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Zink in sync?

Well, well, well, was that a tenacious Red Sox club that faced a no-no flirting Danks thru 15 battahs but ended up winning by a pleasing 5-1.


And it looks like Josh Beckett has that fiah-in-the-eyes look and resulting performance again. Francona thinks he's "primed."


Bettah late than nevah for these guys to staht to turn it on.


Seriously, now is the time for them to staht channeling their innah Vladimir Putins and staht crushing all who stand in their way.


And aftah 7 and half years of waiting, tonight Charlie Zink get his call.


How cool is it that the knunckleballah fills in for knuckleballah?


Yeah, it's the Red Sox version of synchronized platform diving.


You know I've never understood the Olympic fascination with the whole synchronicity thing. How is doing something just like someone else a sport?


Evidently they can identify the divahs destined for synchronicity at a really early age.


Yeah, it's like this. If the mom or dad says to their kid, "Well, if Billy jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge, would you?" and the kid who answers, "Yes, I would, at precisely the same time and mirroring his every move!" then, there it is, you've found yourself the next synchro divah.


Author's Notes
I linked it above but I just wanted to be more explicit here that the "Brooklyn Bridge" joke is not a Soxaholix original but comes from this Olympic wire story: "A one and a two . . . synchronized diving."


I love the Vladimir Putin line. Well done, yet again, hb.

I can't stand most of the sports at the olympics, then I get to watching one of them and four hours later I still haven't moved; my eyes are glued to the shit. It's crazy

I think I should be really embarrassed by the fact that I have watched exactly 38 seconds of the Olympics. I tuned in for synchronized diving on Sunday I think it was, thought cool, I'll watch this, then ONE dive happened and the fade out came and Bob Costa's voice said "[Chinese woman's name] didn't always know she was going to be an Olympic diver..." and the channel was changed immediately.

Will we look back at last night's game and think it pointed to a shift in momentum? Hope so. Excited for Zink Oxide tonight!

That no-no last night was broken up by the folks at Pete's, who I got to say to everyone walking in the door, "Hey, Danks is throwing a no hitter against us."

An evil gooch, yes. But necessary.

BTW, I hear that Zink Oxide is throwing on three days rest. Probably not a big deal for a knuckleballer, but something to keep in mind after 5 innings or so.

Heh. Be funny to use these as strikeout cards at Fenway when Zinc pitches:


The headline in Chicago should read "Danks for Nothing!".

Also, wouldn't it be more fun if Zink threw a "Zinkerball"?

I'm just back from a rainy Vermont vacation, but I have tickets for tonight's rainy Zink appearance! Hope we get the game in. I don't like the 3 days rest thing for Zink, he does throw more non-knuckleball pitches than Wake does, and his fastball has more pep to it, so the lack of rest might be a factor. But, I imagine adrenaline will make up for it.

If Charlie Zink married Pink, would their child be like Winky Dink

enquiring minds want to know.


Yes, I remember Winky Dink unlike the rest of y'all

ps sonoma isn't getting much of a break on the weather for his vacay

If he signed with the Stankees, he'd be Zink the Fink.

Good call on the K signs, Bob.

That's just Manny being La-La!

"Manny being Manny" is copyright Boston Fans everywhere...get your own damn phrase for his antics, L.A.!

My take on your sign, Bob:

"K is for Potassium,
Here we deal out Zn!"

Then, you put up the Zn's for every strikeout next to or underneath that.

That was one of the funniest strips ever. Great job Hart!! Best to you and your family.

One hour left in the 25% off Red Sox stuff sale:


Get your #24 jerseys while they last :)

FYI: Cleveland, or specifically Hargrove, is the one who first came up with "Manny Being Manny." We Sox fans can't claim credit for it.

That's okay, that was just Kaz being Kaz, h.b. You should know by now that anything I say here isn't what I really think but just a character in the comments of a comic-blog. Geez, how many times do we have to tell you?

Ok, actually, I forgot Hargrove came up with it. Thanks.

Time to get back on the bandwagon. I'm sure the Angels are shaking in their cleats...


I think I would be happy if they just started channeling their inner Vladimir Guerreros...

Ugh. Paul Byrd is coming. The eagle hasn't exactly landed.

4-0 with a 1.80 ERA in five starts since the All-Star break.

I'll take that. Even though it's probably HGH fueled.

I like this pickup - probably as good as any team could do at this point.

Anyone know if Byrd is signed through next year or is this a two month rental??

Headline for tomorrow's strip:

Byrd is a turd?

"the putin went down to georgia,lookin for some oil to steal"

A Byrd in hand is better than a Buchholz on the mound.

Now it's 14-11, tying run at the plate. Don't want to be "Captain Obvious", but if this one gets away, there's no coming back strong for the remainder of the season. It will be one of the most demoralizing losses in team history and the season will be over.

Are you f*ing kidding me? We blew a 10 run lead and are now trailing 15-14? WTF?


Zink oxidizes?

It's a fucken joke.

Jesus Christ on a pony

This is on Francona. He tried to get a win in the books for the rookie, who definitely didn't deserve such consideration. Hell, he gave up 11 hits in 4 1/3 innings. What other reason could there be for leaving him in for that long? When will it be OK to criticize Francona? Look at the Rays roster. Then look at the Red Sox roster. The job Francona has done this year is truly laughable, especially the constant shuffling of the line-ups and leaving garbage pitchers in to get shelled over and over again. Not to mention allowing Varitek to strike out with tying runners on base late in games for what seems like 85,000 times without pinch-hitting for him. How can a team have the best run differential in all of baseball and be four games behind a ragtag outfit like the Rays?How can a team with seven all-stars miss the play-offs? If you put a uniform on a chimpanzee and taught him to phyically put pen to paper on the line-up card, could he do any worse than Francona? This isn't meant to be funny. I'm dead serious. How much worse could the chimp possibly do? And Theo, your scouts weren't able to relay the information to you that Lowrie can play Big League shortstop? Here he has no errors in over 30 games and he's knocked in more runs than Lugo in half the number of AB's, and we had to endur the amateurish stumbling and bumbling of "Bobbles" Lugo? It's pretty simple. Take away Lugo's 20 errors and replace it with Lowrie committing possibly 6 0r 7 and we're in 1st. At least Lowrie helped out Pawtucket the whole time "Bobbles" was tanking our season. What a truly pathetic season this has been. I don't care about 2004. I don't care about 2007. Francona needs to get a clue and get one first. Way to drop that ball BTW, Crisp. And nice route you took on that double. You're really having a bang-up year.

Is Brandon Boggs Wade Boggs secret love child?

HR- does he eat chicken before each game?

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