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Beautiful. Wakefield pitches a 1 hit gem but the Sox are unable to get a runnah furthah than 2nd. WTF?


Christ, this West Coast swing is becoming all swevens and nightmare.


Are you there, Offense? It's me, Pusslegut.


You know when they went through that offensive suckitude a few weeks back I thought, OK, glad they got that out of the way early.

Little did I know that was just the prologue for a much lahgah work of tragedy.


Tragedy, indeed. Did you know these guys have more strikeouts than hits and walks combined, 45:43?


And, Christ, the OPB on this trip is a dispiriting .252.


Yeah, I picked up a quart of Hood's last night and their was a picture of the Red Sox hittahs on the back. Have you seen these mofos? Because they've been disappeared.


Maybe they'll turn it around in Baltimore? I mean Oakland and Seattle will suck the piss out of anyone.


Nah. When an offense is clicking, it shouldn't mattah where they play. A good offense should be able score runs in fucking Fallujah fercrissakes.



as sucky as things are, just keep in mind that the MFY are in last place. All is good with the world.

yeah, but the O's are doing their best to change that.

Losing this series is unacceptable. Heads must roll. Who goes first?

In a cruel world, ESPN cuts away to Manny's at bat in the ninth... And I thought it was a highlight reel. The sadness of watching him walk and knowing we were swept by the A's and let the Mariners get the twofer.... It's just got to stop.

Manny and Papi have to go. They're useless. Maybe we can get a good professional .280 hitter for the two of them.

On a serious note, is Wake the most understated, modest player ever? Even after his brilliant (losing) performance, he's just, "eh, it's happened before, it'll happen again. I trust my teammates will score for me in the future."

I'd have thrown a trashcan through a luxury box window.

I had a mildly disconcerting moment early this morning. I got an email from Twitter informing me that Doug Roy was now following me. The name didn't ring a bell so I clicked through to see who it was. Doh! It is Doug from the strip. Apparently he is now sharing 140 character nuggets of wisdom and insight via Twitter.

I'm not sure if I should honored, amused, or scared that a cartoon strip character is following me on Twitter.

For those of you that aren't into the hippest web 2.0 fads, Twitter is essentially IM and an email list combined, more or less. Anybody following me receives my tweets, and vice versa. Tweets are limited to 140 characters, making them perfect for dashed off tripe and pithy comments that aren't worth the effort of email of a blog post.

My Twitter stream.

I guess BigBri has discovered Twitter.


No, LC, it's the "real" Doug not an impostor.

Figured this is a good way to begin developing the characters outside of the strip in a way that's much easier/quicker than giving them MySpace pages or their own blogs.

very cool idea h.b. i'll be sure to get doug on my list as soon as i get home and have access to twitter.

does lisa the temp have a stream? i'd be very interested in her exploits outside the office...

Tough game for Wake to lose - maybe he calmed down the "send Wake to the bullpen" crowd with that outing though!

The Sox weren't hitting for simple equipment issues (LOL).

duly noted, hb.

well done

I would sell everything I own to be on the golf course right now. What a beautiful day.

Anyone else as worried as I am about this Matsuzaka MRI?

Rational - I hadn't heard about the upcoming A&E DVD Series on Essential Fenway Games. What games are included in the set?

Went for lunch in Chinatown today. Bright sun, dry, mild breeze. Damn, didn't want to come back to the office. Natalie, I'll meet you on the first tee in an hour. The "D.O." rule is in effect today. :-)

If Dice-K is out for a lengthy period of time I don't like the Sox chances. If the playoffs started today they would be outside looking in.

Sorry to pee in everyone's Cherios but repeating is one of the toughest feats in sports.

Rob - tune in tomorrow - I'll give you the full rundown, and contest details.


9/30/67 - Yaz 44th HR, Sox move into tie for 1st

1975 WS Game 6 - Fisk's HR

4/29/86 - Clemens strikes out 20 Mariners

1999 MLB All Star Game

1999 ALCS Game 3 vs Yankees

4/22/07 - 4 consecutive HR's vs. Yankees

Oh, a couple other things:

Kaz, I laughed like hell at your Norwegian Blue mashup from yesterday late. Funny as hell.

AND, wonder of wonders, I'm in BOSTON!! Just started at a client at the end of Summer St. a couple blocks from South Station. God, it's good to be here at the Mecca of RSN and Soxaholix. Bright sun, gentle breezes; no wonder Sox fans are so attractive, bright and generous of spirit!

Now if only someone had a spare game ticket...

OK, I'll state the obvious since no one else seems able to. Lugo can't field his position. He's a mediocre slap hitter at best. Theo lavished big money on him. So that's why it's important that he can get a sacrifice bunt down. He didn't. Twice. In consecutive games. The exact same play, the exact same result...the runner out by a mile. He got a terrible jump on a slow roller and bobbled a barehanded attempt. 80% of the shortstops in MLB make that play. Oh yeah, he got himself thrown out of a game and then his replacement made the error that lost the game. Why dosesn't he just put a big neon sign on his cap that says "BENCH ME, I CAN'T CATCH OR THROW A FUCKING BASEBALL. I WANT JED LOWRIE TO SHOW ME WHAT A SHORTSTOP WITH BIG-LEAGUE MAKE-UP LOOKS LIKE"?

Thanks, Rob. It really feels like dark days when that sketch so aptly describes our offense. If I had a ticket, I'd give you one. I had 2 tickets for a game in mid-June, but a friend from out of town and her sister from Spain are coming to visit me at exactly the same weekend and I don't think either one has been to the magic that is Fenway. If I get another one before long, I'll keep you in mind.

Paddy, you and I completely agree on something, finally.


Lugo should disappear.

Let's keep the "every other Red Sox shortstop can field his position" theme going by getting Lowrie in there immediately. Garciaparra couldn't play SS anymore. Cabrera was excellent. Renteria was so fat he couldn't bend down to catch the ball. Gonzalez was a whiz. Lugo is...well Lugo. Perhaps we could play Lowrie for a season or two and then sign Glenn Hoffman out of retirement, since having a lack of continuity at the most important position is apparently Theo's M.O.

Funny you mention Nomar...those G2 ads are pretty bizarre. Husband is going to a Jax Suns game - I told him he might get to see Nomar in rehab. They're AA, so it doesn't seem farfetched. So far, the Celtics are making up for this crap roadtrip.

Funny you mention Nomar...those G2 ads are pretty bizarre. Husband is going to a Jax Suns game - I told him he might get to see Nomar in rehab. They're AA, so it doesn't seem farfetched. So far, the Celtics are making up for this crap roadtrip.

Hey, we just made up 1/2 a game on the AL East leaders by doing absolutely nothing. How 'bout that.

Stupid http://www.realfooty.com.au/news/rfmatchpreview/collingwood-v-west-coast/2008/05/29/1211654212261.html "> west coast [Double meaning intended]

Now, I'm off to find out what Twitter and Pusslegut mean.

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