster hook.

Coco hit the tar out of the ball on Sunday, and Jacoby is hitless in the series - why not give Coco the start in center? Why not pitch hit for Tek in at least 3 different situations? Why not run for Tek? (Coco would have scored on the throw that got away from the second baseman.) How about moving Mr. GIDP so he isn't hitting behind Pedey? HOW ABOUT DOING SOMETHING? ANYTHING?

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@Ryan - Yeah, you need to read more Hemingway done unwittingly by lc and Faulkner done very wittingly by hb, right here at good'ol soxaholix. Then they seem like great American authors...

@Framingham - lol. To Fist. btw, I lived on Pond St. from '87-92...

Hey Larry Here -

Am I reading you correctly? Pond Street in Framingham? My ancestral roots go back there at least 50 years with a bunch of Gallaghers and McGrails. Small world.

@Steve - It was 5-0 in the third. Lester got out of the first on four pitches. You have Wakefield today and Dice-K on Thursday. How much quicker of a hook should Tito have had? Yank him during his third inning warm up pitches?

Jesus, people, let's get a grip here. It's one lousy game against a very good and very confident Rays team. It's like the guys behind me yesterday under the scoreboard. 9 innings of "Tito is the worst manager to ever wear a uniform" and "Cora never lays out for a ball". Just taking giant, personal shits all over the guys. Cut it out, sack up, and let's get on with Game 4.

And if we don't win the series, we've got a stacked core, and $45 mil coming off the books. Our phoenix has risen, and it will shine and burn for years to come.

We have a 50-50 chance of being 2-2 or 1-3 depending on which Wake we get (though I am wondering about those ofer dudes we have sprinkled through the line-up--- does Tek get up with 2 men on every at bat?). I had Lester a lock for a win last night. wake is either very very good or we see another case of Ray HR Derby.

Then we get the Series MVP Dice the next day. Then we go back to TB for Josh's return to form.

But can someone other than Youk, Bay and Dustin get some hits? Timely ones?

Oh, and A-hole being A-hole looksmlike he'll be out of the WS along with the greatest manager ever.

Ahmen Soulie!

So many things in the comments I want to reply to. Most everything is exactly what I'm thinking too, let's just start with that. We need a new lineup, because having Pedroia stuck between 4 automatic outs is making me lose years off my life. Tek, Cora, Ellsbury, token hit maker, Ortiz...it's like watching paint dry by spitting on it. We currently have 4 hitters (Youk, Pedroia, Bay, Kotsay), 4 non-hitters (Tek, Ellsbury, Cora/Lowrie, Drew), and one guy that could "change the game with one swing of his bat" (Ortiz). Tampa Bay doesn't have overwhelming pitching, but we're not swinging at strikes early and then letting the count get ugly before we swing at everything or want to grouse at the ump about a close call that we shouldn't have been putting in his incapable hands to begin with!

Our pitchers are getting taken to the wood shed because they're locating their pitches like they play for the Royals. If I have to see another belt high fastball clocked at only 89 mph, I'm gonna hurl (good thing I'm going to see Wake pitch tonight). 4 hitters and 3/4s of a bullpen (sorry Timlin, you're not in the 3/4) does not make a playoff champion. We need offense first and foremost. We need a starter or two who can go without getting shellacked for more than 2-3 runs in 6-7 innings.

We need to win the last two in Fenway, so that they won't be the last two in Fenway.

On nights like last night, I miss the Don & Jerry show. No matter which direction the blowout was going, they get bored and start to entertain us with much laughter and hilarity - going on strike for half an inning at the end of the season had me splitting my sides - them not talking at all through the end of an inning to the break was better than anything that Carl, Ron, and Buck "listen how I talk through my nose" Martinez have said all post season. Much as 9-1 makes me want to beat the shit out of the dog just becuase he looked at me, I no doubt would have been comforted by two guys who knew I wanted to beat the shit out of the dog and so began talking about ANYTHING but how "one swing of thebat..."

That being said, could we even get ONE GOOD SWING OF THE BAT Papi? maybe with a couple on base? I'm ready to Papi Clap the guy!

Yaz, you said it well in your rant on the fine art of pitch selection (or lack there of) and working the count right into the umpires hands.

@Soulie: Lester should have been yanbked after Upton's bomb, before Longoria's. Clearly he didn't have it last night.

Frankly, the season was on the line last night. This is not the 2004 or the 2007 team, and it is very unlikely they'll respond to adversity that way those teams did. How many come from more than 2 runs down games did they win against teams not from Texas? Look at their record in one run games and extra innings games.

On top of that, Wake is 0-2 with an ERA of almost 6 against the Rays and Beckett isn't right, no matter what he says.

My point is that Tito needed to manage last night like it was an elimination game, and he didn't.

Chicks dig the Red Sox Hat


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Yeah, well, I kept trying and the machine kept saying words to the effect of fuck off, suck shit or some such. Nasty game anyway and I had nothing: like a glove wearing 50 something.

News Flash: Ellsbury is not in the starting lineup tonight. JD Drew is leading off. Coco is batting 7th.

I don't think that is an improvement. Hopefully I'll be proven wrong.

Suicide is painless, it brings on many changes, and I can take or leave it if I please.

My head hurts, and I'm not even smashed. Yet.

See you in the next life-wake me up for meals

I shut it off after it was 3-0 so I am in a relatively pleasant mood this evening.

Let's take a day off to regroup, shall we. This is getting ugly. Very ugly.

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