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A Big Bust

I was having a friggin awesometastic day yesterday just sailing along on a sea of calm until I was sunk by the Red Sox version of Scylla and Charybdis that being Tavarez and Lugo.


Loooooogo! He's fucking killing us.


Absolutely. What the frig is it with Theo Epstein and shortstops? If signing Edgah Renteria was a disaster, then Lugo is turning about to be a God damned cataclysm in comparison.


10 flubbahs in 36 games and on a 45 pace for the season!?!?


Lugo's a bust.


Seriously. I'm going to start calling him Sheyla Hershey.



When Cora comes back why not give him starts at short?

Triple F?

Is that even a thing?

BTW, no one look at my comment at the end of yesterday's thread.

It never happened. Really.

Don Baylor would have paraded Lugo before the Kangaroo Court after last night's game.

Informed sources say Lugo was behind the wheel:


For the record, I have nothin' today


Why wait for Cora when Lowrie is right here? Unseasoned or no, no bat + no glove = nothing to lose at short.

As the proud owner of DDs, I can't even imagine what that chick is thinking. The amount of back pain she must be in! Although I want her next to me on my next transAtlantic flight- in the event of a water landing, forget the seat cushion, I'll just grab onto her.

Last night sucked. I agree with granularserene, let a rookie have a go. There is no downside to replacing Lugo with Lowrie right now.

I looked at Lugo's baseball-reference page to get some numbers for my rant and saw all I needed to see:

His page is sponsored by a Yankees blog with this note:

Any everyday player with an OBP under .300 deserves some sort of support.. with that said, LET'S GO YANKEES!!!!

Nuff said.

It has become abundantly clear that what we should have done is just kept OC after the 2004 season and skipped all these shenanigans. That said, Lowrie is the man.

First panel - the word "the" is repeated twice ("...I was sunk by the the Red Sox version...") - unless you're trying to work in a reference to the band The The.

These guys may want to talk to Ms. Hershey

Thanks, Scott.

Fixed now, or, per your The The reference,

"This is the day - my typo's surely changed."


This team is like a delicious bowl of nicely spiked punch with a turd floating in it: Lugo. In an infield with gold glovers at the corners and a terrific second basemen, Lugo only looks that much worse. We should have kept OC. We should have kept Alex Gonzalez (who, despite his weak bat, at least had an uncanny ability to come up with clutch hits).

I'll never be able to drink the Christmas punch again.

What about the 10 hits given up by CB. He needs more seasoning in Pawtucket IMO. Hopefully Schilling will be ready to go sooner than the All-Star break.

Letting OC go was the worst move of the Theo era. I guess he was more worried about playing guitar in some charity event than to get the most important infield position settled.

Oh yeah I forgot to add Repubs suck!

Are we really going there again today?

One thing in Tavarez' defense, he has not pitched in 12 days - that is too long to stay sharp, and he has been sharp on occassion this year. not sure I would have used him last night, but ...

Like I said on my site - be very quiet around a sleeping Tiger - the Sox forgot that rule.

Except of course Lugo's BA and OPS are both higher than Lowrie's, and Jed has 'proven' himself a short with a grand total of 13 chances, 3 of which were popups. I love the kid, but its too early to assume he can be our everyday shortstop.

regarding letting oc go, it is, in retrospect, a boneheaded move, but admit it: when you heard that renteria was coming to the sox, you were excited, as i was. on paper, it was a pretty sweet upgrade. little did we know senor dedos de la mantequilla would error his way out of our hearts (and infield). felt the same way about lugo when he came over. sox nation is like the super hot girlfriend who is also clearly crazy : it takes a special combination of skill, talent and the ability to ignore the panicky scrutiny of your every move to reap the benefits of her hotness without suffering permanent damage. renteria did not have that last one...

thankfully, youkie, pedie and mikey are picking up the slack in the infield.

for me, the renteria story had a happy ending. i picked him up in the first round of my keepers national league fantasy draft in 07, and he was one of the top 3 point producing shortstops in the league with atl. go figure...

I have a student taking a road trip with some buddies in a few weeks. Hitting around 8 ballparks - including Valhalla. Any particular recommendations on food/bars/experiences around the ballpark that might enhance their trip? Oh, to be 21 again ....

While the Cask and Flagon is somewhat of an icon, the lines are too long.

I tend to go to either the Baseball Tavern, or "Down Under," the basement bar at Copperfield's.

As for food around the park, just look for any sausage vendor with srircha on the condiment table.

Or for something a little hardier, there's Eastern Standard, Audobon Circle, Game On, El Pelon, Petite Robert, Sorrento's.

BTW, OC is batting 209.


If they are going to the game, Who's on First on Yawkee Way is a staple - kind of like the Cask & Flagon (which is not as much of an historic place in my mind with the complete renovation - more like a new pub on the street).

If you want to avoid the lines, but go to a fun sports type bar before the game - I like Tequila Rain on Landsdowne street - near the bleachers entrance, and has two wall-sized gigantic TV's in the back room. Also, they have some rather eye catching bartenders usually.

just got back from a stop at a roadside joint called Montreal French Fries on Rte 106.... had my Poutin Deluxe with sriracha on top in your honor, Bob. Damn tasty, although now I think I need the name of your cardiologist

Buck, saw that place on Phantom Gourmet. Looks like they do poutine in the authentic style, with cheese curds versus cheese sauce.

The sriracha is a very nice touch.

stumbled across it on the way to a lame-ass HR meeting and made a mental note to stop on way home.... yep, they use curds. And the deluxe has hamburger and onions on top- with the gravy, natch. Plus it was kinda fun to give the owner shit about les Canadiens getting bounced from the playoffs. Worth the trip if you're ever in cow country

Ms. Hershey is doing it wrong.

What it sounds like she really wants are polypropylene aka "string" implants.

They're the Energizer Bunny of breast augmentation.

I miss the recent post section on the left hand side of the page.

Beckett et al wonderful today. Go team!

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