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Lisa's PSA

Lisa the Temp:
Remember, peeps, while the Soxaholix are on vacation, that masshole Dog Roy continues to Tweet.



As I try to look for a silver lining in this deal, all I can think is that Manny might put some nice stuff on EBay as he moves out of Boston. Via con dios Manny.

Does anyone else think it's really funny that Manny will be playing for Joe Torre? A manager that hates clown-like behavior and prides himself on fielding professional looking athletes? How's he going to feel about goofy Manny and his equally goofy oversized uniforms?

either way - good or bad...the best thing is that we've been able to yak about this all day. Can't say that about at least 28 other teams.

Go Sox!

proud fan since the byzantines

hil, Torre is already on record as saying he wished they had the DH -- too many outfielders and (unspoken) Manny won't do well fielding in a pitchers' park. I'm curious to see if Manny's dreds are gone in the next few days . . .

I also feel like there must be more to this trade -- or another trade out there. Ditching Hansen is fine with me. Moss wasn't going to fit into our plans anytime soon. But a good but sub-.300 slugger from the NL for Manny is a bit thin.

I guess Ortiz will start batting cleanup and Bay will take the 3 or 5 slot.

Hard not to suspect that Theo & Trio are throwing in the towel on this season.

I'm a relatively new Sox fan (October '03), and this is the first time I'm feeling true, true grief at a player departing. I loved that fucking guy. I've always wanted to shake his hand and thank him for making it fun to watch while he seemed to have fun doing it. I love his quirkiness, in spite of all the drama that came with it. I love his hair, his uniform, the pouty/worried looks he gets on his face at the plate sometimes. He was a big part of my perception of the Red Sox' character, and I'm going to miss him so, so much. I thank Whatever that he got to deliver his biggest blow last October in a championship run. I was so happy at that moment. So happy about winning and the advantage in the ALDS and so happy for him. I hope time brings us to say, 2024 and a great big ceremony commemorating the 2004 championship and Manny getting the rousing ovation he deserves for his part in our time of triumph. But tonight, it's like I've lost a friend, like he's moving away, and we'll visit, but it'll never be the same again.

That said, I can see why Theo made the deal. But to me, it's a 2009 deal. We got cheaper and younger and still pretty damn talented and we got rid of pieces that weren't going to be useful this year and probably next (as for the $7 million...who cares when you have the financial clout of the Sox?). The calculating part of me sees Theo's plan and says, "Yeah, way to go, guy, I think I like what I see there." But 2008-rooter's all, "Dude, where's my bullpen?" and "MANNY!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

Sigh. I don't know what to think, but I guess it had to be done. No one player is bigger than the team. Manny, you goofy bastard, I will miss your antics, and, more importantly, your bat. Does anyone else feel like Man Child sold out on Papi? Christ. I feel like I just ran over a little kid's dog. Fare thee well, Jason Bay.

Thanks for the music Kaz. Fitting tribute!! I will definitely miss him in so many ways

Manny and 3rd base coach Larry Bowa - now that will be interesting.

I loved Manny for 2004 and 2007, and being the goofy guy he is. I did not love his late season disappering acts, and I think we were headed for another of those. More importantly, sitting out a home game against the mfy because of a phantom knee injury? No, it was time for him to go; I just wish Theo could have gotten more for him.

And the mfy are losing 10-2, so all's okay.

All I can say is I'm glad it wasn't the Spanks.

christ on a bike.

this feels just like when my best friend from elementary school moved away during our freshmen year - i was sad to see him go but excited at what the future may hold. who knows, this new kid might just be our new best friend.

and btw - theo's a smart guy, he wouldn't get taken. sure as shit not by the freaking pirates. in theo we trust.

I didn't read the whole string, but the logic of the front office is slightly lost to me...one minute they're all business 'thinking about the future' and dumping Manny - then they resign blo-tard Schilling, who is about the same level of annoying cancer to the team.

I echo the sentiment about what this looks like 'on paper'. It looks like shit.

Sorry, but am I the only one somewhat happy about this trade? I mean, I saw Manny as being a total distraction. Why should everyone around him give 110%, while they watch Manny give maybe 80%? I'm sick of it. Sorry, Manny wore out his welcome in my book. The final straw (for me anyway) was watching him jog to first on that ball hit down the line against Lackey that Figgins fielded waaay behind the bag. I mean WTF! He would have broken up the no-hitter right there. Sorry, I wouldn't be able to tolerate that kind of attitude on my team anymore if I were the ownership or Tito. What happened to being part of the "team"?

