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Frickin Frikadellen

So Schilling says he'd have been fine if it wasn't for a couple of "hanging slidahs" … Hmmm, I think I've heard that somewhere before.


Yeah, same story, different day. Schill could have "easily shut those guys out" if it weren't for, you know, a couple o'bad pitches.


He's stahting to remind me of the bad guys on Scobby Doo who could have gotten away with it all if it weren't for those meddling kids.


Well, at least when Schilling retiahs he's got a job waiting for him at the Food Network called "101 Ways to Serve Up Meatballs."


Of course, we joke because we love. Overall it was a positive return to the rotation.


Yeah, he's gonna be fine.


So what is this so-called "magic word" that Manny uttered not once but twice to get himself tossed?





"Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Cornell, Switzerland... he was thrown out of a lot of colleges"

"[Manny] must've called the guy a c*cksucker." "Mmmmmm, he's so romantic."

In re: the Angels: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/08/05/AR2007080500553.html

There's a very funny joke in there somewhere, but I haven't had enough caffeine yet this morning to find it.

It was just Manny being #!*@!anny.

BTW, why, oh why, don't west coast games start at 9:00?

Manny probably called him a fucking cunt.

l [no sense of irony] c


Oo, Billy, that would have been a good one from Manny.

I tend to agree with LC though.

And just think, Schilling can be ours for one more season for the paltry bargain price of thirteen million dollars.

Yeah. Pass.

I hope as much as the next guy that the Yankees start skidding.

It seems to me, however, that if they keep up their rate of winning and ultimately end up with the WC or even the division title, no one will have earned it more than they...

Youk Rules - that's very fair of you. I put on my statistician's hat today. Yanks are 41-21 since May 29, baseball's best record during that span.

Looking at weighted averages of the teams Yanks and Red Sox are playing over the rest of the season (based on their records over the last 30 games), the Yanks have a slight edge in the schedule, .511 vs .515. Basically even. I think the Sox are playing 2 more home games than the Yankees are.

Over the last 30 days the Sox are playing .577 ball, and the Yanks are playing .741. I'm not sure if the Yanks will catch the Sox, but I think they will narrow the gap substantially before the end of the season. This should make for a fun September.

The yanks are starting to remind me of the 1951 NY Giants. Someone better check yankee stadium for telescopes...

I'm at peace with the fact that the Sox arent' chocking - the yanks are catching up because opposing picthers are serving up meatball after meatball to yankee hitters. I don't think that will last once they start facing teams with actual pitching staffs.

We all knew on some level that this wouldn't be easy.

With that said, I wouldn't be surprised if the Red Sox are trailing the Yankees in the AL East by the time they meet each other in the series at the end of August.

Doesn't mean I'm giving up on the Sox, just thinking that is the way the rivalry has been going. It's just going to get dramatic.

We are back under .500 against the AL since May.

Agreed, h.b. That Sept weekend series at home on the 14-16 should be damn interesting...
Brigham's is beginning to rival the Sox in their marketing. To go along with "Curse Reversed" now come the new flavor- "Dice K ream". Sounds pretty good, too- I'll report back later ;-)

Trailing the Yanks by the August series? Wow, that would suck. I mean, if we went 9-10 until then (9 of those games are against TB and Bal), the Yanks would have to go 16-3 (check my math- I was an English major in college) for us to wind up behind them on August 28th. That seems pretty unlikely on both sides, right? Right?? Right??? Please God, RIGHT????

God, that would be bad, Natalie...

Yep, going 9-10 is what I keep seeing when I look at the schedule.

Though guess I didn't realize the Yankees would need to go 16-3. Seems more likely they'd go 13-6.

So let's revise that to say the Sox could very well be behind the Yankees after that late August series.

I dunno.

I don't want to say I'm being a pessimist, because I don't feel pessimistic. I still think the Sox are in great shape. I just think we are going to sweat our asses off quite a bit in the next 6 weeks.

H.B., I smell a reverse gooch...

Nicely played, by the way.

We wouldn't even be having this conversation if the Sox had won last night.

We'd all be ringing the Curt bell: "Curt is great, Curt is great, this is the team to beat."

