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Timing's off

Your omniscient author in absentia:
I've got to mail in a raincheck today, as I'm still working on the Iron Ref piece. Yeah, yeah, that's only 300 words and should be a breeze to knock out, but my metaphorical bat speed isn't what it used to be so sometimes I just have to settle for the timely single.



Like a cut-rate Ron Jeremy? LOL

Maybe you need some, er, fluffah-nuttah.


yaz from yesterday: /Loved the Holy Triumvarite that ended the game on Saturday night. Coco, Tek, and Lugo. Time to make some moves./

I was so pissed when Youk took the walk to load the bases last night, knowing we had no chance of scoring thereafter. I looked it up - over the last 11 games Coco, Tek and Lugo have 3 rbi's COMBINED.

But anyway, we made up one game on the Rays, so a good night in terms of outcome, if not offensive performance. Dice-K was awesome after the first.

Good move sending Masterson down to become a bullpen guy for this year - if Clay or Colon can perform of course.

I liked the Holiday tampon over the trolley's head better.

Steve - I am with you. Just no confidence in the bottom of the order at all. Hopefully one of those guys can snap out of it soon, or mix things up to get it going.

Now, if you want to gain on the Rays this week, you need to start rooting for the MFY's to win. I don't know if I can handle that! Ahhhh.

Two Japs and a Pap-
Manny doesn't just stand there-
One-oh victory.

Good luck on Iron Ref, h.b. Let us know when to start voting early and often.

Oh, I can handle rooting for the 3rd place Yanks to knock a first place team off their pedestal so we can assume said pedestal. In fact, getting swept by TB hurt WAY more than losing those last two to the Yanks. It's a new world order, eh ladies and gents?

So, what bats can we acquire before the trade deadline? I am willing to consider catchers (sorry Tek, I'll miss your thighs, but if I could quickly forget about Tim Naehring, I can forget about you ;)

Sorry guys...still rooting for Rays. I want to make sure their chances of any playoff run are destroyed.

The MFY playoff chances that is.

"Tek sucks, yada yada"

You guys like the way Dice-K kept the Red Hot twins from scoring, and then the bullpen closed the deal? Thank Tek.

Ask all the players around the league who is an All Star catcher? Tek.

Who has caught the most no-hitters in the history of baseball? Tek.

Who caught the last two world series runs for the bosox? Tek.

Schilling shakes off Tek with one pitch left to get his first career no hitter... woops bad move schill.

Fuck anybody who thinks of trading, demoting, losing or do anything with Varitek right now... Not only is he a phenomenal catcher, as captain(one of the few in baseball) the clubhouse has a culture of winning and unity.

In short if we lose Varitek this year, we dont have a chance in hell of winning another world series.

Whose knows about next year but until then trust in Francona and stop bitching. Tek will come out of this slump and end up right around .250, that with everything else he brings to the table is more then enough.

jfm: well said.

tek can go 0-whatever at the plate but he'll still be the best catcher/captian in the game. i wouldn't trade him, or his thighs, for anyone.

jfm-that says it all about Tek and what he means to this team.

jfm: I couldn't agree more. If Tek were to go now the season would be a train wreck. Remember August of 2006?

That is not to say that someday (like all players) Tek will need to be replaced. Replacing his leadership and pitcher management in the middle of the season is the wrong move. The front office needs to focus on replacing Mr. Lugo. He is a liability on both offence and defence and needs to go.

I seem to remember a certain shortstop that was traded mid-season of '04. Not a bad move.

Does anyone else actually avert their eyes from the screen/plate whenever effing Lugo is up to bat?

I don't advocate trading Tek, but I do advocate Tito realizing that he is not the guy to send up there in a key situation right now.

If we can get someone to take him, I'm all for losing Lugo and bringing up Lowrie.

I feel the same about Coco as I do about Tek - we need his defensive skills more than we need a bat.

BTW the Fox guys on Saturday said the Sox were reported to be holding talks with Barry Bonds' agent, as a backup if Papi can't return this year. Has anyone else heard this? Thoughts? Myself, I'd rather miss the playoffs than bring that guy to Boston.

@Steve in MD

"Myself, I'd rather miss the playoffs than bring that guy to Boston."

