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No strip today (11.09.07).





The Tampa Bay Devil Rays are no more.

Long live the Tampa Bay Rays.

Playing the Name Game

Kaz, I had a months-long freelance gig down in Clearwater the year the Devil Rays or Rays, or whatever, came into the league. That "stadium" is a shopping mall, the team colors WERE hideous, but at least it was ridicuously easy to get tix to all the Red Sox games.

(Actually, and I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, but I attended the very first Tampa Bay Devil Rays game in St. Pete.)

So when HB said strips only on Fridays, what he meant was strips every day except Friday.

I can live with that.

hb is a genius. He can posted creepy stuff whenever he wants.


Enjoy the day and weekend off h.b.

The unis for the Rays looks better than those terrible vests and undershirts. Kinda cheesy it represents the suns Rays, but we'll get over that pretty quickly.

But it was always fun calling them the D-Rays. That'll be a hard habit to kill.

//No strip today.)

Oh, contraire!


No comment then.


I saw a guy wearing a TB cap the other day. I actually did a double take since I don't think I've *ever* seen a TB fan in person ... or at least, not anyone willing to admit it.

The only way the Rays could improve with a single decision is not by "rebranding" but by "torching their monstrosity of a stadium." Bonus points if that jerk Wade Boggs get a little singed during the bonfire.

Anyone for Roast Chicken ?

This whole "Rays" thing reminds me of the Mets back in the early 80's when they decided that Pat Zachary in the bullpen and a team donkey named "Mettle" were going to turn the team around.

Uh...not so much.

I miss Lisa....those three slim fingers and those shoulder pads. C'mon HB throw a guy a bone.

As long as we're making requests, can you have Lisa and Circle in a compromising situation. I have a feeling they'd both be cool with it.

Isn't Circle into yoga (or wants to be, without the work). Perhaps she and Lisa have worked at the slipper?

(I can see this thread going downhill fast)

//C'mon HB throw a guy a bone.//

Um, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it the guy "throwing the bone" where Lisa is concerned? :)

////C'mon HB throw a guy a bone.//

Natalie, it's okay for just this one week a year. Bi Week.


Oh, I slay myself.

Oh, almost forgot. Try the veal.

Slip-er a shocker.

//Boras said yesterday that Eric Gagne will pursue a role as a closer this off-season, meaning he will not return to the Red Sox.//

Who did we give up for him? Was it Gabbard?

Re: the Rays, the numbers show they actually had a great offense this year. Too bad their pitching was terrible.

I keep making the prediction the Rays are going to be the sleeper team one year, the way Kansas City started in 2006. I don't think it's really going to happen, but all my friends are going to think I am a baseball guru when it does.

I did see a pile of Rays caps at a Salvation Army store a few months ago. They were .99 and there were piles of them. Fitted caps, same as the players wear.


vermonter: Yeah, we gave up Gabbard for Gagne...the only way that looks good now is if Gabbard blows his arm off in a freak February firecracker fiasco.

Bob, I think you'll find this pretty funny: 2007 Hatch Awards opening video. Others may find it combinations of funny/telling/sad/moronic.

I swear that we're heading for the future predicted by Mike Judge in the movie Idiocracy faster than even he predicted...and this video is scarily proof of that.

Kaz, I was at Hatch this year and saw the video. (I also used to work at the agency that produced it.)

It's all so sadly, sadly true.

Very funny video. Hard to believe they are not actors or employees of the production company - they seem to be smirking a little and there must be some sort of potential liability in publicly holding out idiots as idiots, even if they are idiots. Like the NE flavor though - calling it a 'sledge-hamma'. What would be even funnier would be a focus group consisting of Soxaholix regulars. The end result would be a revised commercial that only about 25 people could even begin to understand.

Seth MacFarlane did a riff that was really similar to the Hatch video on his "Best of Family Guy" show the other night.

Focus group that talked about "Family Guy" in not-too favorable of terms.

">http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2007/10/29/071029fa_fact_mcgrath> in re Boras

Re Boras:



Have a good weekend, all.

Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.



Damn this west coast time thing!

Speaking of funny videos - anyone digging Flight of the Conchords they way I was digging Circle & Lisa doing yoga.

but not quite in the same glass sipper way way...hairy kiwis aren't my thing

C-Folds might cost $20 at the door, where the slipper is free, but 3 points of interest 1) you get what you pay for, if it's free to get in, you get all sorts. 2) If you look like a someone who's gonna spend money, and you ask for a free pass because you've never been there and want to check it out, they might let you in (then tip the doorman and get a good seat)
3) It's $5 during the day, $10 early evening, then $20 prime time.

Or so I've heard.

Don't forget


Is H.B. coming back with anything this week?

Is there any news to report?

Are we all over our hangovers?

I spent the weekend trying to track down tapes / Tivos / Bittorrents of the ALCS and world series. I had a jaw infection and my cheek was swollen like a grapefruit when the games were played, had to have 2 surgeries before it was all over.

This is the third time I have missed the Red Sox in the World Series. The first time was 1986, my grandfather was on his way to my Dad's house to pick me up for a long road trip. The breaks went out on a trash truck and it smashed his car. This was depressing for me.

The second time, I had moved to Las Vegas earlier in the year and started a business. I had tickets to the second game waiting for me and got stuck on the price of last minute airfare. I game them to a cousin who hasn't talked to me since.

This year I swore I was going to go see them play. I had the cash sitting around and was sitting in Manhattan. When the infection hit, the Sox were 3 games down to the Indians in the ALCS. When I started paying attention again, it was game 6. The meds put me to sleep after a couple innings each night. The World Series was a blur. I was just getting back on my feet when they won.


Mike, in '04, I badly broke my arm (shattered it, actually), right after Game 1 of the ALCS, but still attended Game 4.

Very cold night, and lots of slaps on the back created a situaton where I had broken humerus rubbing up against broken humurus.


But I wouldn't exchange those memeories for anything.

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