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Clocks are big, machines are heavy

In a group of office workers, a woman speaks:
No Soxaholix today. Dude says he's barely got time to piss, let alone encapsulate the day's Red Sox fan gestalt by way of clip art characters.


The woman continues:
Yeah, I know, right, what a friggin' whinah.



NOW, huh? NOW can we please sign Mike Lowell? Niiiice win

Great game, y'all!

Is that George Will in the background? Or is it Peter Billingsley?

And Pete's Pub goes wild.

Anybody find video online yet of Lester's standing ovation?

Answering my own post...found this on YouTube.

Best baseball writing in the last ten years.

Richard Sandomir's obituary of The Scooter. I cried at breakfast this morning.


In re Eric Gagne:

I am all in. I love that fat guy.


You always need a good fat guy in the 'pen.

Is it just me, or does he remind anyone else of Vanderbilt from F troop?

LC, nice obit post.

However, if there was ever a better case for Jim Rice getting into the Hall, I haven't seen it:

Scooter's CAREER stats:

.273, 38 home runs and 562 runs batted in.

I know he meant more to the Skanks than that, but still.

Obviously, Rice needs Ted's head to speak to the Hall voters.

Good win nice to see Coco having a semi-break out year with the sox


Phil is a borderline at best HOFer. Plus, he's a shortstop. You can't compare SS stats to OF stats.

True, Ryan, but while Scooter was a pretty good defensive player, he was certainly no Ozzie Smith.

Pretty good defense plus average-at-best offense doesn't usually add up to a Hall of Famer.

Again, Ted Williams spoke personally to the veteran's commitee and that's what got his friend Phil in.

Nothing at all against Rizzuto. I'm just saying that if you compare the whole of both men's careers (in any way you want), Rice was the better overall player.

BTW, has anybody found any video of Jose Offerman going postal and getting arrested? I've only seen still photos.

No response from me at Soxaholix today. I barely got time to open my browser let alone gush about the past day's Red Sox comeback win and Yankees drubbing by way of a witty comment entry.

Ya, I know, right, what a friggin' hypocritical, plagarizing, lying ass I am.


Get yo bidness in order, h.b. We'll all be here when you get back, promise.

What did Offerman get arrested for?

Rushing the mound and beating a pitcher and catcher with a bat.

"According to the Boston Globe, the Red Sox are likely to call up Clay Buchholz to start one of the game's in Friday's doubleheader."

Game the fuck on.

Here's the Offerman story with a pic.


lc, in the interest of excellent baseball/rivalry continuation, I pray that we see a Hughes/Buchholz matchup.

Selig should do one thing right and mandate it under the best interest of the game clause.

Just wanted to point out that the 5.0 game lead over the Yankees in the AL East is the largest lead over 2nd place in *any* division in baseball right now. The 6 races for the pennants are probably the hottest this season than any season past considering there are about 6 weeks of baseball left in the season.

Nothing at all against Rizzuto. I'm just saying that if you compare the whole of both men's careers (in any way you want), Rice was the better overall player.

Well, Rizzuto did start 52 more World Series games than Rice. And he has seven more rings, and one more World Series MVP award.

No offense to Rice, who it seems to me deserves to be in the Hall, but comparisons like this aren't usually fair to either player.

"Phil is a borderline at best HOFer. Plus, he's a shortstop. You can't compare SS stats to OF stats. "

Posted by: Ryan with a capital "R" at Aug 15, 2007 10:18:22 AM

You're right. That's why using Scooter as a comparison, Johnny Pesky should be HOF.
lifetime .307 .394 .386,
867 runs 1455 hits 226 2b 50 3b, 17 hr. 404 rbi.
200 hits per year first 3 years. at least 150 hits first 7 years, and 100 runs per year for first 6 years. lost 3 prime years to WWII.

//Well, Rizzuto did start 52 more World Series games than Rice. And he has seven more rings, and one more World Series MVP award.//

Seems to me that each of those stats requires that a player be on a team of HoFers in order to accomplish? In other words, how many rings, etc, doesn't strike me as that particularly relevant to evaluating whether someone should be in the Hall (it's the same type of arguing that says RBIs are a good measure of how good an offensive player is)...

It seems to me that if it takes 38 years to get in the HOF, a forceful statement by Ted Williams, your old Yankee buddies on the Veterans Committee, and you have been in the public eye since retiring via the broadcast booth, than you were a marginal candidate. I am not a big Rice booster for HOF. If he was as pleasant in his playing days as he seems to be now, he would be a shoe-in. [Yes, I realize that Cobb is in the Hall and personality should not factor into the decision). For me, I hold Rice's career GIDP stat against him, but then again Ripken is #1 on that list. But it seems whenever there were two on and you needed a hit, it was always GIDP.

Not looking good so far. Dice-K is not sharp at all. 3-0 top of 3 with 2 on and no outs

//Well, Rizzuto did start 52 more World Series games than Rice. And he has seven more rings, and one more World Series MVP award.//

By that standard, there are hundreds of HoFers who don't belong there, either.

