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Blind to the unknown

So I've got to give the Globe some cred —This morning's "Gordon Edes's 10 Red Sox spring training storylines" piece actually takes advantage of the web medium by giving us a cool, large photo to complement the text.


And Edes' questions are legit. Same questions I've been mulling ovah as the season approaches.


Yeah, yeah, that's all well and good but …


But what, Einstein?


Well, the way things seem to go from my experience is it's the questions you nevah think to ask that are the ones that make or break you.


Good point. I mean look at Oedipus.


Dude's all kickin' and chillin' it all King of Thebes, you know, and he's wondering "Will the harvest be good?" and "What if there comes a plague?" so on and so forth.


But not once, not evah, does the dude think to ask himself, "I wondah if this chick I'm nailing is my own fucking mothah?"


Nevah friggin occurred to him, you know?


Ah, yeah … that's what I'm talking about.



Like "Is Jacoby a flash in the pan?"

Quite so. That's always the question, ain't it?

Nobody asked me, but...

BB's act is getting a little tired. What's with this "all we are thinking about is next year"? So, it didn't mean shit after all, is that what you're saying? Thanks for filling us in. I'm tapping out of the Pats bs.

I wish I could figure out how to post embedded links without totally looking like a rookie. You only have one shot in these comments (preview please?)

Notably absent on Tuesday were the mafiosi fanboyz of NY who were yakking all over this "board". PT doesn't count. he's just trying too hahd.

I hope Tom Brady plays at Pebble Beach this weekend.

Junior Seau has hair. Why does he wear that jaunty chapeau everywhere he goes?

Manny looks ripped. Ka-ching. Good for us.

Sean Casey is flat-out nuts- Definitely the anti-Nancy (first Nancy blast of '08, you're welcome).

football wives are hotter than baseball wives. just sayin'


"Will Dustin have a sophomore slump?"

"Will Curt finally spit the bit?"

"Will beer prices at Fenway increase?"

"Will BigBri continue nailing his mother on the sofa bed in his basement lair?"

My questions are: what could a teensy tiny bit of run support do for Wake? Could he have a monster season or is he done? Will Papi be back in form? What's the deal at short?

My personal question mark is sleep-based - will I adjust to games on eastern time, rather than central? The extra hour killed me last fall.


TypePad is limited on the auto-link thing.

That is I can set it up so that it will automatically turn http://www.fubar.com into a link.

But if I do that, it will no longer allow us to use italics or bold in the comments.

I use italics often, but if people would rather forgo that for easier linking, I'll swap it.

As for adding a "preview" option, I confess that I'm an anti-previewite.

"Will BigBri continue nailing his mother on the sofa bed in his basement lair?"


lc check out this link for the complete rundown on "how to link without being a rookie"

cause i care enough...

My questions:

1. Will Dice-K have finally live up to his predicted potential now that he has a full MLB season under his belt?

2. How much more awesome can Manny possibly be with a sick off-season of training behind him?

3. Do Varitek's thighs taste as good as they look?

4. Is RoHgH Clemen$ simply a perjurer or, like OJ, has he convinced himself he has not done anything wrong?

5. How how much exactly will the Boston-London time difference suck?

Unleash The Hounds

Thanks, jfm

Stay classy Philly

My only question:

Will we be able to win without Tito's magic pullover?

By the way, if you had "careless disposal of cigarettes" in the Southie Condo Fire pool, please see your bookie to collect your money.

Screw Edes. I've disliked him ever since he interviewed me in '99 over the All-Star voting crap. He was an idiot and acted like I was lying to him.

Yeah, Kaz, I saw that. Unbelievable. Hopefully that constitutes gross negligence so the suing can begin!!!

Or rather, I should have said, not so unbelievable. **Biting tongue to keep from saying something less Christian**

Nat, you don't need gross negligence for a civil lawsuit, just plain old negligence -- and careless anything is pretty much by definition negligence.

So, yeah, lawsuits ahoy!

This <http://support.typepad.com/cgi-bin/typepad.cfg/php/enduser/std_adp.php?p_faqid=906>
would have been a tad more helpful.

Evidently that didn't work either.
I was trying to follow the instructions on typepads supprt page @

But that didn't work. Oh well!!!

