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Say You'll Be There

You guys probably haven't heard this yet because, you know, it's not getting a lot of press or anything but believe it or not David Beckham is coming to the USA! Gasp.


No shit. Beckham on my TV is like Greenpeace kids at my T stop: ubiquitous and unavoidable.


I saw CNN lead with a Beckham story and seeing the tape my first thought was "Holy crap an alien has made contact with an aging British soccer stah. And the alien looks pissed off!" Then I was like, oh, duh, that's his wife.


You think that's weird looking? I got something even weirdah — Doug Mirabelli batting in the ninth inning of a one-run game.


Do we really have to talk about the Red Sox? I'm not feeling so good.


What are we, like 1 game ovah .500 since that last series with the Yankees back at the staht of June?


Anything less than a sweep against the Royals is going to be very disappointing.


The Yankees will be within striking distance by the end of the month if things don't make a serious change for the bettah.



Oh, all you naysayers. Say "Nay" no moah.
The Royals will win at least one, everybody is pitching well, the RS are scrappin in the one run games that they lose.
Papi is crankin, and Manny has awakened. With any luck Jacoby Ellsbury will be in CF in two weeks time, now that Coco has improved his value (or at least he'll be in RF, now that Nancy's has gone all Nomah on us).

Would you rather be counting the days to Truck Day?

Nah, I didn't think so.

The fun begins.


[don't make a {bigger} fool out of me boys].


Wow. Surly, lovable, and optimistic.

Thanks, LC. You made me feel better than I should considering Beckett's wasted effort yesterday, and my girlfriend's insistence on feeding me nips of Jameson throughout the game.

(And you wonder why I think she's special.)

To get into L.C.'s mood, I'd just like to remind H.B.'s characters that while the Sox may just be 1 game over .500 since that Yankees' series, the Skanks are 1 game over .500 for the entire season.

Girlfriend! Nip me!

Girlfriend ... nips ... Hmmm :)

Did Ortiz go home on his own or was Hale channeling Dale Sveum? Either way, it is the stuff like that that really makes the game frustrating.

We went 0.500 against a team that for all intents and purposes is as good as the Yankees this year. That's not unreasonable. Our wins were convincing and our losses were both 1-run affairs against rookie pitchers (ok, Marcum is a sophomore but his 2 starts against us have been crazy good)...and we all know how the Sox seem to do against rookies (can we get some advance scouting against opponents so these guys know what's coming, PLEASE...I just checked with a friend and it seems we have a *ton* of scouts on the payroll, I wonder what they all do all day).

I'm happy with 2-2 vs the Blue. As long as these teams don't start to catch on and bring up 3 AAA pitchers to face us for the rest of the year, I think we'll be doing okay.

With Stiffler, Batshit, & the Wake - the bats can't keep hitting snooze. Smack away boys!

I'm wondering if a couple of Ortiz' shots this weekend would have gone out if his legs were in better shape...

A couple of good things:

Coco is hitting some. Lugo has been getting hits! A few more in the first half from these guys and we would be up even more games.

Wake pitches better than just one out of two. More like 3 out of 5. Not a bad % for a 4th.

Dice has thrown better than in the beginning.

The Sox have 28 with Tampa Bay and Baltimore. The Yanks have 16 with them.

We'll be fine. An ALCS victory is well within reach, and accordingly, a WS win.

Screw the Beckhams. We have our own Beck, and if he got a little bit of run support, he'd be the first to 13 wins this year.

And again I want to point out the Sox are WAY UNDER .500 since May against the AL.

OK, so there are, um, 71 games left. If we play poorly, say .450 ball against all those crappy teams, we will still finish with 97 wins. The Spankees would have to go 52 - 21, which is .712 ball, to catch us.

I'm just sayin'.

I agree, the team has gone downhill and chances for postseason glory are all but gone.

I blame management for the situation. We keep this Dice K fellow in the lineup even though we have El Guapo languishing in the minors. What tools.

I hear Millar is also available.



I think Mike is being sarcastic, but not using the symbol.


yeah, but I hear Hobson is running El Guapo into the ground. The jolly one won't have too many good years left at that pace.

I hear ya regarding the optimism, but at the same time, I don't get much of a warm fuzzy when I envision the team I've been watching thru June and July facing a Detroit, a Cleveland, or an LA Anaheim, in a short postseason series.

And I really don't want to even consider a team that goes .450 from here on out facing the above clubs.

Just because the AL East is probably a lock doesn't mean that we are on easy street.

My cunning plan is for the Sox to play their .450 ball while they wait for

(a) Lester to be ready
(b) Papi to let his knee heal
(c) Coco and Lugo to finish getting their acts together
(d) Schilling to return

I like their chances in a short series if (if!) they have Beckett, Matsuzaka, and Schilling healthy.

Pure gut feeling: I don't think Lester will be with the club come September.

My gut says Jacoby is and Wily Mo isn't.

That right there makes for better than 0.450 ball.

That suspended game with the Yanks leading by two in late innings looms large. And eight games in the loss column certainly does not in any way represent a "lock".

I know what you mean about Lester. The way they're handling him suggests they want to wait until next year. If Schilling comes back healthy, that should be OK.

One of my recurring nightmares involves Julian Tavarez starting a post-season game. In it, Joe Morgan and Tim McCarver (different networks, I know, but hey, it's my nightmare) spend the entire game pointing out that no Yankee would ever roll the ball over to first base.

Agree on the "lock" or lack thereof. Was just trying to reinforce the point that winning the AL East doesn't mean all that much if you then suck in the postseason.

As for Lester, I think (again just gut feeling, no facts/logic) he'll be with another club.

I do think there is going to be a trade and that they can't protect all the prospects. I don't think Lester is untouchable.

Since Buckholts (sp?) has moved up to AAA, and if his AA numbers following him, could he be the late season call up and Lester be the trade bait? I think h.b. has a point. I also agree we won't be seeing mo of Willie Mo with Jacoby around. Anyone else intreged with Texiera from Texas? I know Lowell has been good, but with Youk at 3rd, Texiera at 1st, and Heinske on the bench to spell at 1st, Texiera is also a legitimate DH if Papi is ailing. 15 days and counting...

Schill's starting for Pawtucket on Saturday.

Oh, and the Pat's didn't come to a deal with Samuels before the 4:00 dedaline.

Quiero El Guapo.

He would make a nice tailgate item.


You sure about that four fitty? They're 55-36 now, 97 W's equals 65 L's, so that means 42-29 from here on out --- around 60%. Maybe I missed the jist (in which case, don't be pissed or feel dissed).

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