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Worth waiting for

I'm glad the iPhone 3g is selling out so I don't have to see any more numfucks lining up like mindless Eminiarians obediently reporting to the disintegration chambahs.


In my mind there's only one thing worth waiting in a line like that for and even then ther bettah be fluffahs to help pass the time.


Really? Because I'd wait in line to see Papi at McCoy.


OK. I stand corrected.



wow, hate to agree with hb, but if I had any money, which I don't, I'd snap one of those bad boys up, and here's why:

With apps like AOL Radio, Pandora and XM radio, it augurs for the demise of commercial radio, which I favor greatly. jmo, your mileage may vary. I wouldn't even use it as a phone. If you want to send me one, my address is:

P.O. Box 666
">Hell Hollow, NH

Your mileage may, of course, vary.

As for the RS, are they still playing? It's been weeks since they were on, right.


deep down, I knew lc was from somewhere in hell. Glad to see that confirmed.


Note: Doug loves the iPhone, he just doesn't think it's worth waiting in line for when you can be patient for a few weeks and then walk in/out of Apple store in 5 mins with an iPhone in hand and no waiting.

But a gangbang, that he'll queue up for.

Not that I blame people for clamoring to see Big Papi, but the PawSox are leading their division, they hit SIX home runs last night, and they just called up uberprospect Michael Bowden. They might be worth seeing just for their own sake, don't ya think?

8th circle,no waiting-elevator going down :)

[knocks himself upside the head]

Of course! The characters aren't real!

btw, that Jean Shaheen advert on the side is uberhot.

The chit chat in the line for Doug's event would be a little awkward, wouldn't it?

Then, you'd find out you're in line with Dave Pinto and he's live-blogging the thing.

Ryan, that Pinto line got a literal LOL out of me.

I have been going on two weeks now without a working cell phone. Let me tell you that it is NOT fun. I'm with Doug that it's just not worth the wait in line to get one of these things, BUT now I'm staring at the fact that the reason there are no lines is that there are no iPhones! If they could just put some more black 16GB phones in Boylston or Cambridgeside, I'd gladly go stand in line now and wait my turn to finally have a new phone.

Come on, Apple, the Boylston store is your BIGGEST store and you can't keep a standing stock of phones in it at all? So disappointing. Next time I'll know better and stand in line with the masses. I mean, I wouldn't even care right now if I had a working cell phone, but I don't, and so I do.

So when Papi is back and we move All-Star MVP down to the 5-hole, there should be no pressure on Tek and Lugo---then maybe they can produce a bit more. This 2nd half should be "Watch Out!".

seems like the beer cart arrived early on the east coast...no such luck out here. But (in best voice created by excessive amounts of meat, sriracha and booze) here's hoping we have something good to talk about on Monday.

Go Sox!

God, has anyone else ever had an ex from years ago call from out of nowhere and bring back everything you had thought you had gotten over years ago? Yeah, that's me tonight. Thank god the Sox are keeping up with the As.... I would go to McCoy for Papi. I saw Nomar in Trenton years ago and it was awesome (of course, that was before he came up)... Hope everyone is having a great night...

not fun watching the game tonight- didnt like theos scowl with manny- will be in right field tomorrow lets get a win saturday

Been there, done that Natalie. Didn't particularly enjoy the ride and the t-shirt doesn't fit anymore, either. Don't know your circumstances, but without going into sordid details, um, steer clear. In my experience (granted, a bunch of years ago) no good is likely to come of it. Move on, baby, move on. Hot Sox chicks like you don't need to revisit the past. Too much in front of you to worry about the rear-view mirror.

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