Assuming the semi takes I-95 to FL, it'll pass within 2 miles of my house. That's probably the closest I'll get to the Sox this year.

//Unleash The Hounds//

Think Philadelphia Eagles fan Arlen Spector will have a congressional investigation into this? I guess only if he suspects the Patriots of doing it.

Saturday is TRUCK DAY!

And yesterady was "Crane Day" for Big Bri's mother!


Natalie, I can say from experience that the London/Boston time difference SUCKS. :( The games don't even start until 1am, and when they're out West, forget it... (though I suppose in that case you can tune in to the later innings as you're getting ready for work in the morning).

Faithful readers (or insane drunks) will recall that during the ALDS last year, your pal lc was in Europe, keeping up with the games on the Blackberry. [sweet data charges, btw] I woke up early on Saturday morning, and on the third refresh learned that MR24 had yanked that ball in the Friday Night game. Needless to say, I did not return to sleep and was looking for grappa/prosecco/rubbing alchohol/sangria to staht the day.

On the other hand, sdu just never catches a break, so let's not complain, shall we?

Moreover, Nat, on Opening Day, when we will be listening to Joe and Dave [not Glenn!]at 6 am, you can have them for lunch or whatever those brits call it.

//sdu just never catches a break//
Thanks for caring, lc. If this is a reference to the time zones, it actually kind of works for me because the East Coast night games generally start at 9am tomorrow (if you get my meaning) and I can listen (or watch) 'em live on the 'webs. Certainly the TV coverage sucks, however.

But Mrs SDU and I will definately be in Tokyo for opening day! And we may even get tickets for the games. So there.

@SDU: If you are at the Tokyo game you damn well better plan on uploading several hundred pictures for the rest of us.

COD - I promise.

Dude- did anyone else catch that the writers of FireJoeMorgan.com unmasked themselves? Ken Tremendous is Michael Schur, who plays cousin Mose and is an executive producer/writer of the Office. No wonder that site is so goddamn funny!!!

Do you think Clemens will get "injections" in jail?

What the hell was McNamee doing holding onto bloody vials for 7 years!

I still have a sweaty ML Carr towel but that's different, right?

Well, if you ever had one of those safety syringe bins, you'd know it takes hundreds of syringes to fill one. If you also then have to secret it back into work to dispose of it correctly, then you're not going to discard it regularly. Finally, once you put a syringe in one of those opaque bins, you'd never even remember that it's in there or see it ever again. It just becomes part of your regular home medical/training office/counter, etc.

Now, 8 years later, someone says you didn't inject them...and you remember that you haven't gotten a new 2 liter bin in like 10 years....guess what's inside...

And if you were using your empty steroid/HGH vials to safety-cap your syringe when you were done with the injection, then you just linked the blood to the injectable...BONUS!

Having worked with syringes/disposal/etc in a hospital, 8 years is really very believable.

I guess I'll quit my beatchin' about a measly hour.

Kaz - you're right. That just might be the navy gap dress.

Just read the article in Kaz' link. Clemens is totally going to have a creepy old Sicilian relative show up when McNamee is set to testify in Congress. "Clemensa."

//Dude- did anyone else catch that the writers of FireJoeMorgan.com unmasked themselves?//

Ah, that's no fair having to compete against the professionals. Heh.

Yeah, nice cover, h.b., nice cover.

Oh, Natalie, say you're kidding about Ken Tremendous actually being Michael Schur. I love FireJoeMorgan.com but Schur is a prick. Sure, he's very funny, and I love *The Office*, but I just try to ignore his name when the credits roll.

Among other things, there was the whole to-do about trying to guilt a guy whose car he dinged into not getting the car fixed and instead donating the money to Katrina relief. When the guy didn't agree to that, he tried to publicly shame the guy via a blog and email campaign. He even had a friend at the *New Yorker* write a short article about it. After questioning a number of ethics professors (presumably, they all told him he was full of crap in a number of ways to pull this on someone because he doesn't mention otherwise), he backed off.


Plus, a very close relative of mine knows a very close relative of his and has met him on several occasions and my relative told me a variety of stories about him just being a jerk in general.

Plus, he went to my rival high school :D

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