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Plenty of fight left

Well would you lookie there … The Red Sox get a come from behind win and their second one run win in as many days.


And both wins were the result of Manny "He's Lost It!" Ramirez. Go figure.


Yeah, I guess we should keep the old, decaying bum around a little longah.


And though I risk making my head implode by saying, the Yankees got the job done with Tampa Bay, too.


Kazmir only last 5 innings and hasn't gotten past the 6th in last 5 stahts. Does this spell trouble for the Rays down the road?


As much as I want the Rays to come down to earth, I loathe the thought of the Yankees getting back into this thing.


Me too. But speaking of the Yankees, can anyone confirm that Boss Jr was in Guyana recently?



Great win today - ah, MANNY.

Meanwhile my client acquitted of blowing up his restaurant after a 5. 1/2 week trial and a mere 45 minute jury deliberation. Life is good. SDU a little drunk.

Next stop,Jonestown.

@sdu: good on ya



Is anyone really rooting AGAINST the Rays? I mean, three teams other than the Sox are going to make the playoffs in the AL. Are Sox fans rooting for, I don't know, Detroit? The White Sox? What's not to like about that team?

Downunder - Great job, but did he actually do it? Now that he's been acquitted, you can tell us the real deal, right? Or does Aussie law not include provision against double jeapordy?

No wonder you can drive around Sydney with that wonderful vanity plate on your car.


Love to see Manny warming back up - and thank you to Tito for mixing things up at the bottom of the order. Moss created enough of a spark to keep things alive!

I'm glad the Yanks beat the Rays. Yes, three other teams have to make it, but I just worry about the Sox getting there. I'd rather see the sox in first than fighting for a wild card.

Of course, I'd rather see the Rays get the wild card than the MFY's. how about the Yanks beat the Rays tonight, then go on a 12 game losing streak?

Alas, perhaps the sky is not falling.

I don't like the Rays and their JV antics. I hope they continue to lose and don't make the playoffs. The fact that the Marlins have won 2 WS and the Rays are in 1st place is a travesty of the highest order. Expansion and greed are ruining sports and this country.

Vermonter: perhaps you should read Scott's post- it does seem that the sky is falling. Apparently, "Expansion and greed are ruining sports and this country." So much for chicken little heading back inside to relax and pound a few valium down.

Fun win last night. Not sure how I missed the memo but I didnt know Ardsma could consisently hit 97. If he gets control of that slider he will be sick for a long time.

Not sure how many of you guys tried it, but Baseball boss is fairly fun. The league feature is operational now. If anyone wants to join one we can get I think up to 8 teams in a league for free. Speak up if you want to play.

I happen to like that there is another team doing well in the ALEast. No need to fear change. We're not threatened, are we RS Fans?! One person's "expansion and greed" is another person's excitement. I don't think sports is "ruined" because another team starts to do well.

Plus it gives us something fun to yak about on Mondays!

Way to go, SDU. You seem to get some very interesting clients (BLOWING UP his restaurant? What's wrong with plain old arson?)

Satisfying win last night. Although I must say, lately Paps has had a touch of Healthcliff Slocum in him.

I want to win the world series (AGAIN) and the best way for that to happen is for the other teams who make the playoffs to have poorer, not better, pitching than the Sox. So of the contending teams, I'll take the Tigers, Twins or (I hate to say it) mfy over the Rays or A's for the wild card.

BTW, the Cubs and Brewers just got a lot tougher in that regard.

Of course that still doesn't mean I actually cheer for the mfy.

The Iron Ref thing is on here.

It's pretty cool that the guy DmtSHOOTER uses Cheap Shots against Soxaholix and Boston as a way of baking the cheap shot ingredient. Clever.

I was in my friendly neighborhood Panera Bread this morning and saw a gentleman wearing a TB hat. I swear to God, I have never seen one of those on a real live actual human being. Either he's a Rays diehard who feels he can come out of the closet now that they are decent, or the Rays have their own little red RadioFlyer bandwagon. It's so cute!

I wish I were drunk like SDU (congrats, btw). It'd make this day of meetings less interminable...

