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The Roof was scarcely visible

So the reticent rookie is starting to strike a peal .


And what about Manny and Papi who homered together for the 46th time in their careers?


Yet anothah forshadowing of the much anticipated return of the Manny Ortez ginormity?


God I hope so. It's just doesn't feel like the right Red Sox when Manny and Papi are non-factahs.


Seriously. It's like a pot 'o beans minus the molasses.


It's like a town without a commons, a river without an ocean …


Gives me shivahs to think that there will come a day when there is no moah Manny and no moah Papi.


C'mon now, stay in the present. Don't go into the white light.



Meanwhile, Joe DiMaggio's "diaries" are up for bid...any takers?

Only if Marilyn's panties are stuffed in between the pages.

Speaking of excessive yeast, IHOP is buying Applebees.

(No More Manny + No More Papi)= Lots More Jacoby + Holliday + Haffner + Pujols + Lowrie.

The wheel turns.

And who does thing K Gabbard + Coco can bring us a Big Bat


please give me a speel chk.


I hate premature obituaries.


use firefox with the "spellbound" extension.


(No More Manny + No More Papi)= Lots More Jacoby + Holliday + Haffner + Pujols + Lowrie.

What no A-Rod?

Gird your loins, people...

Yeah, what's the board's opinion on Slappy McBlueLips as the Sox shortstop next year?

While I'd love the production, the thought of that fraud wearing our colors makes me throw-up in my mouth.

Bob (ew by the way for the yeast comment), I think A-Rod in a Sox uni would just elicit numbness. I just can't imagine myself getting excited about the guy. Sort of like cheering for a statue.

cue crickets :)

I suspect RSN's A-Rod animus is not as steadfast as we believe now.

A-fraud in a Sox uni only after:

1) Act of contrition for:
a) the McSlappy episode
b) the tussle with Tek was just a man-crush thing

2) Statement that he had always secretly wanted to be with the Sox, but was seduced by the darkside

3) His wife is from the Commonwealth and he wants his children to grow up with the proper values (i.e., Red Sox fans)

4) He wants to retire (and break the home run record) as a Red Sox.

Then, I might go for it...but he may have to chug some maple syrup or a bottle of 'Gansett.

In re: ARod.

I'm all for it. Guy can ball. So what if he is an asshole

see eg: 38


Not enough shrinks in beantown for the Sox to sign Slappy McBluelips...for us or him.

As much as I would like the production I just couldn't bring myself to do it. There is no way I could root for him. G38 might be outspoken and hated by many, but he is not bush league.

I don't think AR is bush. I just think he is a self-absorbed dick who doesn't see himself as others see him.

As for 38, you could say the same. I love 38 as a ball player, but think he is a little full of himself.

I was keen on Arod back when we tried to get him and before he cracked under the pressure of NY. No change here.

Oh, and he can play Shortstop.


With regards to A-Rod: no way should we get him next year! I think someone in the Sox FO leaked that to a gullible NY paper just to make the Yankees panic.

But if we sign him, you might as well change the team name from Red Sox to Borases. That makes me sick.

Gawd I hate to reveal how ancient and outta touch I am, but Follower of Tito's allusion to Gansett made me realize that in the five years since I moved back to Gawd's Country after 25 years away I have neither seen nor, until today, heard a reference to, Narragansett Beer.

Is it still around? It all puts me in mind of what I used to hear many times during Sawx games on WHDH (de mortuis nil nisi bonum): "Hi, Neighbor, Hi, Neighbor / Wherever you go / Here's what they say, / Hi, Neighbor ..." and I have an imperfect memory of the rest (and much else, alas).

Back in the day, my packy across Benefit Street in Providence used to peddle Gansett for one buck a six-pack. Wicked seveah hangovers, but affordable ones.

That be Shore Liquor, Blue?

Sorry to quibble, but it's "Boston Common" singular...

It's OK to quibble but realize this wasn't a reference to Boston Common but rather the ones found typically in small towns/villages throughout NE. (In the character dialog the use of the noun "town" should have been a clue, unless, of course, you consider Boston a town rather than a city.)

FWIW the small town I grew up in had one and it was and still is referred to as "the Commons" with the "s."

Recently revived. Even has its own webistie...

