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C'mon Yankees fans, don't fear the Reaper

"But the crowd's bloodlust for Papelbon - who unfairly had been portrayed as less than properly reverential toward resident closer Mariano Rivera - trumped its desire for an AL victory. Thunderous boos rained down as Papelbon jogged in from the dugout to start the eighth.

The boos gave way to a singsong chant of "Ma-ree-a-no," which was followed by a mocking 'Oh-ver-ra-ted.'"


You stay classy, New York.


Well, it's like Will Leitch wrote shortly aftah getting ambushed by Buzz Bissinger on the Costas Now show:

"The simplest, most obvious emotion that comes when we are faced with what we do not understand is fear, followed quickly by rage."


There was a time, not very long I ago I might add, when Yankees fans would have looked upon a guy like Papelbon and the Red Sox as a whole with a sarcastic bemusement totally secure with the knowledge that in the end the Yankees would win and the Red Sox would lose.


But now rather than confidence they project fear and rage. It's a beautiful thing to behold, really.


Yeah, have I told you before how much I'm enjoying the first paht of the 21st Century?


Only about 300 times …


Go Red Sox - Defending World Champions.


Author's Notes
Barring any crazy news surfacing, I'm planning on taking tomorrow off from The Soxaholix as there won't be much going on in MLB until the games resume.


Nailed it, h.b.

The lion is not only at the MFY door, it is gnawing on granny's bones in the front pahlah.


I swear, J D Drew continues to disappoint. Were it not for that homerun, the Fenway Faithful could have the clinching game 4 at home come October.

nice how the yankees fans were threatening to kill Mrs. Papelbon. Stay Classy ...

So...are we done with this Toilet love fest now?

"This is the most historic building evah, filled with historical history andhistoric moments..."

"Let's tear it down!"


Has Papelbon always been such a drama queen?

It looks like the Yanks might be in need of a new DH. This is so obvious I've been saying it since last season: http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/baseball/yankees/2008/07/15/2008-07-15_hideki_matsuis_setback_forces_yankees_to.html

Hey Nat - I read your comment about Marty Doggett/GD last night. That's great.. he's the kind of leader any school would be lucky to have.

Oh yeah, I didn't watch the end.. did they end up awarding MVP of the game to the Stadium?

Did anyone hear Joe Buck say that George Steinbrenner should be in the Hall of Fame and not throw up a little? Joe, please take your lips off of the Yankee's asshole before speaking.

And what was with all the called third strikes (including one from Mr. MVP)? Do these guys really want to take walks at the All-Star Game?

Nah Billy, they gave Drew the MVP. Figured he deserved it and all but knowing the crowd they wanted Jeter to have it despite his mild offensive contribution.

The stadium? Well they gave it the "Overrated Relic that Fox Media Dry Humps" Award.

Booing Terry and Dusty? Staying classy NY...always staying classy.

/"The stadium? Well they gave it the "Overrated Relic that Fox Media Dry Humps" Award."/

Thought that was Dick Cheney.

da-ding! I'll be here all night.

They cheered Mazeroski, the fools.

Do they have ANY sense of history that doesn't involve Paul O'Neill?

Did your wittle feewings get hurt, Jonny? You poor dear. Luckily, Gammons, Kruk, Steve Phillips and the entire Baseball Tonight crew were all there to give you intimate massages and cater to your every whim after the game. Oops, sorry, Gammons was running out for Theo's favorite late night snack.

Clearly, It's only the Yankees that have a subset of fans that make asses of themselves in public, with families and kids in the ballpark, etc.

Boston is an advanced, cultured and refined locale...such behavior would never be tolerated, much less encouraged by the team with TV ads that proclaim: "Here Bucky Dent has a middle name." The Red Sox encouraging profanity? That's beneath you.

knowing the crowd, they wanted Jeter to have it despite his mild offensive contribution.

What? Mr. GIDP hisself?