Yes, Manny has great numbers. Yes, he is one of the best hitters of all time. Yes, he was an integral part of the two recent championships. For that, he will be remembered fondly. But piss on this attitude where Boras is feeding his ego that he is worth A-rod numbers or more, and then telling Manny to piss on the RedSox and his current contract.

Kudos to the ownership for not being bullied by Boras and Manny.

Yes, Manny leaving puts alot of pressure on Ortiz and others to step up, and its a waiting game to see how the team responds.

From out here in Chicagoland it looks like the Sox are looking down the road. The Manny that Manny was being like changed, both on the field and off. Theo's got guts, I'll say that. He's doing his job and got the best he could in return.

And yes, this might blow up in Theo's face, but that doesn't change the fact that he did what he felt he had to do for the team. At this point I figure that his judgement is a hell of a lot better than mine.

Born and bred Red Sox fan, saw my first professional baseball game in person at Fenway in '60 when I was 7. They were playing the Senators, and on the instructions of my Dad and Uncle Al I yelled "Every time your wife cheats on you, you lose a hair" at Frank Howard. I of course had no idea what that meant, but Frank did. He turned his bald head around and glared at me.

How did the situation get so bad that this is where we ended up? Why couldn't they have dealt with him earlier in the season to avoid his childish episodes that got worse and worse as the season wore on. He is one of the best hitters in the league. Couldn't they have sucked it up and made him feel "at peace" for 1 more flippin season?? They let this get to the point where they had NO leverage whatsoever. That's not good management. That's a terrible job. When the national pundits say this is one of the worse trades in the century you have failed miserably. I'll be surprised if they make the playoffs.

Pats pre-season games start next week...

So any ways, I heard that Manny got traded.

I love the guy, I even have a Manny do-rag, which is silly for an older gentleman like me. But, I wear it under my bike helmet and it makes me so badass.

Let's give this ownership group some credit. They know when time's up for guys:

Nomah? is he still in the bigs?
DLo? right, how did that work out?
Petey? Exactly

So they pay 7mill for Manny to play in Chavez Ravine. He'll hit and what not, but the left field there is going to swallow him up.

Clearly, the team had quit on him, just as he had quit on the team. For my $.02, I still don't think the Rayz are for real and the mfy are running on fumes. Pudge just looks silly in pinstripes.

Jason Bay is no Manny. Nor is he Jim Rice or Ted The Head.

Think Mike Greenwell. For all you pinkhatters, I know you think of Mike Greenwell as some fat hillbilly from South Florida who runs a putt putt golf course just outside of Boca, but for 2-3 years the guy was electric and could mash.

Plus Bay is from Canada, and you know how well our last Canadian acquisition fared. I'm talking Eric Gagne. Oh wait that sucked.

So I may have run on the string on my logic pyramid here. But anyway, it's a new month, a new day, and there are games to be played. I'll be in my seats looking for the dying fat guy on Sunday if anyone wants to buy me a footlong and a wahm beer.
Otherwise, go sawhk.


In Theo We Trust - unless shortstops are involved.

Haven't jumped in on the bandwagon discussion so... My first Sox game was in 1962, Bill Monbouquette and Dick Radatz, Frank Malzone and Yaz. Radatz was my guy until Yaz's monster year in magical 1967.

Best moment was when Ortiz picked Suppan off third base in the WS - I knew then that we were finally going to win the World Series. Johnny's grand salami against the mfy a week earlier is a close second.

Best live moment was Dewey hitting a grand slam off Eck in Oakland in extra innings, after watching the Sox lose what seemed like 29 out of 30 games in Oakland the previous 3 seasons.

Worst moment was Bucky Fucking Dent.

Oh Mike Greenwell. There's a blast from the past name. My college roommate LOVED him. My dad was gifted with 4 lux box seats for a Sept day game in '95, that he gave to me. It was the first game of a day-night doubleheader and my gf refused to leave after the game was over. We left her there to try to sneak into the night game in order to keep her primo view of Greenie (our seats were hanging over the 3rd base line). Didn't work out for her, but I love that story. I was equally happy to have my even better view of (swoon) Tim Naehring. The point of my story: none. The moral: it's fun to be a chick Sox fan in the traditional blue hat.

How crazy is it that I actually enjoyed CHB's take on the Manny trade? With a good night's sleep under my belt, I am much more in Tom's camp- somewhat happy to have this latest chapter be the end in the draining Manny saga. Jason Bay, come hither!

I'm totally in Tom's camp on this.

Section 9, grandstand row 2 tonight with my beautiful wife and strapping 8- and 10-year old lads. Manny or not, the Sawx go on, and is there anyplace like Fenway on a hot August night? Play ball!

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