Back in the day, at a Jesuit institution of higher learning on a hill in Worcester, we used to get the wooden cases of 16 oz bottles...quantity over quality days


Narragansett Brewery was brought back to life by a local RI guy who bought the name. He had some money in his pocket from the proceeds of the sale of his interest in Nantucket Necters. The quality of the product is a huge upgrade on the swill that Falstaff put out in recent years under the Narragansett label. FWIW back in the day, as teenagers, we would hang outside of Shore's Liquors trying to get the Brown students to buy the GIQ's for us.

I bought some of the Gansett a couple years ago while I was back for PigFest. Not your cheap swill anymore. Cost me a pretty penny for a case of the stuff.

Phil, I'm surprised you had to wait for the students to buy it for you. Didn't "Shore Liquor" mean "shore you're 21, there, youngster!"

Hate to admit it, but for me it was the Stroh's 15-packs that got me through college.

//Didn't "Shore Liquor" mean "shore you're 21, there, youngster!"//

Ahhh, I love stores/bars like that. Back in my college days it was the Crimson Sports Grille in Harvard Sq (now a damn martini bar). $4 pitchers of MGD (they moved to $5 and then $6 by the time I graduated) plus you could basically get in with a note from your mom. Seriously, my fake ID was so bad it had my thumbprint on the back, which the off-duty cops who manned the doors got a huge kick out of.

Anyhoo- in re: A-Rod, I think I could probably moderately warm up to him. I was a big fan of trying to get him back in the day before he choose to turn Evil and now love to hate him because he is a whiny Skankee, but he's good. I'd never love him like a Papi, but I'd certainly cheer for him in a Sox uni more than I would Clemen$ (who is dead to me).

Cheap beer of choice in college. 'Old Munich' - Old Munich Brewing Company of Hialeah, FL (I think). 99 cents a six -overpriced at that.

Just like Gansett has turned it around - tastes better, less hangover...AR can at least mollify the faithful w/ big #'s and a ring.

Even though he was a whinning pussy, many were up in arms when "our beloved" Nomah was traded. That seemed to work out alright. I'm trying to remove the knee-jerk and just look at a faceless player that puts up huge #'s and will turn double plays w/ Dusty for the next 6-8 years!

B's fans hated Brad Park when he played for the Rangers. He came to Boston, they grew to love him, and he became a big part of the team and city. I think the same would happen with A-Rod.

I haven't thought about Brad Park in many years... what a great example.

At this point without his production on the team I simply can't imagine cheering for him. Even if I did start to like him as a sox player I just can't imagine feeling ok about him slapping at a ball or yelling "Got It" behind an opposing fielder. People defending those actions seem cheap and dishonest to me.

No love for Kayson Gabbard outside the strip? His shit looked positively Lowe-like (on one of D's "not batshit crazy" days). Sure, it was the Royals, but his stuff was still electric.

Regarding A-Rod's inappropriate actions we should at least consider how these Red Sox actions are perceived by fans of other clubs:

1) V-Tek going after A-Rod w/o removing his mask.

2) Pedro sending an old man ass over tea kettle.

3) Derek Lowe doing the nut grab gesture in Oakland

4) Manny's typical post homer grandiosity.

I'm not trying to defend A-Rod or disparage Red Sox players, just trying to be mindful of the "two sides to every story" concept.

Manny is mad disrespectful after hitting homahs. I'm shocked he doesn't get plonked more.

My college beers of choice:

1. "Red,White and Blue" six-packs. One dollar.

2. "Matts" beer-balls for about 15 bucks.

3. Utica Club half-kegs for around 30 dollars.

Re: A-Rod...it sure would be difficult to overcome all of the animous we've built up over him.

da kine, would you punch a 5 year old for hitting you in the balls?

Did someone say Brad Paaaaaaahk?

The perfect name for these paaaaaahts.

Let us not forget the ever popular Old Bohemian and Blatz beers. Also a shoutout to Fort Schuyler-Ahh memories (and hangovers :D )

Jason O., I agree with you wholeheartedly. I think Manny is honestly looking at the shot, saying to himself, "Holy Shit! I just clocked that thing!" When he realizes he is supposed to run, he does. I'm just saying that pitchers probably don't see it that way, hence, my surprise at him not being plonked more.

