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I just flew back LA and boy are my arms tired

Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
Amazing how much bettah the day is aftah a Red Sox win and a Yankees loss, eh Mr. Roy?.


Absolutely. But does it evah bothah you, Ahtie, that our day to day happiness is so tied the Red Sox fortunes?


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
Ah, you know, free will is way the frig ovahrated.


I Kant argue with that.


So how goes the Tofu Pup sales?


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
Fantastic. The Buddhist's love 'em.


No shit? …


So how do the ol' dharma bums take their pups?


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
Well, you know, with the Buddhists it's always the same request, "Make me one with everything."



Can we sign Mike Lowell yet?

Can't get enough of the Kant.


Nice, H.B.

Did you really go to Los Angeles? That's my old college stomping ground.

Could have gotten you together with some great hookers.

Oh, and a few good bars of course.

Emmanual Kant was a real piss ant who was very rarely able...

Things I'm happy with:

1. Late-inning comeback wins, which used to be what the Sox were all about (and perhaps may presage a similar future)

2. Timely hitting which atones for throwing blunders and other errors in the field

3. The MF Yanks being cut down to size when it most mattered

Things I'm not happy with:

1. Throwing blunders and other errors in the field.
2. Jon Lester, who appears to have no business playing in the big leagues. Kason Gabbard, we hardly knew ya.

I just have to say the "one with everything" line is pretty friggin funny.

The Sox showed some stamina last night. More than I had. Went to bed after the kid's HR. And I live in the MST zone.

Question. Where the heck is Jacoby? I thought Moss was the player that the Pats picked up in the offseason.

And yes, Lester is still not big league ready.

Scott, I've been living on coffee and meth the past week. Last night, although ultimately satisfying, hurts this morning.

I make a point to not even check the score on west coast games. Don't want any bad news to interfere with my sleep. I get the score from Sportscenter in the AM.

I'm with vermonter, that's a great line.

I agree - Lester's really not doing it for me. I have a childish (not grounded in any solid stats or logic) view that Tavarez is a good starter this year and should never go near middle relief.

Irony of ironies - move to Mass, stay in an extended stay hotel for weeks where there is no NESN on cable, move into the house and then finally get the cable set up just in time for a west coast run, complete with some emerging panic. Haven't been able to see a complete game since leaving TX. No complaints though...just happy to be here. :-)

Thanks Bob, now I'm going to have that song running through my head all day: "There's nothing Nietzsche couldn't teach ya 'bout the raising of the wrist; Socrates himself was permanently pissed..."

Still, it is one of their best.

If Lestah isn't back to big league strength yet, what do we do about the 5 spot? Another round of Batshit? I don't think my blood pressure could take that.

How about a four man rotation? Schilling's had several months off and should be fresh, knuckleballers never get tired, and Mothra can apparently throw 130 pitches a night. That leaves only Beckett as the question mark.

Schadenfreude-- ahh the joy. I was watching the Yanks/Jays game because it was soooo much fun! The look on Torre's face at one point in the game (I think it was after a home run by the Jays) was priceless.

Heh. Aaron, I've based much of my life on a line from that song: "I drink therefore I am."

Words to live by. And, uh, eventually die by, but I digress.

Crazy shot-in-the-dark: any of you lugs ever get to the Saratoga racetrack to play the ponies? I'll be there tomorrow and Saturday.

BTW Ryan-while the "one with everything" line did strike me as hilarious, especially given my Buddhist/Taoist leanings, the previous comment is not mine. Someone has gone and added an "s" to my monach...moni...mona...um, name.

Nice, h.b., I had heard that joke before today but somehow it came off completely fresh in the strip.

No more west coast games...now, let's go torch a few Birds and Rays, then remind the Angels how it feels to get swept in Fenway.

Reminds me of: Rene Descartes was in a bar at closing time. When the bartender said "Last call!" Descartes said "I think not," and disappeared.

Still under .500 against the AL since May, but hopefully that will change very soon.

Yankees have 17 of next 20 games against teams with a better record than them. Sox have 13 of next 19 against teams with a losing record.

Now is the time to make a move. If we are only up by six heading into the Yankees series at the end of the month, we're in trouble ...

Anyone heard the news?

