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Summer Vacation '07 - Day 5

While the Soxaholix rest easy on vacation, there is no easy rest for others …

Unknown Yankees fan:
Clemens had his worst inning at Yankee Stadium in 20 years …


And the King of Baseball Owners "doesn't look all right. In fact, he looks dreadful."


Unknown Yankees fan:
True hope is swift, and flies with swallow's wings.



Yeah,swallow this George

While Rogah looks like he DID swallow the Boss :)

That was only their 4th worst pitching performance of the year? (from the first link)


True hope is swift, and flies with swallow's wings.

...and fruit flies like a banana?


Too early in the morning? Ok.

Alone in his never-finished, already decaying pleasure palace, aloof, seldom visited, never photographed, an emperor of new strength continued to direct his failing empire, varyingly attempted to sway as he once did the destinies of a nation that had ceased to listen to him, ceased to trust him. Then last week, as it must to all men, death came to Charles Foster Kane

Roger Clemens is the spawn of Fat George.

Or the spawn of a jackal (remember "The Omen"?)

Is that an African or European Swallow?

Bring out yer dead! Or yer fat, overpaid, aging pitcher!

The quality of HGH has gone down this year, apparently.

.700 ball since July 1
.750 ball in the last 13 games

Hughes and Giambi return within days.

Color me unconcerned...see you in three weeks, have fun on the West Coast.

Love these titles from Yankees fan board threads:

+ Who [sic] do you hate more? Farnsworth, Wright, Igawa, All of the Above?


+ Lets talk about that disgrace, Roger Clemens

+ Guys stay positive. We won the series and stil only 3 back !

+ VOTE YES or NO - Should Cashman Be Fired?


Color me laughing my ass off.

Go Jon Lester Go

JO, I'll color you delusional. yanks have picked up 1 game in the loss column since the break, despite playing a manifestly easier schedule (3 games against winning teams versus 8 for the Sox). Torre continues to scorch the bullpen (to be fair, he has no choice), and got no help at the deadline. You only have two pitchers with over 41 innings pitched and a winning record, and one of those is a reliver. rocket isn't winning games (3-5), has an ERA well over 4, and isn't eating innings (5.5 innings per start).

To quote the dead rock god Lowell George: "There's a fat man... in the bath tub... with the blue [and white pinstripe]s."

//...have fun on the West Coast.//

Have fun in September when the Skanks finally play a schedule against winning teams. And the Sox play 18 games against below-.500 teams.

Oh, and I heard on EEI today that the lead against the Skanks on the 15th of every month since May has been 8-8 /12 games.

Way to narrow the gap.

How's that whole Clemens thing working out for ya'?

Fat-headed Juice-ambi isn't gonna save the Yanks anymore than fat-ass Clemens is.

0.700 ball for a month and you only gained 2.5 games?

Congratulations! Keep that up for 3.5 more months and you'll take the lead in the AL East! By mid October, you'll be ahead of the....oh, wait, the season ends in September.

looking at some Red Sox fan board threads:

"Re: how to avoid a dateline NBC sting and still cruise the middle schools"

"Tobin Bridge? Totally safe."

"Poll Y/N: More than 10 black people have attended a game at Fenway this year?"

but of course that's not indicative of the norm...

Jason O, it's too bad you aren't a Sox fan. That rapier wit would be more appreciated if it were turned against the Stankees.

Agreed, da kine.

JO's use of the word "more" for instance.

I doubt more than five Skankee fans could spell it, much less define it.

Oh, and "the."


Your last comment made me spit out my lunch, I was laughing so hard. Good comeback.

BTW, JO, the way to avoid a Dateline sting is to insist that he girl come out of the house before you'll go in.

Jeez, you're so naive.

As a good person, I refuse to join in with this playground mentality by picking on the stupid kid. :D

Heh. "he girl."

That just adds to the whole Dateline intrigue.

(Adam's apple check is essential whenever bringing wine coolers and fake roses into a house 100 miles from your home and bathed in TV lights.)