I can understand venting at Paps a little bit but what sickens me is how the papers didn't even bother to mention how Paps said Mo should close. They completely left that out or just marginalized it and instead stoked the fires of NY/BOS hatred and seeing how the MFY are slipping into mediocrity this year, they needed something to fuel them.

That being said, booing Dustin and Terry Francona after the respect and patience they gave NY is a total lack of class.

Yeah Boston fans can be real pricks and seeing how I'm from CT and being a Sox fan I know how shitty both sides can get, but NY's attitude was deplorable. I mean...booing Dustin Pedroia? Come on...

@Rob: I was being sarcastic with Jeter. He didn't deserve an MVP this year in any way, shape, or form, but he's the fan favorite so they'd want him to have it, GIDPs and all. That's how unreasonable they can get.

Every time I see you SAWX fans bitch cuz your boys get treated poorly in Yankee stadium. There has NEVER, in the history of sports, EVER been a more self-involved, self pittying, insecure, overly sensitive, totally-unable-to-see-the-forest-for-the-trees fan than a Boston Red SOx fan.
Bitching about being "classy". Give me a fucking break. Go wipe your tears of your "Jeter Swallows" T-shirts you complete collection of douche bags. I'm just glad the entire nation gets a glimpse at your reaction to SOX players getting exactly what they deserve.

Above comment: Case in point with your arrogance.

Sorry you lost your divine right to the World Series. Stop being bitter and embrace the reaper.

JO-Announcers not affiliated with a certain channel/city, like Fox guys, should be less obvious in their dick-sucking. Steinbrenner in the Hall? What a stupid thing for an announcer to say. Really...fuckin' stupid. Buck and McCarver are way to obvious with their man-love for those perennial losers that are the Yankees.

Rear-view mirror time, bitches!

Looks like Damon and Matsui are out for longer, too. Boohoo...

If I may stand in for Bob:

Hey Ted's Head...Fuck you!!!

Rob: I was being sarcastic with Jeter.

Totally got that, Colin. I was trying to agree with you with my own sarcastic response. Guess I need to borrow Bob's "~~" sarcasm indicator (pat. pend.)

I also share your view of the inexcusable booing of Tito and Dusty. I doubt you'd have heard more than a few morons booing Girardi or Torre were the ASG to be held in Fenway. That really was classless. In fact, don't recall anyting like that happening in '99 - wasn't Torre the skipper for the AL that year?

By the way, anyone know if there was a Material Girl sighting at The Toilet last night? I read somewhere where she threatened to show up to support her "Soul Mate".


Go fuck yourself in your fucking fuckhole.

No disrespect.

I can't begin to tell you the schadenfreude thrill I get when Red Sox fans are remonstrated for being "self-involved, self pittying [sic], insecure, overly sensitive..." by a Yankees fan troll in a spittle-laden comment on a Red Sox site.

O, irony, you are alive and well!

Kenny Chesney wants to play 2nd base for the Sox? Silly rabbit, doesn't he know if he'd said shortstop he'd probably be on Theo's short list? His baseball skills couldn't be any worse than his music...nor any worse than Julio Lugo's...


So, do the Yankees keep Steinbrenner and Yogi plugged into the same machine when they're not making public appearances or do they have separate chambers they are each stored in? Sad to see Yogi unable to remember Rivera's name, but if Fox is willing to wheel out Dick Clark at New Year's...

Re: Joe Buck vying for Steinbrenner in the Hall - is this not a man who has twice been banned from baseball? Didn't Joe Buck fall out of his high chair after Moss' feigned mooning? Pick a road.

Buck and McCarver? Meh,just tell me they're not calling the WS this year! Please :0

I thoroughly enjoyed Buck's vomit in creating a parallel between U.S. history and the toilet...really??!! Ah, yes like the time the toilet stood it's ground when the germans bombed pearl harbor.

h.b - No schadenfreude or irony at all. Simply a Yankee fan calling "bullshit" on a nation of crybaby SAWX fans.

