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The Waiting Room

Your omniscient author in absentia:
(UPDATED 11:30am 3/16 via comment to this post)
(UPDATED 3/17  via comment to this post)
(UPDATED 3/18  via comment to this post)
(UPDATED 3/19  via comment to this post)

Today's the big surgery today for my wife, so the Soxaholix site will be on standby until things normalize a bit.

Rally caps are on.



Sweet news, h.b.!

Just want to join the chorus on the welcome good news. Still thinking of you and Mrs. B.

may the light continue shining on you and the missus, hb

thanks and good luck!


But remember to keep the green beer out of the recovery room - leave that to the rest of us, hb. You get some rest.

HB, I've been reading your blog for four years now and have never posted (shame on me), but I wish you and your wife well, and am glad to hear that she at least seems to be recovering well. May the luck of the Irish be with her today!

glad to hear the good news! Raising a pint for you and the Mrs. and a speedy recovery today, HB

Just checking in and caught up with all the updates. Wow, I was worried on Friday and the updates are very frightening. I cannot imagine how stressed you must be and how good it must feel to be hearing some good news.

I pray the good news keeps coming - you've both paid your dues this weekend and have earned it!

We'll all tip an Irish pint for a speedy recovery tonight!

sending more positive vibes for post-op recovery...thanks for keeping us posted hb.

Phew - that's great news.

Great news! Still thinking positive thoughts for you both!

awe! some! Fantastic news, hb.

Here's to you on this day and many more to come.

Prayer works - So glad you guys are on the road to recovery! Thanks be to God!

Just in time too, as the Skankees took advantage today of the obvious absence of the Red Sox Nation. It would appear that everyone was in church praying for a certain downed Mrs. Commrade. Completely worth it I might add, be it pre-season or the World Series...

Yay! so pleased all went well, speedy recovery mrs h.b.

Great news, hb!

I'm imagining the inspiring words she whispered when she came out of it:
"Dude, you look like shit. When's the last time you shaved?"

Just adding another note to say I'm thinking of you and your wife, and wishing her a very speedy recovery.

wow, hb. Just getting caught up myself with the past couple of days' notes... sounds like you've had one hell of a weekend. As with everyone else, you both have been in my thoughts and prayers all week, and I'm glad to hear things appear to be turning the corner... Is it true that when the breathing tube was removed and 'shortly thereafter my wife was able to talk (or rather whisper) just a bit', it sounded like "Yankees suck!"?

Glad to hear that Mrs. hb is recovering nicely. Here is to a very short stint on the DL for her, and a rapid return to good health for her and a return to normalcy for yourself.

Best wishes to you both! Red Sox Nation needs both of you back on the starting roster!!

Dunno, buckner. You sure the first words she whispered weren't "Yankees ROCK?" Sometimes a trauma can alter even the most fundamental beliefs.

But the important news is that she has started what will hopefully be a slow but steady progression toward full recovery. Now that she's conscious, Mr. Brachen, please tell her that she has an "extended" waiting room of hundreds of well-wishers from all over the world.

I will continue to think all good thoughts.

rock, suck. One man's HGH is another's B12, eh? As you have stated very well these past few days, the important thing is she's doing better, and this motley crew of well-wishers is rallying behind our own.
continued good thoughts toward the Brachens, and their medical team

This is a wonderful community. Nobody has to say anything. Everyone cares. This has been a tough stretch for hb in a number of ways, and it must be especially draining to share the "play-by-play" with those of us who metaphorically live in mom's basement. We know better, and are grateful for the faith that hb has placed in us.

Keep healing, Mrs. hb.


Back from Brookln, and good to see the great news, H.B.

But everyone keep up the prayers and positive thoughts.


Things continue to go well. My wife is sitting up in a chair, and last evening the "personality" returned to her voice from the previous monotone when she first started speaking again.

Only recent (and hopefully last) surprise is that she is probably going to need a pacemaker. They suspect that having her heart stopped so long has done irreparable damage to the heart's electrical system. Will know for certain later today.

My wife is bummed about that, of course. I mean, yes, it definitely beats the alternative, but the stereotype is that pacemakers are something you have much later in life.

Meanwhile, hopefully we'll be getting back to normalcy soon both in life and with the site. (Though I'm way behind in Red Sox news.)

Apologies for doing these updates via the comments. I'm using my wife's laptop and I don't have all my tools at hand to easily create new posts.

I've been away from the Internets for the past week, so I'm just getting caught up now. I'm so glad to see things are looking up. You and your wife continue to be in my thoughts...

h.b.- I know a family where the dad (58) and two kids (25, 18) have pacemakers for a genetic heart condition, and they lead absolutely normal lives (ski up a storm, golf, work out, etc). These are not your grandpa's pacemakers. Sorry to hear of the complication, but so glad she is on the mend. My prayers remain ongoing for her full recovery. The Sox will be there when you surface from this ordeal. That's the beauty of sports, huh? You can forget about them for a while when things get tough, and when you emerge--- there they are to captivate, entertain and fulfil.

Thanks for keeping us posted.

Thanks immensely for the updates, hb. I sincerely doubt it has occurred to anyone that updates via comment are a problem; I'm sure we're all just thrilled that things are going as well as they are and that you can find the time to let us know how she and you are doing. You all will remain in the thoughts and prayers of everyone in this corner of the Intarwebs.

Thanks again for the updates. As Natalie said, the pacemaker of today is not your grandfather's pacemaker. Just tell her to stay away from really strong magnets, like an MRI...

Awesome. A pacemaker is obviously a bummer but, as you said, it's better than the alternative.

I'm glad everything is getting better. Hope she's back to her old self soon. You're not missing much in the world of sox if that helps.

