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Summer Vacation '07 - Day 1

Your omniscient author in absentia:
The Soxaholix are on summer vacation this week.



Well, Saturday's game could easily have turned out the other way, so let's be happy with 2/3.

Any weekend the Sox can gain on the Yanks is a good weekend.

Let's not be greedy...

Shouldn't that be any weekend we extend the lead, or any weekend the Yankees fail to gain on the Sox?

The Red Sox are in first, we don't have gain on anybody :)


Your eye for detail is commendable, but please see usage 10.


Interesting. I have never used gain in that context.

Arg bargle, it must be a Monday if we're whipping out the dictionary on each other.

The Police are welcome back to Fenway any time they want. I don't go for gimmicks at baseball games (and I like that about Fenway) but I think a standing cloud of stage smoke/fog and a spotlight should be a requisite for the Monstah from now on. That was just cool.

What with h.b. gone we've reduced ourselves to the English police? I watched some of the O's games and they aren't playing like the first half team of 14.5 games back. Or maybe the Yankee$ just made them look good? It was disapointing to see Manny D groove those two pitches for the dingers, I hope we don't see more of that from him. And whats with Dice K giving up a homer to the number 8 guy with a 188 avg. And once again walks will kill ya.

Dice K seems to suffer from one lapse of concentration in just about every game that results in a couple of ill timed walks, or a homer.

I bet we can get the Skanks to trade for that file cabinet by the deadline. Looks like it was born in the early '60s, and is probably about ready to break down.

and it only wants to store files every 5th day- and then for only 6 hrs
In other trade news, Texeira to Braves?

The Texiera trade is knida dissapointing, I was hoping for a coco for salty trade in the offseason. Not that I'm against coco but we do have Ellsbury. The braves really need a starting pitcher or they go nowhere in the playoffs....if they make it.

Just heard that Bill Walsh died today.

Always in 3's...

Tom Snyder, Bill Walsh, and Ingmar Bergman.

{Carnack the Magnificent voice}

"Who are known for being a show host, creating the West Coast, and a chess-playing ghost?"

{Ed Sullivan voice}

Ha Ha Ho! You are correct, sir!

Nice one, Kaz!

(But that'd be Ed McMahon's "Ha ha ho,", not Sullivan's.)

Doh, you are correct, sir.

Sigh, it's been a long Monday, let's pretend that last one didn't happen.

With Ed Sullivan instead of Ed McMahon, that Carson would have had a rrrrrreally big shew

I will be in Seattle this weekend bringing some voodoo so we sweep the M's instead. Per a tip from Aaron, I'll check out the Pyramid before the games and naturally I will be sporting my Kintees.

Red Sox relief pitcher Joel Pineiro has been traded to the St. Louis Cardinals for a player to be named later, according to a statement released by the team.

That can't be good for your ego. 6 months ago you were worth 4 mill to the team, today - the ubiquitous player to be named later.

Also, today is the 10th anniversary of one of the greatest trades in sports history.

Slocumb for Varitek and Lowe.

agreed, Kaz. Although "Heathcliff Slocumb" is still one of my all-time favorite baseball names

props on the Carnac routine, too

I always thought Trot Nixon was one of the best (most appropriate for) baseball names.

Back in '82 I decided to make Wade Boggs my favorite player solely based on his name (hey, I was a 7 year old girl ;). Until he betrayed me in December of '92 by signing with the Yanks, it remained a good choice.

So, is this Dye deal happening?

Question: Why didn't Manny make it to third in the twelth inning vs. Tampa Bay(or even possibly make an inside the park home run) on that laser he hit to center field? Oh wait, I just checked the replay. Seems he didn't run...at all...not even a little bit. Well, I'm sure if it's really, really important in a World Series game he'll go all out...maybe...possibly...hopefully?

I miss Johnny Carson. Anyone remember Steve Martin doing "the great flydini" on Carson's last show?

Just read that TX is going to sign Gagne to an extension as the closer.

Jermaine Dye?
Career OPS+ of 109, career OBP of .337
Danger Will Robinson!!! Statistics show Dye is an older version of Adrian Beltre!!! Danger!!!

And now Michelangelo Antonioni is dead, too.

Directors are dropping like flies in a Luis Brunell film.

Re: Dye and danger? Maybe if we were thinking long-term with him, yeah. But it's a rent-for-3-months-not-buy situation, and it'd be more than the bag of balls and fungo bat I thought we'd get for WiMP...

I thought the Yanks would get Gagne after trading Proctor. Hmmmm....

Looks like we have Gagne, if he waives his no-trade.

And the KG deal is now official.

He signed an extension, too.

Can't believe they let Gabbard go as part of the Gagne deal. Bad trade in my mind. Gabbard and Lester would have been a strong lefty tandem for years to come. Murphy I can see with Ellsbury in the wings, but not Gabbard!

I am bummed about David Murphy, really liked that kid.

Gagne will be great in the regular season.
But take a look at his post season record. Scary! I don't want him in a big spot.

Did he have just a one year contract with the Rangers, or will we potentially have him next year as well? What is the contract he is in?

I thought I read that Gagne signed an extension earlier today? Maybe that was part of the deal.

I don't think so. I'm pretty sure he's a free agent at the end of the year.