Danny Ainge is trying to get Reggie Miller to play for the Celtics.

My friend just said he imagines a lot of possession violations as the rookie center goes to inbound the ball and can't decide which of the 4 guys with their hand up to pass it in to.

I agree in that it is (categorically) imperative that NYY wins each series leading up to BOS.

//Question. Where the heck is Jacoby? I thought Moss was the player that the Pats picked up in the offseason.//

Jacoby just came off the DL in Pawtucket. And the Sox would rather he play every day in AAA than sit on the bench in Boston. That experience is priceless - just ask Wily Mo Pena. Jacoby will be up when the AAA season ends and the rosters expand, if not before.

As for Moss, it was he, not Ellsbury, who won the playoff MVP when the SeaDogs won the Eastern League championship last fall. He's had a good year in Pawtucket and deserved his shot.

My "CHB is a hack" rant for the day:

4th para. of Edes' write-up: Francona is talking about the Celts looking at Reggie Miller, & Remy asks if the Cooz was still available.

2nd para. of his hack column, CHB tries to imply the suggestion is his...

If this isn't one step away from plagiarism, I don't know what is.

What a jackass...

Oh... and thanks again to whoever it was (sorry!) who gave us the primer on creating web links!!!

that would be Dr. Kaz, the brains of the operation, and a shoo-in as Surgeon General in the impending lc administration of RSN

Thanks, buckner... that's what I thought, but wasn't sure.


HB, what is the reason for the following:

all the male core strip characters cast a downward gaze...no other male character (artie, marty et al) consistently look down, and neither do any of the female characters...

...Is this significant?

It's because they're looking down from their 2004 Championship Throne upon the denizens of Yankee Stadium and other lesser desirables.

You are welcome, miketc. Good use of the linkage too. CHB is a hack in all senses of the word.

the downward gaze is just a result of the original clipart.

The originals typically feature on of the following:
1) On phone looking at computer
2) On phone looking at papers
3) On phone looking at some other gadget

All of the above tend to be a downward glance.

So when I pull them out of that into some other situation, like with a hot dog vendor, the legacy of the original intent haunts things a bit.

It just part of the overall "creepiness" I guess.

Hmmm. Now that I look at today's strip again, Roy seems to be checking out the Hot Dog Vendor's, uh, hot dog.

Bet there's a hell of a "back story" to that.

Sorry, MR. Roy, aka Doug.

Ah...I suspected there was an attempt to convey a general taciturn, pragmatic, even stoic approach to life by these main characters.

"One with everything". Heh Heh Heh. Love it.

If any Soxaholix would like to purchase Pats pre-season game tix (face value), click on my name and send me an email.

They're $89 per ticket, so $178 for two seats.

The games are:

-Friday, August 17 versus the Titans

-Thursday, August 30, versus the Nrew York Football Giants. (As opposed to the New York Baseball Giants. Who haven't been in New York for 50 years. Arrogant shits.)

Section 118, Row 22. That's lower bowl, corner between the end zone and the start of the sideline. Excellent cheerleader views.

Oh, and great game views, too.

“Make me one with everything…”
So the Buddhist monk gives the hot dog vendor a $20 and waits patiently as Arturo serves a few customers.
Finally he asks, “Ahtie where’s my change?”
“Change must come from within…” replies Arturo.

Hey Bob,

Anytime you want to sit with the old school fans in the upper deck section 336 row 21 let me know. I'll gladly swap with you for a game.


Did you say hookers in the area of LMU? Catholic College girl hookers?

Scott, my section is pretty old school. The "newest" of the group got his tix the year before Parcells.

But if you ever want to tailgate before or after, let me know. I'm kind of crazy about my tailgating.

SoCal, no, the hookers weren't around LMU. The were in Silverlake. Near the Red Lion.

Actually Bob,I think Dougie's checkin' out his Tofu Pup :D

Artie's-not his. Must...Clarify...(too much Rangpur Gin,sorry)

thanks H.B. for making sense of it all... long fuqqin week full of MFY fans at work gettin' back on the bandwagon. Today, they were nowhere to be found. Go figure. See y'll in Ballmer!

Ah yes, philosophy humor. Bring it on, hawt dawg guy.

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