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Let he who has ears listen

A reading from the Book of Papi …

… And after seasons of great joy, a shadow passed ovah the land …


And even the stoutest of heart began to wondah, began to worry …


And some began to speak of the most unspeakable things


And the false prophets, cowed and silenced during the good times, fed on the negative and their hoary voices again found listeners among the fearful …


And the Big Man, El Papi, witnessed these dahk goings on and his most benevolent heart ached for his people …


Thus he spoke:

"I'm going to activate myself even if I’m hurt because I have the sword that can control the beast of Manny Ramirez.

"Everything is going to be OK."


And the people were made whole again and there was a great rejoicing.




Praise be the Ortiz!



And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star from heaven fallen unto the earth: and there was given to him the key of the pit of the abyss.

With apologies to the Book of Deuteronomy,Ch 16, vs. 6-10

6 And the Rays afflicted us, and persecuted us, laying on us most grievous burdens: 7 And we cried to Theo Lord God of our fathers: who heard us, and looked down upon our affliction, and labour, and distress: 8 Papi once took us from Tampa-St.Pete with a big swing, and a stretched out arm, with great terror, with dingers and shots: 9 And brought us into Fenway, and gave us this land flowing with milk and honey. 10 And therefore now we will return to the fruits of the land which the Manny hath given us. And thou shalt leave them in the sight of Francona, adoring the baseball gods.

relax, in other words
you can't expect much with 1/3 of you BO as Cora, Cash and Moss

I know it's early still but I'm not optimistic about another WS run. A championship team does not lose to Houston and Tampon Bay.

Negativity aside Papi's quote put a big smile on my face.

Get well soon.

Hallelujah, Papi. Hallelujah.

What an annoying stretch of completely anti-clutch hitting. Will NO ONE get the big knock with the bases loaded? Every time they load the bases, I avert my eyes, knowing it's the kiss of death.

Still, it can all start turning around tonight.

Praise be to Papi. Forgive them all their sins.

how about Francona getting schooled in the 8th by Maddon? Maddon dangles Garza out there for Tito, knowing Cash is coming up and Wakefield is done. Tito sends in Casey, Maddon smiles, yanks Garza for a lefty, and Tito (foolishly) pulls Casey out, losing him for the rest of the game in favor of 6 pitches/two strikeouts from Varitek!

Nice to see PHB still getting his shots in .

'member this?

Tomorrow morrow game!

'member this?

The Papi of Light!

'member this?


'member this?

Captain Tek!

'member this?

Ms. Temp!

Then Captain Tek picked them of an age and good for a second half. They counted twenty and five and that were them. The great away game.

They said bidey-bye to them what they'd cheered.

...and Captain Tek hollered back, "Wait, one of us will hit."

We's heartful to you, Captain Tek. We're ready now. Take us home.

Natalie - those thighs still doing it for you? Are they worth a roster spot?

Aw, yb, that's like Sophie's Choice, man. We've always known that Tek's main value is in what he gets out of the pitching staff. I'd say he's still providing primo value there. That said, late game substitutions seem to make sense to me. (Although he's swinging as good a bat as Cash, and a better bat than his only acceptable thigh-lust replacement, Jarrod Saltalamacchia...)

Is anyone feeling it for Wake? The guy pitches another gem and gets the loss after one earned run. He has been solid last few outings with no loving from the teammates. Hopefully he is still pitching well when the bats come around.

The score was 2-1 last night and the Red Sox mainpage had the headline (excuse the paraphrasing) 'Sox try to overcome Wake Wildness'. Like he was to bear the lion's share of the blame.

//how about Francona getting schooled in the 8th by Maddon? Maddon dangles Garza out there for Tito, knowing Cash is coming up and Wakefield is done. Tito sends in Casey, Maddon smiles, yanks Garza for a lefty, and Tito (foolishly) pulls Casey out, losing him for the rest of the game in favor of 6 pitches/two strikeouts from Varitek//

I'm officially sick of this second-guessing/bitching. We have no idea what is going on in the dugout, clubhouse, etc. Tito gets paid to follow his gut, instincts, and numbers. He consults with bench coaches, puts it all in his hopper and boils down a decision. All in all I think he does a pretty good job. Wow, how the Boston faithful turn on a guy. They Sox are having a rough go right now. Injuries mostly have made for a tough few weeks. Still they have the second best record in baseball and we're gonna bail on him already? He made a move, other guy makes a move, he makes a move, other guy makes a move, then after a season's worth of moves you hope to come out ahead. I haven't lost faith and I don't think he got "schooled".

Relax. It will all be ok.

I'm w/ you VTer.

As my wife said this morning..."they do this every year." Last year, '04...every year the good guys hit a rought stretch. It's a week from the ASB and I'm sure w/ the Japan start and long road trips they'd all like a break.

