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Thou shalt not kill the rally

Christ, it's going to take me awhile still to get my head around this no longah cellah dwellah Rays situation.


I mean we just got sizzled in the first game of a 3 game series and now trail the Rays by a game and a half in the division, and my first reaction continues to be, Meh, it's only the Tay Bay Rays, who cares?


Yeah, well, it's time to wake up — for the moment at least, the Rays are the real deal.


Well, even if I wake up, it won't guarantee that Francoma will.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, he's been the skip of two glorious Championship teams and henceforth is shielded from criticism, but still … Letting line-out lead bat Lugo bat with the tying run at third is insane.


Ah, you know, it's not like Casey is hitting 7/20 .350 .381 .550 .931 versus LHP this season and .413 .489 .448 .937 in 368 ABs versus LHP over the last 3 seasons or anything.


It's time for a group of dahk-suited Jehovah's Witnesses to stop by the Red Sox clubhouse and leave behind a few copies of AWAKE! magazine.


Yeah, I heard the the next issue is going to be a special feature: "Is Julio Lugo the AntiChrist?"



The answer to Mike's final question is: yes. Hell yes.

Was it just 4 short years ago I actually enjoyed watching a Sox shortstop (O-Cab) play ball?

A-Gon was the best s.s. I think I've ever seen.

At least for a year.

When Slugo came up, I almost blew beer out of my nose.

hb, I think you need to apologize to the Antichrist, for associating her with WhoLeo Loogo.

JL is the antiJulio

your mileage may vary.


I hate to be the guy to bring Arod in to a conversation, but Arod breaking up Madonna's marriage? The humor potential here is off the charts!

Madonna + A-Rod?

Makes sense, I mean they are both in decline and well past their career peaks.

Does this mean ARod has broken up more marriages than double plays?

Not to take any pressure off Lugo, but when will Tito tell Tek to give it up and just bat righthanded all the time? He is such a mess from the left side.

Eh, I didn't think batting Lugo was so bad. He has been not-terrible this year (except he can't buy an XBH), and he at least hit the ball solidly in the final AB. A little to the left or the right and he's the game-tying hero.

I'd go w/ anyone but Lugo right now...but the skip isn't being all Fran-coma.

He's actually thinking and managing from experience - the problem is distorted experience.

Oct 2004 - Belhorn and Damon are sucking it BIG time in the ALCS. Tito keeps playing them & everyone knows how that turned out.

Now Francona thinks that process will work w/ ALL his players - If I keep playing Lugo, he'll make me look like a genius eventually.
His managerial style was solidified in the fall of '04...for good and bad.

Francona needs to be more quick with the hook sometimes. This much is obvious. It tears at your brain to watch guys batting around .220 (Tek for the season, Lugo for the past 2 weeks) try and win a close game with the tying run in scoring position.

It would be nice to have a decent hitter waiting on the bench who could step up for situations like that...hmm, like a Sean Casey..I wish we could get that guy on our team.

If ARod running interference on the marital basepath is all it takes for Guy Ritchie to start making good movies again, then I am all for it.

That stats that prove a nagging doubt I've been having this season (provided by the post below the Casey stats post on SoSH):

"With Pedroia's bases-loaded 2-out K against Wright in the 6th last night, and Lugo's game-ending line out tonight, the Sox are now 0-16, SF, 2 BB in their highest 19 leverage PA of the season (and the SF reduced Win Expectancy).

The highest-leverage hit of the season was Manny's 2-out, 2-run double off of Street in the top of the 10th -- on Opening Day. The only better things that have happened with the Sox at the plate subsequently have been Sean Casey's go-ahead bases-loaded BB off of C.J. Wilson in the bottom of the 8th on 4/20, and Mike Lowell's ditto off of Chris Perez on June 22."

When we are losing in the 8th inning, I have this dread and end up changing the channel. It's so unlike last year where there was always the "they can still win it!" hope going into the late innings. Given enough innings, I still feel like we reach almost anyone in any bullpen...but when it's down to the final 3-6 outs, I just don't feel the magic. Good to know that my perceptions were based on reality and not just some throwback to pre-2004 thinking.

Let's not get carried away and pin the whole game on Lugo, although I do think Casey might have been a better option in that spot.

The Sox seem to be heading to one of their typical mid-summer swoons, which usually takes place after the All Star Break. Maybe they are early this year?

Anyone catch the top ten resons to hate the Red Sox in the St. Petersberg Times? So stupid it is humorous.

Thanks for the statistical backup of my gut feeling also. I thought it was a hangover also. And it didn't matter who was coming up. Could it be the Ortiz magic missing from the club?

We are now confronted with 'These are the times that try men's souls' - the 2008 version.

So easy to second-guess.

And what is Batshit doing these days anyway?

Oh Captain, my Captain...

SIT THE FUCK DOWN IN THE NINTH! Take the option out of Tito's stone-dead hands and MAKE him play ANYONE else in the ninth. Cash can catch the bottom of the inning.


how scary is it that I'm actually looking forward to Timlin's return? Terrifying. And do the Sox lead MLB in one-run losses on the road? Does anybody have a stat on that?!? Well fuqq it, my substantial gut says this ridiculous series will be forgotten in a few months' time. Nothing a good weekend in the Bronx won't cure. The Sox better play well this weekend as TB is hosting KC for four...

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