They're still in first, they've been playing great baseball since the break, and they've got a favorable schedule coming up.

We're all in a good spot. Ask a Yanks fan if he really, truly think his team can sustain its winning pace for another eight weeks.

We'll be 6-7 games ahead at the end of the month...the same way we've been 6-7 games ahead on average ever since we last played them. That's not calculated, just a feeling. The Yankees are on a high streak without doubt, but they will come back to earth too as we all know what's ahead of them and what's ahead of us.

When it's all said and done, the Yanks might very well wind up with the best record in baseball.

Youk rules...with the additions of Phil Franchise, Chamberlain in the pen and Giambi: Yes, I believe they can play between .700 and .750 ball for the next 7 weeks.

BTW: F. Rodriguez is the most annoying post-game asshole in the game today, exceeding even the JV antics of your boy Papelbon.

HB, your Scoobie Doo line today is definitely my all-time favorite from your strip. Couldn't stop laughing.

JO, it sure looked like Philly Boy got banged up pretty bad this week.

You've seen what happens when the FO relies too much on minor league pitching help: Karstens, Rasner, Clippard, Edwar Ramirez...

nice to hear from paddy and to you let me just steal the magic word from manny

"BTW, why, oh why, don't west coast games start at 9:00?"

Because we would then have to start watching at midnight.

Go timmi

(In best Mary Tyler Moore voice):

"Oh, Louuuuuuuuu..."

Oh, H.B., just noticed your strip title. That's funny. I used to steal my college roommate's frikadelle when he went to class.

Pissed him off. But they were delicious.

I thought (or hoped) Manny may have said, Good Ole Boy style, "you'd look pretty funny eating corn'o'the'cob with no fucking teeth" but lou probably nailed it. Manny doesn't argue much by the way.

Go Timmy.

Actually, I read lips, and Manny said: "Good sir, I respectfully disagree with your call. Perchance are you as visually impaired as those hard-of-seeing mice in the children's song? No? Then shove it up your ass, you douchebag cunt!" Except that last part was in Spanish, so I'm sorta extrapolating.

I don't think H.B. is pulling a reverse gooch. I think he is looking at the likelihood that the race will continue to tighten. Kaz and others seem to think that the Yankees schedule the rest of the way is much tougher than the Red Sox schedule, but it isn't. September should be a virtual walk in the park for us.

The Yanks are currently 20-22 against the rest of the AL East, which is mainly attributable to the fact that we lost democratically to nearly everybody in April, May and part of June.

Since July 1, we are 12-5 against the combined likes of Tampa Bay, Baltimore and Toronto (not counting tonight's game in progress). That sounds about right for how we should perform against these three teams the rest of the way. Excluding the six H2H games with the Red Sox, we have 24 of our last 44 games against these three perennial also-rans.

In September, we have 18 games against Toronto, Baltimore and Tampa Bay and another three against Kansas City, with only six games against quality teams -- three against Seattle and three against the Red Sox. We have a tough seven-game road trip in a couple weeks against the Angels (who always play us tough) and Detroit.

Other than that, I like the looks of our schedule and, at the risk of being Captain Obvious yet again, think it all comes down to the six head-to-head games with you guys.

Fuck Barry.

Fuck Manny (both of them).

Fuck Wakefield.


These late night games really have me in a foul mood to begin with. Even if we end up winning this game from here on out, I'm not gonna be happy in the morning. I'm not even concerned about the division, etc. I'm pissed about why this club plays like shit half the time these days when they have the talent and ability to beat these teams hands down and then screw up just enough to lose leads, etc.

Put it away, bastards. Win early and then keep your win!

Fuck DeMarlo Hale!!

Damnit, I just got done berating the team for screwing up...and Lowell is gunned down at home for the first out of the inning (WTF?) after starting a rally in the 6th.

Sigh...this is not gonna be a great night at all...


...it's just not worth it anymore tonight. Good night.

I'm so, so tired. A correction of my comment of above (with thanks to SBL), why don't west coast games tart at 6:00 their time so we can actually survive over the course of a 3 game....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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