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Sometimes an expected or predictable narrative is just fine

Two guys walking, tall guy speaks:
You know baseball intellectuals have written that one reason we love baseball so much is that from its narrative of rules, structure, and repetition springs forth a fresh and hitherto-unforseen occurrence or meaning …


Two guys walking, tall guy speaks:
But you know there are some "Holy fuck I didn't see that coming!" occurrences that  I could really do without.


Two guys walking, no words exchanged:


Two guys walking, short guy speaks:
Gagne says, "I'm not doing my job right now." Jeez, you think?



Teh worst. Cat-kickingly bad.

(Note: I have two cats at home and would never kick them.)

What a pleasant surprise. A 5-1 lead going into the 8th last night. I would have been the family farm on a Sox victory. This is why I don't bet.

I told you, you need to get a centerfielder. But did you listen to me?????? nooooooooooo. Hey I was only trying to help.

all I can say is
a) it's a damned good thing I was watching the game already in a bar, drinks in hand, and b) I was through with dinner and therefore all sharp objects had been removed from in front of me

and on a day when Wile E. finally hits a curve ball, too....

I feel better right now.

I checked in on the game when it was 1-0 in the 6th... resigned myself to a 1-0 loss. I almost spit out my latte when I saw the box score this morning. Ugly, ugly, ugly. The Gagne of the >200 ERA+ can show up any time now...

Good news indeed, Bob!

Geez, any chance we can get Rick Ankiel as our 4th OF?

fuck fucken gagne!
okajima in the eighth
easier on nerves.

Cowboy that Theo.

Fucken snyder.

Come home Kevin, all is forgiven.

The good news is that H.B. can use exactly the same strip tomorrow that he did yesterday -- equally applicable. And the good news for you, SDU, is that Okajima-san should quickly return to favor, if only by default.

We know a thing or two about overpaying for underperforming pitchers -- the line forms with Pavano, Igawa and Clemens, and stretches around the block from there. But with the additions of Chamberlain and Gagne to our respective bullpens, you guys only marginally still hold the bullpen edge -- a premise that would have been unthinkably ludicrous a month ago.

And that is why we love this game. Six games head to head -- bring `em on.

Yes, I'm feeling more chipper these days, SDU.

And BTW, that's GENERAL Obvious to you, sir (screw the demotion -- save it for Private Gag)

The good news is that H.B. can use exactly the same strip tomorrow that he did yesterday -- equally applicable.

Ah, no.

Gagne coming in to be teh suck is no longer unexpected, so a strip themed with "Holy fuck I didn't see that coming!" is no longer applicable.

going going gagne.


Point well taken, H.B. Into every life a little Kyle Farnsworth must fall. Captain Obvious still says advantage Red Sox (but not by much) because you have an ace (Beckett) and we don't, and the odds don't favor taking down a 14-game lead, even if we're three-fourths of the way there. We need to go at least 4-2, preferably 5-1 (or better) in head to head.

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