Once the Red Sox get back into first place the Rays can win all they want and the MFY can go back to losing. Like I stated before...Rays with Wild Card is fine by me. MFY with Wild Card is unacceptable.

Besides...I'm jonesin' for a potential Cubs/Red Sox WS. That would be off the hook. If I had to like any NL team it'd be the Cubbies.

For what it's worth: I'd like to see the Rays stay in the race and the Yanks can cozy up to 3d place.

@cheap shots: the other two mistake a cheap shot from ridicule. Making fun of the Boston scene isn't a cheap shot - that's part of daily banter for the trolls that come here and probably most non-Boston sports fans.

btw - Laimbeer deserved it

The sky is not falling. You are missing the point. If the Blow Jays or Orioles were in 1st place I would be fine with that. I'm not on board with expansion teams winning. Especially when they do not have a real fan base and were just created so MLB can generate more revenue and some rich CEO has a bigger write off. If there was a city who had thousands clamoring for baseball then it would be a different story. I don't consider the Rays or Marlins "real" teams with real fans.

Colin, totally agree re: cheap shot. For me a cheap shot implies that the one shot against is already down or otherwise unable to respond or undeserving of abuse. If your "opponent" is up and fighting (like Sox fans or the blogosphere or any of his other examples) it's not so much a cheap shot as smack talk...

That said, I laughed out loud at dmt's rant, especially the pixilated Apple2C guy giving the bird...

Sorry, meant sonomasox not Colin...

Yes, but Bill Laimbeer is yesterday's version of Marvin Harrison: Everyone hates him, but every head coach/GM would kill for a guy who gets into people's heads like that, i.e. who plays the game in a cheap, low, nasty but calculated manner.

oops: that's Rodney Harrison, of course. Unless you count shooting people with antique firearms, but that's off the field.

Anyone a fight fan? A friend just sent this to me...fast forward to the punch at 6:49-6:50...maybe the cleanest knockout shot ever in the golden age of the middleweight division:


JO - you make my point.

You just laid down some smack - not a cheap shot...funny nonetheless.

Rodney, Laimbeer et al give/gave cheap shots during games...pointing that out to fans of those teams is smack

IM PISSED that the 3rd guy in that competition stoled my name


Excellent choice. you forgot to mention that though gave the pizza thrower player of the game a few minutes later... it would have fit into the whole using cheap shots to get ahead theme. or whatever.


Good point, JFM. The thing is, it was supposed to be limited to 300 words, so I had to cut it down to the bare bones.

Of course, I think I was the only one who followed that mandate.

Thanks again for the idea of using that as the cheap shot.

//but did he do it?//
Um, I reject that question. (But there's a fair chance, or some chance, it was an accident: a 'conflagration' of liquid petroleum gas - gas leak sparked by a gelato fride followed by a seriously single minded and one sided police investigation). Now hungover downunder. Head hurts. Where Berocca where?

//Where Berocca where?//

You sent it all to me. I'll take a couple for you right now.

Nice to see the bats woke up taoday. Even Tek had a couple of hits. Slupmbuster??

And Manny (now having a little rest):
5AB, 3 hits, 2 runs, 3 RBI. Washed up to be sure.

Holy crap, 18 runs! And the game's not over! Wish I were in the Fens right now....

/gas leak sparked by a gelato fride/

...or by a Yankee fan.

Man, I'd love to read the claims manager's write up on this one. You barristers lead such interesting lives, don't you?.

Congrats again, Berocca Boy. Take two aspirin and get some rest. :-)

Happy day in Fenway. Tek, Manny... Even sLuggo went 2-4 with a walk. Only cloud on the horizon was Josh's 5 ER's in 5 innings. 2 back now.

Oh, and happy 94th anniversary today of the Sox' memorable $25,000, three player contract purchase from the Baltimore Orioles. The remembered name in the trade?

George Herman "Babe" Ruth.

You're welcome.

the sky is NOT falling... lots of good vibes going into the day off/post AS break as Papi, Buchholz look to return and Masterson sticking around too. Meanwhile, the home/away sked looking Sox favorable especially since they'll have 4 more days off the rest of the way than most other teams in the division. The MFYs have some monstah trips left. Gonna be fun to watch...

Amen, NYSoxfan!!!!

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