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Strike a pose

Well, let me be the first to say it — They should have saved some of those runs because there'll be a game soon when they'll wish they had them. Heh.


Unbelievable. And to think just last week we were getting out our pitchforks and torches to round up the witches and demons.


It's embarrassing really. I mean aftah 2 World Series and all that they entailed, all it takes is a 5 game loosing streak and we staht coming apaht at the seams?


Yeah, well, old habits die hahd.


Speaking of old and dead, how 'bout them Yankees crawling out of their crypt to take anothah from the Rays?


While I appreciate their help in getting us to within 2 of regaing our rightly appointed place as the Division leadah, I don't think Yankees fans should get too excited.


Seriously. Thinking the Yankees are going to be back on top this season is as dubious as thinking that Madonna will evah again lead fashion or music trends.


Once you've become a hasbeen you remain as hasbeen. It's a universal law. You can look it up.


That's why A-Rod and Madonna make such a great couple. His and her hasbeens.


Vogue meets the dropping-the-shoulder move.


[Sings] Come on, vogue / Let your shouldah drop on the basepaths / Hey hey hey



That last frame is win enough h.b.

Honestly I didn't expect the Rays (Jason O. I owe you a Chimay) to lose twice but I guess if it was for the greater good. That of course doesn't mean the Yanks can keep on winning against the Pirates.

I'm still believing in Sox/Rays for AL East though.

I had hoped the Yanks would sweep the Rays and let us gain ground, and they did. Following that, I had hoped for a Yankee 12 game losing streak. Let's get started with that now!

My wife asked me yesterday if I thought A-Rod slept with Madonna or not. I answered, "You know what I think? I think A-Rod did whatever Madonna told him to do!".

Wanna bet that the Greenwich fat cats going all NIMBY on [url=http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/10/nyregion/10towns.html?_r=1&ref=nyregion&oref=slogin]Little Wiffle Fenway[/url] are Skankees fans?

Oops. Didn't quite get the embedded link thingee right. Oh well.

Over there,
over there,
send the word,
send the word,
over there...

That the Yanks are coming,
The Yanks are coming...

-George M. Cohan

I read somewhere that A-Rod called Madonna his "soulmate." He totally has her name scribbled in puffy paint on the cover of his Trapper Keeper.

da kine- wore my Let Jim In tee to tennis lessons last evening. I had no fewer than 5 different guys stop me and demand I show off the shirt, saying "that's AWESOME." I may never take it off, it's such a good conversation starter. :) I made sure to namedrop Kintees each time...

So you won two...that makes your GB at 6.5. I wouldn't claim victory immediately if I were you. TB still has plenty of teams to destroy that won't involve playing NY or Boston.

ParkerStPete, that's a notation for certain blog sites. Here, you can just use straight HTML code: Little Wiffle Fenway.

<a href="URL">LINK TEXT</a>

And it looks like porn-stache Jason won't be getting the All-Star slot with Longoria of the Rays in first and Dye of the other Sox in a close second.

Natalie, are you sure it was the shirt and not the alleged Double Ds that inspired the "AWESOME" comments?

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. I should thank the RS for exposing the Twinks as the blatantly pathetic team that they are.

Colin, they've won 4 (consecutive) that counted.

Snacks Pontoon gives up one run through 6? Have you ever had the feeling that you stole something?

As the exception that proves the rule, I submit Neil Patrick Harris into evidence as no longer a has-been.

Jason O,

Could you believe how crazy the Twinkies manager went when the "triple play" was overturned? For God's sake, it was obvious the ball bounced. I wasn't even watching the game at that point, and I could see it was a trap (through metaphysical hyperbolic transubstantiation).

Like the Ike Turner the team put on the Twins yesterday...very nice.

So - How come Bill never makes it over to the bubblah? He gets thirsty, right?

I'll bet Bill doesn't drink from the bubblah any more since it's Poland Spring water and they have No. 7 plastic bottles that are full of BPA and they're not changing them despite the kerfuffle over the hazards of BPA and so, he has to drink tap water from the sink in the mini-kitchen.

Or, maybe I'm just projecting.

PSP- I suppose the girls didn't hurt :)

Colin- I frickin' LOVE porn-stache Jason. I think we should make it a rule that all baseball players should have such facial hair. I could not stop giggling every time he came to bat last weekend.

The studio recording of "Proud Mary" (the long intro with Tina speaking) absolutely never sounds old or dated.

Nat- thanks for "biggin' up" kintees.com we're going to have a huge "Let Jim In" push for the second half.

Also, if A-Fraud lets Mad-Donna get her Crypt-Keeper hands around his bat, she may just suck out his remaining itsy-bitsy tiny little piece of soul.

Watch out for Zombie Slappy McBlue Lips.

i've been here before - i like the pink hat reference...


more convenient link - thanks for the education kaz

onion funny re: sox

No problem, granular_serene. In the meantime, you all have just 2 more hours to go vote for h.b. over at Iron Ref! Get to it!

Bah, that's what I get for pasting without paying attention.

Let's try that again:


There we go.

vote has been cast as requested, kaz.

I voted.

Natalie, my bad for not responding 'til now. I'm on the Left Coast learning teh Arabic and can't read Soxaholix until wikkid late. Mad respec' for the shouts out.

I agree with PSP that it was your t-shirt puppies that were attracting the attention, though.

Stop worrying about what the yankees are doing and concentrate on your own problems. Papi is out, Manny appears to be suffering from a series of roid rage incidents and your captain couldn't hit water if he fell off a boat. The Yankees may or may not win. Who knows? But the SOX are DEFINITELY in the shitter right now...

Sox are fine. They had a lousy offensive week and lost a series of very close games, all of which they could have won. Papi's making his way back, Manny had a game-winning hit for Monday's only run, a game-tying HR on Tuesday, and two doubles yesterday. Even Varitek (calls a great game) had two hits. They swept a team that was 16 of 18 coming in, and were a couple of timely singles from a 4-game sweep in the Bronx.

"alleged Double Ds" is possibly the funniest phrase I have heard or read this month.

Also, the strip is totally great. Nice final panel.

Heh, Ted's Head. How was that McLouth homer last night (Thursday)? Awesome is how it was. Man, I love watching the Yankees lose. (Some of my best friends are Yankee fans, blah blah blah.)

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