HoF status is, fortunately or not, an individual award.

5-0. Dice-K is getting rolled.

And they're going up against some hack named Sonnanstine who's 1-8 with a 6.20 ERA.

If we don't get to this stiff eventually, our offense is officially DOA.

Damn it all. The last thing I want right now while at work is to see the Sox get blown out my the Rays.

At least when this happens at home in the evening I can self-medicate.

I completely agree, Bob. (Well, I have no idea what sort of defensive player Scooter was.)

But, while I do like Jim Rice, I would argue that Scooter shouldn't be in instead of saying that Rice should be. But, my feelings aren't that strong one way or another and I really would love to see Rice get in.

LC -- thanks for sharing the Sandomir piece on The Scooter (good start to my day). Thanks also for the snippet yesterday from the `83 Yankees/Royals game. Damn, Scooter could complain with the best of `em. When he had issues, the whole world heard about them. If he had cold hands, f*** the ballgame... you were going to hear about it.

In re: Rice. Of course Jim Rice should be in the Hall of Fame. Yanno, it wouldn't kill the Red Sox to retire his number whether he makes HOF or not... a variation on the Pudge Fisk exemption. Back in the day, Rice was always the unsung hero behind Yaz, Pudge and fan darlings Freddie Lynn and Spaceman Lee. No need to continue that legacy...

I can see that you guys have a brand new love/hate relationship going, this time with Gagne. Baseball is unique in always offering the opportunity for redemption to the downtrodden and the despised. Why do I have a recurring vision that `07 will come down to another one-game playoff, with Gagne facing A-Rod with two outs in the ninth for all the marbles?



Red Sox/Yankees 9/15/07... WHO throws out the first pitch? Just asking... stay tuned.

Yanks are losing 3-0 though. Bedard pitching looking good on that front anyway.

Lordy, Juice-ambi should jump all over this endorsement opportunity:


finally! thanks Tek. 6-2 bottom of 7

Coco/Lugo added one. 6-3 top 8

Skanks have (so far) scored 3 in the ninth to tie it up.

It's over. You know they're gonna beat the Canaries now.

Lugo 2 RBI's maybe if he keeps this up he will hit a robust .230 by years end.

Shelley Duncan homered off Jamie
Walker with two outs to tie the Skank-Canary game.

(Didn't both of them used to be on "Family Affair"?)

Shelley Duncan was on Cheers.

Jamie Walker was on Good Times.

Glad I could help.

Baltimore just took the lead back 4-3. Of course, it's still the Baltimore bullpen that has to pitch the bottom of the 10th.

Oh well...Baltimore is now up 6-3 in the 10th, hopefully it ends up being a wash.

once again can't get a f*ing bunt down when we need to.

In re: These guys have guts.

Went to work out at 2 p.m., thinking I could ride until 3:30. By 4:15, people were saying, don't you have somewhere to go? Those boys came back. Almost. Lugo looked like a ballplayer. Cereal, likewise.

As far as 9/15, ssf. whatever.

By the way, how bad do you think Geffner is gonna be on a day night twin bill PLUS the Jimmy Fund begothon?

just sayin.

Do pros ever practice bunting, because most of them are terrible at it.

Skanks have two out, BTW.

Skanks lost. I guess that's something. (Something like a lost opportunity, but still something.)

oh, and a major announcement tomorrow. something we can all get behind.

no, not Lindsay Lohan


au revoir, Wile E. Mo, and good luck

I'm intrigued, LC.

Although a little disappointed the announcement doesn't concern Lindsay Lohan.

Heh, she's a train wreck, but I'm not looking to marry her. I just want to get behind her (in her hour of need of course).

Ah, Mariano is human again. Takes the edge of another one run loss.

Bob 'getting behind' Lindsay Lohan and marrying her - has the feel of 'Leaving Los Vegas' to this bloke.

In some Arkansas counties, when you get behind a woman, you're automatically married to her.

And her mother.

Another 'lude Linds.?
Does the Pope shit in the woods, Robert..

re: Geffner. Did anyone see the 'Futures' games on NESN this weekend? Boy wonder was calling the games, and they had some in the booth type promos with vistors, and the guy must be all of, what, 4'11"? And I think he was standing on a box at that. His monotone isn't any better on TV, in case you were wondering

A confession - I'm worried about the Angels of California or whatever they are called this week. Can somebody say something comforting?

Sure, SDU, I had tickets to 2 of the games (Friday's morning make-up from April and Sunday's mid-day scorcher)...but I can't use either of them since I'm headed to central Mass for a camping weekend.

I'm comforted by the fact that I'll probably escape torturing myself watching 2 of 4 against the Angels. I'm saddened to hear I might miss Buchholz if he pitches the morning game. :(

This, Kaz, is in the nature of cold comfort.

I can't believe I didn't find this site earlier. This is some good stuff!

Dirty Water

fuck you post whore


SDU, I'm going to Saturday night's game. I believe Mr. Schilling is pitching.

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