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You knew this was coming

Oh, don't sweat it, Callaghan, I'm sure Larry Lucchino will come up with some way to cushion the blow of yet anothah Red Sox collapse and make you guys feel special for being second, again.


Maybe Lucky can set up a booth on Yawkey Way come October where for $14.95 the so-called "President of Red Sux Nation" can pat you on the ass with an "'Atta boy, just wait 'til next year" platitude.


Yeah, right, Mahts, because, you know George Steinbrennah is such a saint.


Hey, say what you want about ol' George but, unlike Lucchino and your guys, Steinbrenner doesn't trivialize the history and mythology of the club nor does he patronize the fans with tawdry get rich scams.


You know, Bill, as I hate the Red Sox, it saddens me to see one of such a rich tradition cut up, commoditized and shrink wrapped as if it's nothing more than a trinket you'd find in a box of Cracker Jack.




Whatsamatter, Billy, did the Salem Witches put a hex on your tongue or something?


Hey, what can I say, I look forward to a pennant race.


Oh, Jesuschrist, you've became just like the Red Sox offense — You've got nothing when you need it most.



H.B., that's simply evil, putting up Mahrty after the most infuriating game of the year (BTW, anybody up for a traditional pitchfork and torches march to the first base umpire's hotel?).

Ug. Blar. Glack.

Maybe it was no coincidence, and fate's way of telling me something, but my Patriots season tickets arrived in the mail yesterday.

Yeah Marty,How's that Clemens thing working out for you?

//Oh, Jesuschrist, you've became just like the Red Sox offense — You've got nothing when you need it most.//

Have to admit, that is one hell of a line though.

Oh yeah, Clemens... six innings of one run ball last night was simply not good enough. And he's got to do something about that 3.88 ERA.

NEW RULE: Whenever any sort of unfortunate occurence happens behind BST (e.g., error, bad hop, bad bounce, bad call, etc.) he must be immediately removed from the game BEFORE HE THROWS ANOTHER PITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can blame the ump, but what the hell was Tito thinking, bringing him out for the 5th, and then leaving him in after they tied it?

sigh.. why?!! why?!! Don't these guys have any fire left. As was said yesterday or the day before (I don't know my life is sooo dark right now) it was KC's sweep of us that started the slide last year. Shouldn't that motivate them to get er done?

These are the times that try men's souls. [That was Thomas Paine writing about some lengendary Phillies collapse].

I am not encouraged at all to say the least. This team doesn't have "it" this year. There is still time left to right the ship, but there isn't Nomar waiting to be traded either.

Yes Bob, Pats training camp is right around the corner. Going to order my Randy Moss jersey to take my mind off the Sox.

We all know what happens in August. Sox die on the vine and get smoked.

Here's lookin at you kid.

Wow. We need SBL LC's (unlikely) optimism right now...

Does this describe us or what?
I think I am a combo of fanatic and Eore (You know whats the use... we're all going to die anyway)

Yes, but at least we're going to die with a championship.

Fatalism mixed with optimism.


I bet Marty will be eating those words in a couple of years when someone has the "own a piece of Yankee Stadium" idea and sells it through the Franklin Mint.

To quote an unlikely PORN ( and many others) ...
So now I can die in peace.

Last night's game put me into such a funk that I spent this morning writing reports for work with Johnny Cash's version of One on endless repeat. After a few hours of that, I got sick of my maudlin self and turned the corner into renewed optimism. Come on, guys, this team is too good to play like this for long, and we are still 8 games up. I am now having good thoughts that the heretofore tiny flame will turn into a blazing fire in a series against a good team, culminating in a sweep of the less colorful hose. Whose with me? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

"Well shake it up baby..."

Yankees Suck!

The only good thing is that the biggest prick in baseball A.J Pryzendouchebag is coming to town and that means a chance for a fight.

Something to give these guys a little spahhk.

it's games like that that give my liver a good workout.

OK... so things have sucked lately. Let's please not forget: Our #1 pitcher took a month off just to be sure that his old arm would be fresh for the long run. Also, is there even ONE person here that thought BatShit would be good for an entire year? I feel lucky we got a good month out of him. One more month of (hopefully) .500 ball from BST, and we can put him in the pen, and bring in Lester, Buckholtz, or Gabbard as the new #4/#5.

That, and let Theo tweak the bench... not to mention TWELVE more Tampa Bay games...

Things aren't great, but it's not time to panic yet.

Now... about taking at leat 3 of 4 in this series...