// .750 ball in the last 13 games //
How exactly do you win 9.75 out of 13 anyway? Damn near impossible I'd say since you've lost 4 out of the past 10 (.600, for those of you non-Skank mathematicians scoring at home)

Standing O for Gagne yesterday and Fatty gets boo-ed off the mound.

Warms the haht.

Hart's already warm.

According to my sources, he's lying on Myrtle Beach right now.

Yes, Mr. Brachen, my Google Earth capabilities are watching you as we speak.

Nice blonde you're chatting up. What's her name?

And for God's sake, a pina colada?


In the next 3 weeks, we get TB (6 games), LA (7 games), Baltimore, ChiSox, and Seattle...while you get Detroit (8 games), LA, Cleveland, KC, Toronto, and B'more.

The MFY are 15-15 against your upcoming opponents (and haven't even seen AL Central-leading Detroit yet this year). We are 19-8 against our's.

Oh, and we've just won 2 of 3 from Baltimore facing the better half of their pitching rotation while you guys lost 2 of 3 against their worst half (that 1 inning bullshit that never should have been played doesn't count).

But really, let's put this all in perspective.

Indicative of the Yankees this year: Kyle Farnsworth.

Indicative of the Red Sox this year: Eric Gagne.

That is all.

Oh, and today's Dugout is priceless.

I can't argue about Farnsworth, Kaz.

oops, Buckner is correct, they were .750 (9/12) before yesterday's game.

Farnsworth and Urbina got into a brawl when they were both Tigers.

I wish Urbina had a machete stashed in his locker then, thus saving me from Torre using that fucking guy now.

are you sure Urbina didn't get to him? 'Cuz he sure as hell is going down in flames

Just to you guys know...Joe Torre is the embedded Red Sock. his use of the bullpen and other lineup choices is the best thing you have going.

Excuse me for a second here, but Betemit hits a 3 run home run and of course Torre pinch hits for him later in the game.

For '08 and beyond, pray that Girardi does not get the job...forget that it's NYY for a second, if you catch him on YES you learn things about the game almost every time he opens his mouth.

One time that imbecile Kay questioned why a guy was being pinch hit for given his career numbers against the NYY pitcher, and Girardi replied that his "stats against this pitcher are deceiving, the manager is taking into account his overall sample for the last 5-6 weeks."

That got me really hot.

sorry that's "just so you guys know"

It's the heat and the copenhagen buzz.

that and the Yankees suck :-D

Off topic, but kind of funny (especially for those of you who think I'm an asshole):

My latest ad just came out.

On the back cover of "Diseases of the Colon & Rectum."

Did you see that ESPN story today: "Cuban boxers partying at Rio resort."

Boxers partying at a resort? That's like a news item saying "Kaz and Bob found at Boston bar, cheering for Red Sox."

You really need to come over to God's team. J.O. You're pretty funny. Sometimes, anyway.

Alas, being taken to the stadium 2-3 times per year from age 5-10 precludes this.

I'm about to go for another swim.... color me sweaty and freckled with a wee bit of red from slight burn that managed to get through my SPF 4500.

Very enjoyable comments today ...

hope you had a great week, hb. Good weekend, all. We'll all be a little more bleary eyed than usual come Monday morning, I trust

JO, I am scared shitless that Girardi might get the job, but I think the current administration of the Evil Empire still has a hahd-on for Mattingly, so I put it at 80/20 that DMatt gets the job. If the Chokees sold off all their mercenaries, took a one-year break from going nuts with the spending, and restocked their farm system, THEN hired Girardi to manage, they could reel off another 5-7 years of home-grown pennants. It ain't gonna happen, though. The media circus we all live in precludes that possibility.

H.B. -- Reading Yankee fan boards while on vacation? What's the point? You should be enjoying hot sun and hotter blondes. Don't worry about us -- we will catch up to you in due course. Enjoy the rest of your vacation.


look who posted at 3 am on Sunday morning.


New invention called time zones, lc. Check it out. Wish I could be more caustic, but I can't skewer a man who loves Charlie Watts. Half of your heart and mind is (are?) in the right place.


Great weekend, ex-Friday's blunders. Good pitching, good hitting, good defense, beating a good team....this is fun.

Rage on...

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