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ALCS closure, already

Christ, I'm already feeling good again. Who knew that losing to the Rays would be so forgettable?


Seriously. Turns out losing to the Rays is about as damaging to the psyche long term as losing a game of putt-putt golf to your sistah.


Jeez, could you pick 3 more hated, greedy, unrepentant organizations in all of America? I mean what next, name OJ Simpson to run it?


Really. When you combine the megalomania of Jerry Jones with the Steinbrennahs who knows where it'll end.


Absolutely. One day it's hot dogs and mustard they're pedaling, and the next day they're selling stolen Chinese babies to rich couples looking to adopt.


But, you know, seeing how both the Cowboys Suck and the Yankees Suck, it makes sense to diversify the business and all. Can't count on the teams bringing any bling.



not there yet

Yes, the world is spiining about its axis in proper form again.. growing up around DC as a die hard 'skins fan, ergo I hate South America's Team - the NFL's verion of the MFY (maybe not as many championships, but just as loathsome). To see them in bed with the Yankees is perfect - this way they can only impregnate each other - God the possibilities of there offspring gives me the heebie jeebies. Wonder who is on top?

/seeing how both the Cowboys Suck and the Yankees Suck, it makes sense to diversify/

You can add Goldman Sachs to that list as well. I was pretty unhappy to learn that my mutual funds' largest investment was in that turkey.

I'm over this season - looking forward to 2009. AJ Burnett will look good in a Sox cap...

Yep, I didn't give a thought to baseball last night. I'm over it.

/Wonder who is on top?/

If George S. were still in charge, it would be contest, but I'm sure Jerry J. has Hanky bent over the footboard.

Closure indeed. It was nice to go to sleep early last night.

add the Lakers and we have ourselves a new axis of evil...

the emotional weathervane is starting to straighten up - nice donkey crushing last night helped to ease back to normality.

I'm recovering, but I hate the thought of no baseball for months. That would happen WS or not, of course.

Jerry Jones is appalling. He is like a nasty-skinned Star Wars villain.

Wait a tic, you mean that the Emperor (see G. Steiny) wasn't a nasty-skinned villain?

I could definitely see them forming a Galactic Empire with Hanky as Jabba, only this time he chokes on a beef brisket while complaining too much instead of chains.

The Yankees and Cowboys deserve the kind of "fans" that go to games for high brow food selections There's some great logic there, too. "Sure, I'll pay more for a ticket, if I have the option to spend the same amount on food engineered by the culinary wizards at Yum Brands."

I found myself asking what the other two steaks are after beef in the triple steak burrito.

I'll confess that I'm one of those "high brow" fans who really appreciates the fairly recent move at stadiums to offer a higher quality of food and to mix in some things you don't typically think of as ballpark/stadium food.

This isn't as big of a deal at Fenway, where you have some many choices outside the park that you can indulge in before entering.

But if you're at one of those places in the middle of nowhere (e.g., The Ballpark at Arlington) where your only food options are inside the park, it's nice to have some choices.

It's a little strange to no longer plan my evening plans for the week around the Sox games. Maybe that means I have an addiction problem, but I don't care. I'll just have to listen to some archive games on Gameday to get by. It's going to be a hell of a long off-season, but then again, it always is.

The Pats demolition of the Broncos defense last night really went a long way to helping me get over the Red Sox lose, but even if it hadn't I have a feeling I'd be fine today as well.

I agree with h.b on the topic of edible food. Every year I bring my aunts in their 80s to Camden Yards when the Sox are playing. Only when they're settled in their seats do I survey the dining options.

And when my husband, son and I visited Shea this summer we didn't stumble over any sausage wagons or restaurants on the walk from the lot to the stadium (and new one is right next door) although that may be my ignorance of the neighborhood.

Back to the Sox - yesterday was a tough with co-workers stopping by to offer condolences. And last night was a little quiet but I loved the extra sleep. Guess the end of the season is always a little rough for me, though. And I can't complain much - it was an exciting ride.

Agree that end of season is tough. Just when I'm wondering what the hell do I do until April - the thought appears in my tiny head: COLLEGE HOOPS! Midnight Madness this Friday, I think.