I see your point, and don't defend any of those actions. I understand some of them more....A-rod and tek were jawing, the gerbil rushed pedro. I'm not defending them and if I was a fan of another them I could see not liking the players involved. A-rods acts were done during the play of the game that's what makes them cheap in my eyes.

BluhStatah, I used to live at 321 Benefit Street in Providence. What was your address? I was also such a regular at the Wickendon St. Pub (who woulda guesssed that, right?), that they gave me a really cool pub jacket I have to this day. Has my name and "Bar Captain" embroidered on it.

Totally off topic but I thought it woud amuse you cold weather types. The temperature got down to 37 degrees (F) yesterday and Sydney FROZE:

No A-Rod for me, please.

Ah, the Wickendon St Pub!

SDU, hope it wasn't as bad in Kalgoorlie. Those metal brothels would be wicked nasty in 37 degree cold.

$5.99 cases of Old Style at Osco Drug got me through college.

I'd rather not tie up Arod money on Arod. With Borass doing the talking, he will be looking to top his previous greatest evah contract. Tieing up that kind of dough in one player is just not a good idea IMO.

I think the Sox will make a play at him just to drive the price up to silly heights and further ruinate the Spankees' ability to put a good team on the field. That's what I'd do.

I like yer thinkin' Da Kine! Wicked nasty, to coin a phrase.

You're already discussing the terms under which you would "accept" A-Rod? How noble of you. Puts one in mind of the old GBS line, "We've already established what you are, ma'am. Now we're just haggling over the price."

Oh God...anyone else feel like the kid from "Poltergeist" right now?

GBS... I could have sworn Steinbrenner's middlle inital was M.

Oh, you mean George Bernard Shaw, the guy who invented Superman.

I like that dude.

He also said:

"The longer I live the more I see that I am never wrong about anything, and that all the pains I have so humbly taken to verify my notions have only wasted my time."


"The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it."


"It is dangerous to be sincere unless you are also stupid."


Regarding A-Rod, you have to look at the alternatives. For the Sox, the alternatives are keeping 0 for 33 Lugo (although he seems to be coming around lately, but it's probably a fluke), or eating a portion of his contract (see Renteria, Edgar) and trading him and some additional quality talent for another shortstop (O-Cab would be great, but that's a pipedream) or trading him (eating contract, etc.)and signing a free agent shortstop other than A-Rod. Anyone we got would have less prodution that A-Rod.

Then we have to look at what happens to A-Rod if we don't get him. If the yanks don't resign him, he would likely end up in Anaheim (at third base) or in Seattle. Both those teams are closer in talent to the Sox than the Yanks right now, and adding a big bat to either will make them even more competitive, and deminish our chances of winning a pennant.

Boston's best strategy, IMHO would be to go after him, and if nothing else, drive up the price so high that the yanks can't both sign him and fix their starting pitching.

/With regards to A-Rod: no way should we get him next year! I think someone in the Sox FO leaked that to a gullible NY paper just to make the Yankees panic./

Isn't the NY Times still an ownership partner in the Sox?

Tuborg Gold.

Shaefer long-necks or Ballentines Ale tall boys.

Somebody commented about Millar being available.

Fine, he might not be the right guy but it seems that Papi is getting cranky with his rotten knee and he shouldn't be relied on to be Captain Sunshine every day.

Any dead-pull right-handed 20-30 home run Court Jesters available around July 31, to bring the 'we don't give a f*ck we gonna play ball have fun and win' karma back?

It's nice that Loogie is hitting again...but fuggedabout about A-Rod, what I would give to have Cabrera back...

Mistake above, not Ballentines tall boys, I believe the appropriate term was 'kingahs'

Bob, I lived at 395 Benefit Street in Providence when I was in graduate school at Brown. Then it was a crappy cheap apartment house. Now it's been all gussied up with a white nameplate on the front saying something like "Moses Brown House: 1802" on the front and has been converted from a borderline slum dwelling into Yuppie Heaven. When I revisited Providence a couple of years ago during a Trip Down Memory Lane I forgot to check what had become of the down-at-heel packie across the street, but I'll bet it's now either gone or converted into a Spirit Shoppe. Thanks for the memories, the rest of yez, about Utica Club and Old Munich and other swills of the past. How did my digestive system survive that crap?

I can't believe no one mentioned GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY! I used to drink that swill by the ($6.95) case.

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