Vermonter - Open your mouth. Now fill it with Ben n Jerry's. You sound smarter that way.

Jason O. Keep fighting the goood fight.

Actually, it is schadenfreude, BigBri, and if you understand what it means then you know it's not possible for you to say "no" I'm not feeling it as you are not privy to my inner emotions.

Trust me, it's schadenfreude and it makes me feel all tingly and happy inside.

And the more you comment, the better it gets.

Opposing players expect to get booed in the Toilet. Nobody's complaining about that.

Cursing at/threatening a player's wife? That's reprehensible, even for Yankee fans.

Especially when they're doing so because of a DELIBERATE misrepresentation of comments from Papelbon. Why are Yankee fans following the marching orders of the New York Daily News? Too stupid to think for themselves?

The AL won so the Sox will get the homefield advantage in the Series again. Drew was the MVP in front of a stadium-full of New Yorkers who paid good money to see their precious Jeter and A-Fraud underperform, and Paps has the fuel he needs to shut down their pathetic team in the second half. And with the pathetic state of the Skanks, it could be the last time we'll have to watch a meaningful baseball game in Yankee Stadium. All in all, very satisfying day.

Simply a Yankee fan calling "bullshit" on a nation of crybaby SAWX fans random douchebag flinging shit at his betters.

Fixed that for you.

H.B. - It means taking joy from the misfortune of others. It may be UNfortunate (for you) that I'm able to correctly point out the hypocrisy of red sox nation, but it's certainly not MISfortunate. I thought you were REALLy smart, H.B. Why are you so dumb today?

Being "privy to your inner emotions"??? No thanks. Why don't you go watch Oprah and leave the baseball loving to real men.
Heh.Privy. Inner emotions. What a fag!

It's pretty simple, BigBri. Let me try to explain (if it helps, read this really slowly):

To me, anyone who posts here as a Yankee fan troll, especially one such as yourself, is a most misfortunate human being.

And the more you comment, the more misfortunate and pitiful your existence seems.

But I do find a certain perverse joy in that.

And when you start calling me a "fag" it only gets better and better to watch you prove the worst stereotypes we have of Yankees fans.

As someone said earlier, all in all this is turning out to be a very, very good day.

And if it's this good now, how good will it be to sit down and watch Oprah later today?

Oooh, I've got chill bumps from the thought of it.

There are no fights here. Figure it out. One hangs around here in a Bukowski stupor...sometimes I fight the bartender in the alley when I can't pay the tab...macho energy, obviousness, goosing your mother with a turkey baster...

See h.b., I think the difficulty in trying to talk to Ted's Head is just the sheer complication of translating your English into his Idiot Troll.

Glad to see you're so erudite with your perceptions of wording and sophistication towards your fellow man. You do make those NY guidos proud there buddy. I can see now why most of CT (where I'm from and lived) hates your guts. CT NY fans? Either Fairfield county or just poseurs.

H.B. I'd only be a troll if I jumped in to talk shit about the SAWX. I don't. I simply wait for you to say stupid shit about the Yankees and then I jump in and set things straight. You have never, ever been correct in your characterizations of Yankee fans. Your efforts are especially laughable given the fact that you choose to ignore the obvious, deplorable behavior of SAWX fans all over that pathetic waterfront ghetto you call a city.
Now go get your instructions from Oprah.Maybe she'll have a REAL author on the show and you can LEARN a couple of things! I bet THAT would REALLY give you "chill bumps".

Ted's Head, 2:43:11 PM: I'd only be a troll if I jumped in to talk shit about the SAWX. I don't.

Ted's Head, 11:33:44 AM: There has NEVER, in the history of sports, EVER been a more self-involved, self pittying, insecure, overly sensitive, totally-unable-to-see-the-forest-for-the-trees fan than a Boston Red SOx fan.