Ortiz be with you...and with you.

No love for the Beyond Tampa-dome above, yet? Ouch.

It's amazing we're so focused on this Rays' series, and ignoring what starts tomorrow.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of death, I will fear no evil empire: for Thou art with me; Thy A-rod and Thy new Skankee staff's suckiness, they comfort me.


I'm not second guessing, or bitching, I'm pointing out how Maddon played Francona into a corner. Francona seemed to walk right into the trap. It was actually quite clever - which is why I'm pointing it out, and disappointed Francona fell for it.

Maddon never intended to pitch Garza in the 8th. But, he sent him out anyway knowing Wake was most likely done and Cash was a candidate for a pinch hitter. So, he waited until Tito committed to Casey, then pulled the trigger - smart move. Now, Tito had to ride the lefty matchup (which probably would have been a good idea) or pull Casey back and lose his services for the rest of the night. Eliminating the most effective hitter from the bench was a nifty move for Maddon.

I, for one, am not sick of second guessing or bitching and moaning. If I choose to be rational (on a good day), yes, I know Theo, Francona et al know more than I do in re: baseball and the Sox and the clubhouse and the market... But I am not rational; I'm an obsessive, neurotic, occasionally hope-challenged, hypocritical, hypercritical Sox fan. :)

The cat's out of the bag. Word on The Street in MLB clubhouses is that Manny can't handle high heat. That's all he'll be getting from here on out. It would be foolish to stand anywhere near him for the remainder of the season, since we all know Manny can't keep his hands to himself when frustrated or agitated. As the season goes along, Manny's bat will get slower and slower. It's getting tough to watch. It was a great run while it lasted. Hopefully, Lowell, Youk and Drew can pick up the slack.

Fucking Lugo. Everything he touches turns to shit. There was no need for that kind of slide with Jacoby running.

Every manager had to buy into that idiotic Tony LaRussa strategy that the ace reliever can only come into a game in a statistical save situation. Game after game these past few weeks has been on the line in the 7th and 8th innings. We never see Papelbon. The save stat is totally meaningless. These closers never compete in do or die situations. Delcarmen should be sent to Triple A until he can learn how to cover first base on a grounder. The Japanese pitcher stinks this year. I've always said that Hansen is mentally weak. He doesn't compete. Timlin is washed up. This staff needs a total overhaul. It would be one thing if it could be chalked up to failure to execute. To me, it looks like a failure to compete.

What a horror show. No pinch runner for Lowell in the 9th? Lowell is the second slowest guy on the team. Then Tito sends him on a hit and run. Tito is clueless. So, so, so fucking clueless. And has there ever been a player that can do more things to lose a game than Lugo? Whether it be failing to get down a sacrifice in back to back games, failing to knock down balls that other fielders would keep in the infield, double-clutching on double plays, fumbling every chance, getting thrown out of a game so the replacement can make an error and lose the game, making the last out of a big game, getting called out on interference with Jacoby running. You name it, he's got it covered. He can do it all. Call him Superman. If you need the little things done that can lose a ballgame for you, Lugo's the guy for the job. If you're Timlin, Hansen, Delcarmen, Okajima, Moss or Lugo, I think you've really got to be thinking about whether you'll have a spot on the 25 man roster for the remainder of the season. Manny is lost at the plate. I can't stand watching this team. This manager has shown me nothing. Tito never pulls a game out of his ass. He can only win a game that's a cakewalk. That's what a good manager does. He can steal a win here and there. I don't see that at all with our manager. By the way, is Papelbon on the D.L.? WTF? Did he get traded? Nobody told me, if that's the case.

Look, I know I usually hate on paddy when he gets like this...but I'm rowing the boat he's in.


Can Red Sox Nation have a signal, like the runners do, so we know when to stop watching, Terry? Like tug on your left ear and spit to the right at the same time and we'll know you're going to flush the game away. 'k?

Hopefully Monday we'll have something fun to yak about (with apologies to Bob) :)

I take back my echo of VTers sentiments.

There must be a sacrifice...someone must pay. Find him and burn him at the stake!

That was the biggest shit storm I've seen in awhile. I'm so fucking pissed.

Nice bullpen Theo. Again. And while I'm at it, nice shortstop. Again.

Why weren't you all complaining since April? What...all of the SUDDEN they suck? Three weeks from now, when the ship is righted, you'll all be back on the bandwagon. Settle down, everyone. Take a breath, have a drink and think about the big picture.

Paddy, how do you know what the word is in MLB clubhouses?

Wow. I though '04 changed the "sky is falling" mentality.

BTW, Rational, "schooled" implies a teaching, you can back-track if you want, but you were fishing for bitching partners.


I'm having 2006 flashbacks...

In any case repeating these days is extreemly difficult.

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