Amen Steve. Bonds is pure evil.

"He who battles monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster."

I avert my eyes when Lugo comes to bat, when Lugo goes to field the ball, when Lugo is shown sitting in the dugout... I seriously want to hogtie and dispose of him in a remote region of the Charles River watershed, just so Tito does not put him in the lineup. Chant with me: Lowrie, Lowrie, Lowrie!

Oh and in re: Tek, I am not really advocating trading him, but getting him behind the scenes or at a minimum replacing his bat (from the standpoint of moving him down in the order and not feeling as though he HAS to hit .250+) would be awesome... Maybe get a decent hitting center fielder?

da'beads - no I watch intently in astounded horror. I do only watch with one eye sort of looking when delcarmen comes in for releif, though it hasn't been quite as bad lately. (and to think I really liked his potential at one point...) Love the coco in center, have just given up on the batting skill.

Lugo did have a good game defensively on Sunday night BTW.

Too bad Theo didn't keep The OC. The Sox may have won another title in 2006.

I hate to bring up the debate again but I'd like to see BB brought in if Papi can't make it. He's a hired gun in the time of free agency. Nothing more. What if his bat would bring another WS Championship to Boston? Would you still object?

Did you object to Corey Dillon and Randy Moss too?

Would absolutely object to bonds in any scenario, same story as with a-rod. I can't see how a hired gun could help a team play more like a team, which is what wins. What a horrid distraction it would be. Would rather watch losing games and end the season early.

To repeat, I'd rather miss the playoffs than have Bonds.

Slappy is a different story however. Honestly, if the mfy were dumb enough to trade Lugo and a prospect for A-Rod, who wouldn't take it and play him at short? He'd be a defensive upgrade, and an order of magnitude improvement on offense. Much like Randy Moss, I think he is redeemable in the right clubhouse. Enter Tek and Papi. And Tito and Theo.

Well, maybe....if they offered arod for lugo and a prospect and we brought up lowry and made arod sit the bench 100% of the time just for grins. I could get behind that.


"Did you object to Corey Dillon and Randy Moss too"

No I didn't. You cant even put Bonds in the same category as those two. Even the idea of replacing Papi with Bonds sickens me. Part of the Joy I get from watching the sox play is the players themselves and Bonds is never a joy to watch. I can't root for him. Just because we are in era of hired guns doesnt mean we should root for them. You probably wanted us to bid for Clemens services last year too.

Can you say Troy Tulowitzki?

I've stated this in these here interweb pages before: I'm ok w/ Tek taking a seat and being a bullpen coach or calling the game from the dugout. We obviously need another bat.

Actually, last time I wrote this he hit a game winner...fingers crossed, knocking on wood, pinch of salt over the shoulder

Other Steve: Would that be the same Tulowitzki that gashed his palm open smashing his bat on the ground and putting himself on the DL?

The Rockies just resigned Tulo on the cheap in the offseason. I don't see hime going anywhere. But he would be a great SS for the Sox.


Although he is definitely in the middle of a sophomore slump.

My logic is that the Rockies need to re-tool and the Sox may have some parts that would fit their organization.

If I have one more meeting today, I'm seriously going to go crazy(ier).

What's this? Only two more meetings today? And the next one's not until 4:30?

Sweet Jeebus, I have 18 minutes to do actual work.

Cool article on Wake and the knuckleball from CNNSI.com. Zink gets some press too.

Let's try this again, this time with a properly formatted link.


There's too many of you out there. I don't know why you continue to defend Tek but you do. I'll agree that he manages the pitchers well and calls a good game, but that's it. He can't hit. If he hits .250 on the year. Awesome. You win. But he won't. His tangible defensive skills have a lot to be desired. His arm has always been below average, and his work behind the plate just average. And don't act like everybody is against him. There are plenty of you out there. Manny could hit a HR and then not run hard enough to first and the next at bat and he'd get booed. Varitek could go for two monts without a hit and not get booed. Stop defending "The Captain." He has it good. One other thing. If he had any pride, he wouldn't force Francona to sit him. He'd suggest it.

So HB, the "Reynolds" website says voting begins today. Can you clue us in as to when we start polling "Chicago-style"? I'm anxious to read your offering.

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