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Have a Happy 4th

Happy July 4th



Red Sox 7 MFY 0 Happy 4th indeed

You too hb,you and the missus do something fun together :)

Happy 4th to all my Soxaholix friends. Esp. those, like me, who found themselves in the position of having to work for The Man all weekend. And no beer cart to ease the load... :-(

Ditto Harwich's sentiments, HB. You and the missus go do something nice for yourselves. Goodness knows after all the recent tribulations the two of you deserve it.

Happy Fourth, all-
Nice to be able to read the site in real time for a change
sdu- same time next year? Beers in section 21? my best to you and the missus and the lil Sox fan... same to you, hb- as always thanks for the laughs

Happy fourth to all soxaholixs!

I can't be the only one who was watching the firecracker for 10 minutes waiting for it to go off...

Was I?

Aw, damnit, I bet I was.

Happy 4th! Now to run out and grab what I need for the cookout and fireworks!

OK, Bung Young Kim has just loaded the bases with one out. I guess this isn't a "save" situation for Papelbon. He probably won't even appear in this game because the lead will be lost by the 9th inning. Thank you, Tony LaRussa.

//same time next year? Beers in section 21//

sure hope so; and reciprocating thoughts generally.

[Collingwood update:
boys in (Sydney) town tonight. Much bourbon (is that bergin) and yelling for me. It ain't fireworks over the Charles but it is something]

“Now the world gets to see what Brett Gardner can do,” Damon said.

Is it my imagination or is Damon starting to sound more like Boggs...? Bloviatious - to be a blohard; to make blohard-like noises from the oral cavity...

http://mm.afl.com.au/afl_archive/cp2/c2/webi/externaldocument/000309aj.mp3 "> GOOD OLD COLLINGWOOD

"Good Old Collingwood" Heh! Nice, SDU. Sort of has a "Meet the Mets, Greet the Mets..." sort of feel to it. :-)

So how's everything Down Under? Mrs. SDU and son both doing well? Regards to all. Any new pictures to share?

Did any of you catch that crazy Youk triple yesterday? The YES-HD feed for it was awesome from the reverse angle. You could see the ball actually almost leave the park but the shaking wall from Damon hitting it put a ton of english on the ball and it caused it to just sit up straight on the wall! Then the next shake caused it to roll forward back into the park! Unreal!

Kaz, I've never seen anything like it. Reminded me of the last putt in Caddy Shack.

How about today's (Sat.) game? Manny getting HBP? THREE TIMES?!?

Yesterday's fence bobble on Youk's triple was amazing. MLB.com has some good video of the event, if interested.

Thighs or no thighs, get rid of Tek.

Bases loaded, nobody out, one run in, tying run at third but... coming up are
Coco, [July 08] Tek and Julio.

I almost tuned out...I wish I'd tuned out.

/Thighs or no thighs, get rid of Tek./

Well his fellow players selected him to the All Star team, so they must know something about the importance of how he calls a game. No question Francoma should have pinch hit for at him and/or Julio though.

Wasn't Lugo himself (1AB, no runs, no hits, no rbis], a pinch hitter? Now there is a scary concept.

Memo to Terry:

The idea was to use a pinch hitter FOR Jason not to use him AS a pinch hitter. Easy thing to mix up though.

second guessing downunder

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