Not only is there a bridge missing its troll, TH, but there's a village missing its idiot. I think I hear your mommy telling you to get off the computer, now.

BC - you are too stupid to be bothered with... Read the entire thread (if you are able) and get back to us...

Maybe BigBri should go into the HoF along with Steinbrenner, you know, for all the "setting things straight" he does on behalf of the Yankees?

This is the day that just keeps giving.

Holy shit, Ted's Toilet, enough already. Generally speaking, most people do not actively choose to be around people they have abject contempt and disdain for (as you do for Sox fans) unless they are trying to instigate a fight. And I'm pretty sure that is the very definition of a troll, one who comes to an online community with the express intention not of contributing constructively to the dialogue but to interrupting it, taking it over and baiting people with inflammatory language. Rather than regale us with insults about not understanding how you are "not a troll," why not just embrace the moniker, as you clearly enjoy trying to incite a shitstorm?

I'm bored.

I savor the irony of someone going to the trouble of posting to tell me that I'm "too stupid to bother with".

I think the difficulty in trying to talk to Ted's Head is just the sheer complication of translating your English into his Idiot Troll.

"Oh stewardess! I speak Idiot Troll... Jive ass dude don't got no brains anyhow! Hmmph!" - Jive Lady (Barbara Billingsley), "Airplane!"

natalie (and the rest of you). You are wrong. I am right. Good night.

Henceforth, if we just confess that BigBri is right about everything and we are wrong, does that mean his "straightening things out" here is done and we no longer ever need to be hear from him again?

I suspect so, h.b.. And he can go back to "straightening things out" with a bottle of Jurgen's hand lotion and a Derek Jeter highlight reel.

Good night.

Posted by: Ted's Head at Jul 16, 2008 3:20:40 PM

And thus, Ted's mom put him in his Rainbow Brite footie PJs, read him The Pokey Little Puppy more more time, tucked him into bed at 3:30 in the afternoon. Growing boys often need 16 hours of sleep, you know. Nitey night, Ted. Sweet ARod dreams. Now let the grown-ups talk.

Well said, Nat!

Piss off, "Ted".

How's third place feel? Get used to it.

Oh, teehee, TH.
Just go braid you sister's armpithair and so forth. If you want to play, my day of meetings is ovah.

At least Ted could fly an airplane.

"natalie (and the rest of you). You are wrong. I am right. Good night"

Holy shit! You sure have us beat with such an eloquent closing statement. Wow I feel so ashamed that I lost to someone as superior as you with your superior New York mind. To claim victory and label us all as wrong, especially with the absence of evidence, is clearly a sign of being an avatar of a debating god. Bravo I say good schmuck...bravo.

As Mrs sdu & I had a fine time at the big Stadium in 2002 (even though we lost 2 out of 3), I offer two bad Haikus in defence of the toilet:

Memories linger
20 October 04
12-01 AM.

Di Mag and Gehrig
Casey, Mickey, Yogi, Babe
Whitey & the rest.

Now, having said that - and with apologies to lc, bob and the fine pinch hitting of vermonter - Big Bri: go fuck yourself.

I can only imagine how violated I would have felt if an MFY had won the MVP at the Fenway All-Star Festivus of '99. It surely would have roiled... but nothing could have taken away from the magic of seeing Teddy Ballgame not to mention the Yaz, Fisk, et al on that field of dreams. That said, the Sox came to NY last night and walked away with the bling and home-field. Mission accomplished. On to L.A. to mete out some revenge on the Angels for spoiling Masterson's fine debut...

BB needs to go to the circle-jerk that is Murray Chass' blog NonBlog-website-of-writings-and-articles-but-not-a-blog-really-guys.


chass has officially gone off the deep end. its kind of pathetic, really. sad, sad old man...

//You have never, ever been correct in your characterizations of Yankee fans.//

This from a guy who utilizes the insult "fag."

Oh, irony.

I can't wait to see what TeeHee aka Big
bri has in his pj's for us today :)

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