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ALCS Post Game 1 Open Thread

Rider on Green Line:
Matsuzaka takes a no-no into the 7th? How sweet it is.



oh what a beautiful morning..oh what a beautiful day, i have a wonderful feeling everything will fall the sox's way

One of the original Soxaholix regulars, COD, suggested having a real time chat available during games (or anytime, really).

He did the legwork and discovered Gabbly which in his words is "pretty slick." Seems like it is.

I put a button in the 1st right sidebar that you can use to access the Soxaholix chat room. It also tells you if anyone else is in the chat and how many.


F*%kin' sweet guy!

I went and created a Soxaholix Fans Facebook group, which can be found here. I'm not sure what we can do on it that we can't do here, but it's all Web 2.0ish, so there you go.

I got ya cowbell, right here!

Holy Crap!
I hope we get to see more of that from the Dice-Man this post-season.

I thought I spotted a few 'uncomfortable' female fans at the game last night.

Dice-K actually looked quite upset when he lost the no-no. I didn't expect that emotion. Served him well though. Maybe he needs to be a little less inscrutable, and be more scrutable.

They turned the screws in that game. And I predict Kotsay is going to open a 40 of whoop ass at some point soon.

Matsuzaka San
http://link.brightcove.com/services/link/bcpid1185071465http://www.brightcove.com/channel.jsp?channel=16988910 "> He sparkles as Sox take Game One
CHB's a dick.

Stupid links.

Go Josh!

NEWSFLASH, Francona -

Beckett doesn't have it tonight. That's OK, six runs isn't enough. Let's see if he can give up 10. What the hell is going on here? Just bring in someone different, anybody. Oh yeah, Francona is playing for tomorrow. Why not just win this game? I'll never get it.


Let me get this straight. Your guys just hit three home runs to bail his sorry ass out of trouble, what with all of his crybaby shenanigans game in and game out with the umpires. After getting lit up all game, he then has to sit on the bench for a half hour. How did this bode well for him in the upcoming frame? Then Longoria (who's been raking the ball off Beckett) comes up and still we don't see a pitching change. This is on the manager. When your guys play home run derby, you owe it to them to take the starter out before he gives up eight earned runs. I don't want to hear any of your usual double-talk. Your guys scored six runs. You left a guy in for eight runs who gave no effort. His body language was terrible. Everyone but you could see it. I started shouting at my TV to take him out after the second home run. Are you watching a different game than everyone else? Why give the Rays hope? We hit three home runs in one inning. Bring in a decent pitcher and dishearten the other team. It's not rocket science.

Agreed P24.

Great game, FRANCONA -

Instead of putting Byrd in for three or four innings in the third inning, you blew through the entire roster. TIMLIN = LOSS, every time. You can count on it. He's more bloated than Stephen Fucking Stills. Maddon once again schools Francona.

To be fair, the ump let Price gain a new breath with that bullshit strikeout call and then pinched Timlin on the strike that ended up getting Farrell tossed. I can't believe he saved up all of his bad calls for the one inning that mattered in the whole game. The ump buckled under the pressure as much as Francona did.

Oh, and Francona is absolutely not blameless and not even for his pitching decisions.

Where was Sean Casey when Kotsay couldn't find his way at the plate? Why is Jacoby still hitting leadoff?? 0-for-6 and the last power hit he had was at least a month ago. He not only botched it with Beckett (leading to going through the whole bullpen) but he blew it with the lineup tonight too.

WHY TIMLIN WHY!?? Why do you forsake us ?? Why wont they let PAPS go longer?? It drives me nut when they worry about tomorrow ,instead of winning today . oh well i said the series would go 5 games anyways so were still on track it would have been great to get 2 in Tampa. GO SOX

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