I'm glad everything is getting better. Hope she's back to her old self soon. You're not missing much in the world of sox if that helps.

Great news.
Now, stop apologizing.
We are sorry that we've become so needy, like stray cats you fed once too often.

It sounds like you might be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hope things continue to proceed uneventfully for your wife.

Rally Caps, Rally T's, and Rally Sox, are all on. Keep the Faith.

I'm so happy to hear about your wife's recovery. I've read your site for ages and have followed your difficulties with prayers and now happiness. Don't worry about the pacemaker--today's models are unobtrusive. Before you know it, you'll be doing all the things you used to do--and enjoying them more!
Best of luck.

Another longtime lurker adding my best wishes to Mrs. H.B. BTW: Instapundit's wife, Dr. Helen (http://drhelen.blogspot.com), has a pacemaker and she's also young.

Best wishes to your wife and family.

Red Sox Nation cheers
Pacemaker beats steadily
Go Mrs. H.B.

nice one p.st.p

Dond'esta Bob?

We're all still here pulling for Mrs. H.B. I understand the anxiety about the pacemaker but can tell you that my grandfather lived many decades (to age 98) with one, with little impact on his life . . . and this was old pacemaker technology.

Looking forward to hearing of the recuperation.

Chiming in late today...Nice words today from everyone but especially lc and I love the "stray cat" line from Joe in Philly.

Keep on keepin' on, Mr and Mrs. h.b.

Glad to hear the great news, h.b. We're pulling for a speedy recovery and getting back to normalcy for your Misses and yourself.

Hey, a pacemaker? Don't worry. If that's the worst you get from this, then thank medical science for it, because it's not a big deal. All the best from many corners of the nation. Colorado OUT.

As 80s P said - enough with the apologies. We are all just glad that you actually take the time during a situation like this to keep us updated when you can. You have MUCH more important things to be focusing on right now.
Normalcy will start to return soon. It will come in small doses, and each will seem like a breath of fresh air as it happens.
Relax a little, and rest. You'll need some energy for the rehab.
And I loved the "stray cat" line, too!

Countless well-wishes and prayers from an avid fan.

Great news, h.b. Tell the mrs. to relax and get well soon. And both of you take it easy. We'll all be here when yah get back!

Pssssst! Ixnay on the tunnel and the light, yaz.


Whew! I am glad things are looking up. Hope that things continue to work their way back towards normalcy!!!


SDU, Estoy aquí. Estaba en Nueva York por algunos días.

BTW, sdu, hope you're not making the Japan trip for nothing:


So if the A's just make the trip, they could win the two games by forfeit?

Yeah,but the coaches still won't get the extra 40 grand :D

I think that's bullshit for MLB to reneg on the promises they had made to entice the Red Sox to go on a trip the players don't really want to go on in the first place.

I just read that the A's voted to stand with the Red Sox and not go to Japan unless the coaches are paid.

Classy move for Sox and A's to take a stand for their support staff.

Classy move for HB to put on a brave face and still provide a forum for his faithful during this tough time for his wife.

Best wishes, Mrs. HB.

Can't wait to see how this plays out

The Boston Herald just reported that MLB gave in...Japan is on, unfortunately.

All the best to you and the Mrs., h.b.

On the bright side, the pacemaker will get the wife to the quick TSA line at the airport!


So true about the special TSA line!

Pacemaker is going in tomorrow. Release from hospital most likely Sat though still a chance for Friday.

My wife is looking much better and is walking (with assistance) every few hours and a little bit farther each time.

Her appetite is gradually coming back as well.

She is still knocking back quite a few pains meds, including the old standby morphine.

All in all, things are going well.

Keep the good news coming.


Good news, HB.

awesome h.b.

good news indeed, hb
Hope you don't find this disrespectful

I think that's great buckner, everyone needs a little humor. Funnier now than it would have been last week at this time...

//BTW, sdu, hope you're not making the Japan trip for nothing//
//Japan is on, unfortunately.//

Well, Mrs sdu and I at least are delighted that they sorted things out & proud of the players on both sides for taking a stand against a typically cheap and classless move by the owners and MLB. The latter really haven't changed in 100 years except when forced by industrial action and/or bad results in court.

On a more important note - glad the recovery continues for hb's missus. She should make the most of the morphine - does anyone remember Chris Moltesanti in the Sopranos click-click-clicking away while Carmella talked religion to him after he'd been shot?

I remember after my arm surgery that I was clicking the morphine button so often, they actually cut me off.

The good news is, they put me on Oxycodone after that.

Sweet, sweet Oxycodone (drool)...

Great news about the missus, H.B.

No stopping the positive thoughts, prayers, etc. now, gang.

What - Mass. Gen doesn't provide absynthe?

It was New England Medical (Tufts Medical now). No absynthe, but they did have Jameson.

and if they had Jameson, I think we're all safe in assuming that Bob, too, had Jameson...

Flawless deductive reasoning, Buck.

That's very good to hear about hb's wife...I'm looking forward to the resumption of the talking shit here on this site...and being called a "fackin' queeah Yankees fan" on St. Patrick's day in Boston was like an old, good friend.

JO, yeah Southie was a s%#tstorm, as is probably usual for parade day. Actual conversation:
"Wheah the f$%k is E Street?"
"Well, you're on D Street..."
"And C Street is back there..."
"Yeah, so?"
"Uh, high five, brainy"

Nice that Mrs. hb continues to improve. Positive energy her way so that the present trend continues.

so, Ike, did you ever find E Street? :-)

Zing! Nice.

Yes, but Clarence Clemons was nowheah to be found.

Go Go Gadget heartbeater!!
Nice job by the team too.
Warm fuzzies all over

Someone's gotta make the pace. Mize well be Mrs. HB.

P.S. Keep her socks for Cooperstown.

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