//Last night's game put me into such a funk that I spent this morning writing reports for work with Johnny Cash's version of One on endless repeat.//

Johnny's song that always puts me into a certain funk (well, actually Kris Kristofferson wrote it, but whatever) is "Sunday Morning Sidewalk." God that's a great song. "The beer I had for breakfast wasn't bad, so I had one more for dessert."


"And there's nothing short of dying, half as loney as the sound, of a sleeping city sidewalk, and Sunday morning....coming down."

What Manny is to hitting (or used to be at least), Johnny is to music. RIP my dear friend.


Heh. I once recorded a radio campaign using Ben Stein. Actually a brilliant, funny, nice guy. He liked M&Ms, too.

10-17 vs AL since May.

Useless A-Fraud hit a go-ahead 2 run double last night, and not a 3 run jack. And it was in the meaningless seventh, when the Yankees still had 9 outs left, instead of in the bottom 9th with 2 out.

Just another example of him failing in the clutch and padding his stats. I'm sick of it: The Sox can have him.

//10-17 vs AL since May.//

And 1-2 versus Triple A in the last series.


I need some malted vanilla ice cream from Herrell's.

According to this, the Sox have been unusually unlucky recently. So, you know, we are due for a 10-0 run or something.

By the way ... one more game the Yankees catch up, and the Yankees control their own destiny in the AL East.

I was wondering when the trolls would start to appear

The good news: someone named "Chi Sox Nation" just joined my Fullt Tilt Poker table. Second hand I flopped a straight and he called my all-in with an underpair. He lost.


HaRich: if you mean me, I am no troll. Just a sad Sox fan.

Previous years I'd have loved to see Manny and Papi come to the plate in the bottom of the ninth. Now I prefer Lugo. Something is seriously wrong here.

Sox with have the best pitching staff in baseball after the September callups. What bothers me is that Tito seems more concerned with his starting pitchers qualifiying for the win, than he is with the team winning the game. That has to change or all the pitching talent in the world won't help.

That's "will have".

Wish I could type...

Nah, pudge, I think he's more talking about names like BobStanley (never seen it before really) and the return of Mahty (welcome back, we've missed you for the past 11 months) and even J.O. is getting a little snarky with his A-rod comment.

If we let the Yankees back into the race...and then peel out leaving them 15-20 games back at the finish line, I think that's even more exciting and hilarious than maintaining a double-digit lead for the whole season. Sure, it's more heart-wrenching in the middle, but the payoff feels so much better (ever seen a cat play with a mouse? it's not about the kill...it's about knowing that you can kill it whenever you want).

// bet Marty will be eating those words in a couple of years when someone has the "own a piece of Yankee Stadium" idea and sells it through the Franklin Mint. //

They already beat you to it, NolaSox. Note the fine detailing on the high quality ceramic work.


Actually, Im surprised it's not made out of porcelain. You know, like most toilet bowls.

Bench Youkilis. Geezus, I'd rather watch Hinske blindfolded at the plate right now than another craptastic rally-killing at-bat from Youkilis.

This team is freaking killing me

What are the odds they get swept by this bunch of suckwads?

Sorry to get back to the table sooo late,just wanted to clarify to Pudge that my comment wasn't directed towards you. I realize no self respecting MFY fan would go under that name :) No,it was meant more toward the infrequent posters-those lovers of mystique and aura who only join in when they can pile on. Anyway it's late and I'm outta here.Catch you all tomorrow(today) PS: Thanks for having my back Dr.Kaz

Snyder goes. Gabbard stays. Hooligan to the pen. Schill returns. Timmy - dunno but maybe to long relieve.

But timely hitting? And winning one run games? Maybe it's just luck like Billy Beane says and we'll get it back.

Better now than in September.

I'd be less sanguine if the MF Yanks hadn't lost today.

In a word, fuck!

They're killin' me, I tell you ... killin' me.


AND we had to stay up late to watch that crap-fest.

Good God in heaven, I drink enough as it is without this shit happening over and over.

Hey love your strips! The only thing that bothers me is I can't see guys in suits talking like that. I love the way they talk, but they need to look a little bit more uneducated. Maybe a hat on backwards and a BIG Boston "B" on a sweatshirt. Maybe two guys at a bar on a Saturday afternoon drinking their lives away, while their wife is home alone raising the kids by herself.

That would be more believeable!

Again love the banter, just can't see these yuppy-like types talking with the heavy Bastin accent thea.

Kind of like the Jimmy Fallon skits on SNL. That's who I see talk'in like that!

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