I don't understand how the presence of better and more expensive food would ameliorate paying the higher ticket prices.

But if their business model, includes FREE BBQ pulled pork sandwiches or whatever, I could understand it better since the outlay would be the same. It seems that they are trying to attract the corporate, yuppie types who don't necessarily pay attention to the action on the field and, as we all know, they can be downright irritating to have in your row.

I haven't really found a correlation between ticket price and food quality.

Indeed, Fenway's tickets are the highest and I'm pretty sure the food in Fenway is among the worst I've had, especially when compared to the newer parks like Camden or Arlington that I've been too.

And, to throw Jerry Jones a bone, while the new Cowboys stadium is going to have plenty of suite space for the fat cat rich dudes, ol' JJ did insure that there would be a lot of seats available at "Joe the Plumber" prices too.

I don't know if this is the case at the new Yankee Stadium or not.

Would that be a licensed or unlicensed plumber?

Yesterday my co-workers were very kind to me, knowing I'd be deeply bummed about the Sox loss. So how did I pay them back? Walked through the door and said to all within earshot: ``Jesus. Your football team sucks.''

I'm a bad man.

anyone else catch up with the report that just before Joba got his DUI he was taunted in the titty bar and stormed out pissed as well as pissed off... "Too bad you didn't play for the Redsox, Otherwise you wouldn't be sitting here in a strip club in Nebraska". hehehe! Oh, how it makes my heart swell with pride that the fine patron didn't let a good opportunity to unleash his inner buzz ninja on Joba's attempt to enjoy October at home go to waste.

Right, Goldman Sachs is terrible. Who would hb call if the soxaholix ever gained enough momentum to undergo an IPO and be publicly traded? Thought so.

Re: losing a game of putt putt to your sister. What if your sister looks like the chick on the Sugar DVD ad?

I believe it was the fictional character who made the statement re Goldman Sachs.

FWIW I don't really have anything against Goldman Sachs and, believe it or not, I've always liked the history and "aura" (if you will) of the Cowboys.

I hate the Yankees, of course, though, so that part of Doug's statement I do in fact share.

Wonder what the joint venture will be called:

Cowboys and Yankees Suck Sachs?

careful...haven't you heard that such critical remarks about corporations and the wealthy is un-american?

Wait a minute Beth...I thought it was commentary about the "hard-working, pro-American parts of the US" that was unpatriotic. I mean, Sarah Palin couldn't possibly be bullshitting right?

Yeah, some nut job will probably hack my email account.

How do you know we haven't h.b.
Sorry one day of rational grief on the sox loss gave way today to misery. I miss baseball already.

j.k. anyways h.b. thanks for another great season in this creepy corner of the world.

I thought this article by Bob Ryan recapping the season a bit was really good. You all might enjoy it too and it might give a bit more closure.

Goldman Sachs may or may not be a well run company that does very well by its customers. But as an investment, it is a Turkey with a capital T. Its stock has gone from about $250 a share a year ago to $74 a share last week.

Late getting in from the Left Coast as usual, but yes I was strangely over this loss, at least superficially, rather quickly.

I too had many other baseball /sports fans offering their condolences as I always wear my Sawx love on my sleeve. Many blue Jay and Mariner fans in this part of the world, but all of them very magnanimous in their condolences....Well all of course except the two MFY fans, one of whom left a voice mail that I did not return, chortling with glee after game 4...The crappy thing is I could lord it over him after game 5 and 6 for fear of jinxing the Sawx.
It will indeed be a long off-season but , as others have pointed out, it always is.

In thanking hb yesterday, I forgot to include the regular contributors, the semi-regular contributors, and the not-so-regular contributors (like myself) whom I share joy, misery and laughs on a daily basis. There is way too many mention, altho lc and Bob always seem to reflect my mood. Even Jason O and the other Skankee fans who offer intelligent points of view are enjoyed. Of course BB and other trolls (who may in fact be BB's alter egos or his mother who lives upstairs) are never welcome, but our responses to same almost make up for the fact that they share this continent with us.

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