It wouldn't have made since for Bore-ass to negotiate an extension a few hours before the trading deadline.

This is shaping up to be one of the more exciting years in Boston sports history, with the Celtics once again relevant, the Sox with killer pitching and the Pats with talent at every position... hasn't been like this since about '85/86. Didn't we used to have a hockey team, too?

Don't remind me about the Bruins.

I'm glad Gabbard made himself relevant right before the trade deadline. I don't see David Murphy being relevant in 3 years. I know next to nothing about the Beltre we just tossed in. I know that Gagne is back on his game though.

We now have shutout pitching for innings 6, 7, 8, AND 9 in Delcarmen, Oki, Gagne, and Papelbon. Hell, maybe paddy will even get his wish and they'll move Papelbon to the rotation if Gagne saves like he's capable of...who knows. But for now, our bullpen is total domination and it cost us very little given what we have left waiting to come up from AAA still. Great move in my mind by Theo.

Beltre is all of 17.

I hear Gagne is going to close all the games when Paps isn't available.

...which makes perfect sense. AND he'll be able to spell Oki a bit, since it's still unclear how he (Oki) will hold up over a full season. Gabbard did his job nicely, but we kept Lester for that slot. Murphy is solid, but a #4 OF at best. Good move by Theo. Bullpen needed someone with goggles now that Donnelly is done for the year

Don't get scared, Bob. You're not the little girl in Poltergeist. Honest. But I can't let Luis "Brunell" pass. Bunuel. Belle de Jour, one of the greatest films of all time. Los Olvidados. The Exterminating Angel. L'Age D'Or. Simon of The Desert. Viridiana. Tristana. Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie. That Obscure Object of Desire. You've gotta see That Obscure Object of Desire. Congrats on Gagne. Wonder what SDU has to say about the impact on Okajima as closer in waiting...

Don't get scared, Bob. You're not the little girl in Poltergeist. Honest. But I can't let Luis "Brunell" pass. Bunuel. Belle de Jour, one of the greatest films of all time. Los Olvidados. The Exterminating Angel. L'Age D'Or. Simon of The Desert. Viridiana. Tristana. Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie. That Obscure Object of Desire. You've gotta see That Obscure Object of Desire. Congrats on Gagne. Wonder what SDU has to say about the impact on Okajima as closer in waiting...

And tonight, I get to go see Bonds go for the record. Wish me luck. Hope he strikes out four times.

With Gabbard gone, I don't think I'll get to see Daisuke and Lester won't have his homestate start on Friday either.

Okajima san
Point 8 7 E R A
Gets shafted for Gag.

Just for you PT. I hope you get what you want in SF (whatever that may be - probably best if he hit's two dingers - you may as well be there even if he is a 'big head drug cheat'*).

* Quote from recently censored limerick.

"I just felt the price tag was prohibitive from my end, to be honest," Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said. "I won't say who the players were but I would have had to give up a guy that may very well most likely pitch in our rotation next year for Gagne. As good as he is, it's a two-month situation where you're going to get 20 innings. He's a hell of a pickup, don't get me wrong, and the best reliever [available] without a doubt."

Now Cashman may just have sour grapes. But I agree with him.

20 innings for Gabbard,Murphy and Beltre?

Well, we got some new pitcher, I think someone said.

This is what I get for $99.99 a year? What's the customer service number?????

Oh, right...

What did we do leave 20 on base.... arghhhh.

just a post to fix info

Pinstripe Blunder: I suppose I could have taken the time to look up the correct spelling. But like H.B., what's the point?

You got the reference.

I can't spell worth a shit.

I nailed the comment.

After all, I misspell your last name (is it Blunder? Dunder?) all the time.

I slit your eye with a razor.

HoF Induction Report:

I went up with 4 busloads of O's fans, part of the huge 70K+ crowd. The tiny village of Cooperstown was overun. Bad weather forecast resulted in bad sunburn. Decent speech by Cal, but struck me as too much of a sales pitch for Ripken Baseball. Much better one by Gwynn.

Classy O's crowd began packing up their stuff immediately after Cal's speech (during the Bobby Doerr commemeration) and the Spink and Frick award winners saw nothing but their backs as they gave their induction speeches.

Lot's of Red Sox regalia in the crowd and in town the next day, (probalby the third largest bunch after Baltimore and San Diego) but very few yankees fans. We spoke to the locals, and they told us that Cooperstown is much more Red Sox Nation than yankee country (but it was selective survey and may not be accurate).

Saw the Bloody Sock up close. It definitely looks like blood - paint wouldn't turn black the way blood does.

Yaz was one of only 8 living Hall of Famers not there (out of 61). I heard that he has never been back. What's up with that? I didn't see any of the Sox that did show up (Fisk, Eck, Doerr, Aparicio, Boggs, Seaver, Jenkins and Marichal) except Orlando Cepada, in the signing booths.

While walking around the Hall, I heard someone loudly complaining that Tris Speaker should be booted out of the Hall because he was a member of the KKK. First I ever heard of that, and have no idea if it's true.

One other thing I had never heard: Jackie Robinson got a tryout with the Red Sox shortly before he signed with the Dodgers. Another good move by the Sox FO.

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