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ALCS Post Game 2 Homily

Scene from a church:
Remembah …


Father Tim:
It is easiah for a camel to go through the eye of a needle …


Father Tim:
than it is for Mike Timlin to preserve a lead or tie in extra innings.


Father Tim:
And for Josh Beckett, let us pray


Scene from a church:
. . .



Timlin relaxes me. I know when he comes in that the game is lost and I can just go to sleep.

Timlin, we love ya, you're gritty and tough, but man you gotta retire and hunt/fish full-time

Beckett is going to need a whole lot more than prayer.

This series is going all 7, isn't it?

I said to wife, "Wife, Timlin is in, Francona is ready to go to bed."

I love all Timlin has done for us, but it's time to take the 4 rings and go find some happy hunting grounds.

And Beckett.. oy. Starting to feel like Pedro - we want him to be better than he is anymore.

Tito needs to find a way to win in 9, becuase Rays always win extra innings - they just have a better, deeper pen.

Blame the lost on Francoma. Beckett is toast and done for the year. I thought Drew came in too early on the ball and was flat-footed when he caught it. Might have been different if he had some momentum on the throw.

"I've got a bad feeling about this" Han Solo

My exact words when Timlin came in were, "Tito must be ready for bed."

But only 75% of the blame belongs to Timlin -- the rest belongs to the umpire, whose strike zone mysteriously shrank to the size of his left nut for the Sox and ballooned to twice the width of the plate for the Rays from the 9th inning on. The game-winning sac fly should have been out #3 -- Timlin was cheated out of at least one strikeout in that frame. John Farrell was completely justified when he lost his shit and got tossed.

WTF was Tito doing?!?! We shouldnt have even gone xtras if he hadnt run Beckett out there in the 5th. MLB payin hm extra to send this to 7?

Im not done...
Where is P Byrd...Who cares how much gum Tito chews, it only stays in his mouth 60 seconds...nice 3 hopper to the plate by Drew...1 (one)! pitch for Lopez...is Papi gonna hit?....im done thanks.

No brickbats for the TBS? OMG they were shockingly partial. Do they not know that ANY win by the home team in extra innings will be, by definition, a 'walk off'. Did not the 'Sox also show resilience in coming back? Could somebody tell that idiot sideline eye that paisley and bright coloured sport jackets went out in the 60s (ask lc).

Great game but...

It was fun live blogging with some of the scamps from this creepy place - Dr Kaz is quicker off the mark than a youthful Mohamed Ali! Thanks for that hb. It was sad to see Josh labour so. It was sadder yet to see Timlin, 20 something years in the big leagues, come out with that sense of inevitable doom. And then get a series of bad calls and a shocking throw from the outfield when he inducd hat short pop to the outfield.

Oh well, lick 'em tomorrow.

Oh and the religious theme is rather fitting given http://www.boston.com/sports/baseball/redsox/articles/2008/10/12/of_red_hats_and_red_sox/ "> this rather silly piece in the Globe.

if anyone thought the sox would sweep they had to be a tad touched. tbs sucks yes we know. mike timlin as it was said here today the nation loves you but its time to go.and im going to take a glass is half full look at this.. the sox ability to come back over and over last night. to me proves they are the better team.. i still say sox in six. btw ... im not touching the chooch theme today

Beckett left in to face Longoria, who was swinging a friggin tree trunk all game. Francona's stupidest move of the season, and his achiles heel: too loyal, even when his guy clearly does not have it.

But I choose to see the glass half-full. Even though last night was a punch in the stomach, we still took one at the Trop, and home field advantage is still ours to exploit.

Notice that Maddon pulled Kazmir with 1 out in the 5th. He saw his ace was garbage and wanted to pull out the win. Beckett at lease should have been pulled after he started stinking up the 9th.

Does Josh have anything good for us this post-season? Tek would know.

Lester today, doubting Thomases.

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